UFC Veteran Derek Brunson Signs with PFL in a Career Shift

November 24, 2023
From: Spartacus

Derek Brunson’s shift from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to the Professional Fighters League (PFL) marks a pivotal change in the career of this seasoned middleweight fighter. At 39, Brunson is not winding down; instead, he’s revving up for a new phase in his distinguished fighting journey. His signing with PFL, just days after his UFC contract termination, heralds a fresh start for an athlete who has long been a formidable presence in the octagon.

Brunson’s nearly decade-long stint in the UFC was nothing short of impressive. Consistently ranking in the top 10 middleweights, he has demonstrated time and again his skill, tenacity, and prowess in the ring. One of his most notable feats was an exhilarating five-fight winning streak, culminating in a submission win over Darren Till, a renowned former title challenger. Despite these remarkable achievements, the much-anticipated title shot in the UFC eluded him. 

This elusive quest for the UFC gold reached a critical point when Brunson faced Jared Cannonier. Despite a valiant effort, Brunson suffered a second-round knockout, a defeat that symbolized more than just a loss in the ring. It epitomized a broader sentiment of stagnation, a feeling of being stuck in a cycle of near-successes without the ultimate payoff. This frustration was palpable when Brunson expressed his feelings, hinting at the sense of being trapped in a loop of endless contention without reaching the zenith – the coveted UFC championship.

Making a bold move, Brunson parted ways with the UFC, a decision that signals a readiness for new challenges and environments. His choice to join PFL isn’t just about a change of employer; it’s about reinventing his fighting career, about seeking out new avenues for success and recognition in a sport he has dedicated his life to.

In discussing his departure from the UFC, Brunson told MMA Fighting, “I think it was at the time that we both went our separate ways. I had a good run there but I guess where I’m at in my career, at my age, some of the things that go on there didn’t make sense for me.” His reflection indicates a mutual understanding and respect in the decision to part ways with the UFC, underscoring a mature perspective on his career trajectory.

Despite this change, Brunson’s exit from the UFC was devoid of animosity. He recounted a conversation with Dana White, the UFC CEO, highlighting the cordial nature of their professional relationship. “Dana called me right after… He’s like ‘I didn’t hear what they said, it could have come across as weird but I wanted to let you know I wasn’t trying to slight you or anything like that.’ It was no animosity, no ill will,” Brunson shared. This exchange signifies the mutual respect and professional rapport shared between the athlete and the organization.

The shift to PFL presents Brunson with a new set of opportunities and challenges. He expressed enthusiasm for the league’s straightforward approach to fighter progression, where performance in the ring is the primary criterion for advancement. Brunson’s upcoming debut against Ray Cooper III on November 24 is not just another fight; it’s the commencement of a new phase in his career, leading up to his participation in the light heavyweight division in PFL’s 2024 season.

Brunson’s choice to join PFL over other potential offers, including from BKFC, reveals his desire for a fresh competitive landscape and a renewed sense of motivation. “I was just looking for a new adventure, a new motivation. I enjoy competing. It’s not about the money for me. It’s about competing,” Brunson stated, emphasizing his enduring passion for martial arts and personal growth as a fighter.

In the PFL, Brunson enters a landscape that is markedly different from the UFC. Here, the rules of engagement are distinct, the competition fierce in a different manner. The PFL is known for its emphasis on performance and merit-based progression, a system that could well play to Brunson’s strengths as a seasoned, tactical fighter. His upcoming debut on the PFL’s season finale is not merely a fight; it’s a statement of intent, a proclamation that Derek Brunson is far from finished in the world of mixed martial arts.

As he prepares to step into the PFL arena, Brunson carries with him not just years of experience but also a rejuvenated ambition to conquer new peaks in the dynamic and ever-challenging world of professional fighting.

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