Undefeated MMA fighter Anatoly “Sladkiy” Malykhin opens world-class training centre in Thailand

April 13, 2023
From: Spartacus

Anatoly “Sladkiy” Malykhin is a name that resonates with excellence in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Having already achieved a great deal of success, including two ONE World Titles and being named the 2022 Mixed Martial Arts Fighter of the Year by the ONE organisation, one would expect him to take a break and bask in his accomplishments.

But that’s not the type of person Malykhin is. Instead of resting on his laurels, the undefeated fighter is channelling his energy into a new project: creating a training centre that will help develop the next generation of elite MMA competitors.

Malykhin is known for his relentless work ethic, and this new venture is no exception. He has spent countless hours researching and designing the perfect training facility, one that will provide a top-notch training experience for fighters at all levels.

The centre will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including a full-sized octagon, a wrestling mat, a boxing ring, and a weight room. Additionally, there will be a team of experienced coaches, including Malykhin himself, who will be on hand to provide guidance and instruction to the aspiring fighters.

Malykhin believes that the key to success in MMA is a combination of hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn. He hopes that the training centre will instil these values in the next generation of fighters and help them achieve their goals.

Furthermore, Malykhin aims to create a supportive community where fighters can come together and share their experiences. He believes that MMA is not just about winning fights but also about building meaningful relationships and connections with others in the industry.

Anatoly “Sladkiy” Malykhin’s commitment to the world of mixed martial arts continues with the opening of his new training centre on the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand. The facility, which opened in early April, is a world-class establishment that is sure to attract aspiring fighters from all over Asia.

For Malykhin, the new centre is an expansion of his Dobrynya academy, which is located in his home country of Russia. However, he had a specific vision in mind when expanding the brand to Asia. In an interview with ONEFC.com, Malykhin shared his thoughts on the new centre.

Malykhin explained, “We opened this gym to build a bridge between Asia and Siberia, Russia. We want athletes from different parts of Russia and their coaches to come here to Phuket to learn from each other, learn from foreign fighters, and teach them so that everyone can improve.”

For the 35-year-old knockout artist, it represents an opportunity to produce international superstars, and he sees himself as the captain of the ship.

“I do have ambitions as a coach. I see myself coaching after I’ve finished my fighting career. The gym was also opened as a base for our team – ONE Chance. Our fighters can train here. Champions will be made here. They will give the audience great shows. They will impress the public and get big contracts.”

Despite Anatoly “Sladkiy” Malykhin’s vision for a world-class MMA training centre, building the dream gym was no easy feat. It took six months of painstaking renovations, ordering and installing a state-of-the-art MMA cage similar to the ONE Circle, and everything else that comes along with starting a new business from scratch. However, Malykhin acknowledges that he couldn’t have done it without the endless work of his manager, business partner, and wife, Anita.

Anita has been an integral part of the Dobrynya academy and the new training centre. Her tireless efforts have been crucial in making the dream of the Phuket gym a reality. Malykhin acknowledges her role, saying that he cherishes every moment of working alongside his wife on a daily basis.

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