Brock Lesnar’s Unexpected Sabbatical: What’s Next After the Epic SummerSlam Saga?

August 9, 2023
From: Spartacus

In the electrifying realm of WWE, where every move is scrutinised, and every bout brings unexpected twists, SummerSlam at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, will be etched in memory for many reasons. Most notably, it marked “The Beast” Brock Lesnar’s unanticipated swansong, at least for the foreseeable future.

The fever-pitched battle saw Brock Lesnar, the wrestling world’s indomitable force, and “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes vying for dominance. This was the trilogy’s thrilling crescendo, the culmination of their feud, during which they exchanged wins. Rhodes triumphed at Backlash, and Lesnar clinched victory at Night of Champions. The final face-off, however, went to Rhodes as he managed the seemingly impossible—reversing the F5 and landing successive Cross Rhodes to clinch the win.

Yet, it wasn’t the technical prowess or the match’s result that left the most lasting impact on the audience. Post-match, in a move that few saw coming and was reportedly unplanned, Lesnar removed his gloves, extended a hand, and embraced Rhodes. In a gesture that transcended rivalry, the once-dominant World Champion raised Rhodes’ hand in a heartfelt show of respect.

However, this SummerSlam was unique not just for the match but for what it implied about Lesnar’s immediate future with WWE. The rumblings started when it was noted that Lesnar, originally believed to be on the roster for WWE Fastlane on October 7th, was conspicuously absent from the lineup.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio shed some light on the puzzle, stating, “Brock was originally advertised on one of the pay-per-views later this year, but he’s not gonna be on it. He’s gonna be gone for a while. You know, no time soon. As far as the next four months or something like that. He’s not gonna be on anything.” Meltzer then provided a beacon of hope for Lesnar’s fans, adding, “I mean, he’ll be back for Mania season. He is coming back.”

The burning question now revolves around the reason for this sudden hiatus. Brock Lesnar is an institution in WWE. His power-packed performances, raw strength, and sheer magnetism have earned him the moniker “The Beast.” To think of WWE without him, even temporarily, leaves a void that’s hard to fill.

But perhaps, Cody Rhodes, in his post-match reflection with Sports Illustrated, gave some insights. Detailing the visceral experience of facing Lesnar in the ring, Rhodes shared, “Brock hits like a Mack truck. There was one point where I shot a double leg, and the next thing I knew, I was up in the air. Getting thrown around by Brock is like going for a ride on a roller coaster.” Beyond the physicality, Rhodes went on to underscore the dedication and unparalleled passion that Lesnar brings to the ring, stating, “He’s a rare athlete. This is what he loves.”

It’s this unwavering passion that leaves fans intrigued about Lesnar’s reasons for taking a break. While it’s evident that he will be sorely missed, his dedication and love for the sport assure fans that “The Beast” will indeed return, possibly with more vigour and zeal.

So, as the WWE Universe comes to terms with Lesnar’s temporary departure, they are left to cherish memories of his epic battles and look forward to his triumphant return. Lesnar’s hiatus, while surprising, offers him a well-deserved breather. But it also leaves fans with the tantalising prospect of his comeback, potentially reshaping the WWE landscape once more.

The SummerSlam showdown, meanwhile, remains a testament to two incredible athletes’ prowess, dedication, and mutual respect. The final bell might have rung on that match, but the echoes of Lesnar’s legacy and the anticipation of his return will reverberate in the WWE Universe’s heart for months, if not years, to come.

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