Boxing’s Next Big Clash? Tszyu’s Ascent Sets Stage for Crawford Showdown

August 4, 2023
From: Spartacus

The boxing universe is humming with anticipation as Australian pugilist, Tim Tszyu, teeters on the edge of a colossal bout against Terence Crawford, the universally acknowledged monarch of the ring. According to a recent proclamation by the World Boxing Organization (WBO), Tszyu’s prospective elevation to full world champion on the 30th of September might catapult him into a direct, high-stakes confrontation with the formidable Crawford.

Jermell Charlo is set to relinquish his belt the minute he crosses ropes to square off against Canelo Alvarez in the coming month, as per the WBO. This ripple effect in the boxing hierarchy opens up a thrilling new chapter for Tszyu, who would be defending his world title in his next match, tentatively slated for October.

Brian Mendoza, the current interim WBC champion from America, is perceived as the most likely contender. Yet, the title promotion has ratcheted up the odds of Tszyu landing monumental face-offs against the likes of Crawford or Errol Spence Jr.

Michael Benson, a respected figure in the boxing punditry space from talkSPORT, highlighted a fascinating possibility. 

“If Crawford opts to move up in weight to Tszyu’s division, he would even be made the mandatory opponent for Tszyu,” said Benson. 

Crawford, fresh off his comprehensive annihilation of Spence Jr in a showdown hailed as the ‘fight of the decade’, has stirred heated debates about the trajectory his career might take next.

Crawford’s potential aspirations to conquer a new division, following his supreme reign in his current one, has seen Tszyu emerge as one of the top contenders for his subsequent bout, as per Boxing News. “Should Crawford vacate his own titles and move up, he will automatically earn a shot with the WBO route, a definite option at super-welterweight,” the Boxing News report elaborated. 

“Tszyu could soon rip off his interim status and be elevated to full champion with the sanctioning body. If Tszyu lands the belt, then Crawford would have no qualms about going after another big fish, this time of the Australian variety.”

Mike Coppinger, a leading boxing pundit at ESPN, is all for this potential matchup. “Crawford vs Tszyu is the fight I most want to see next,” he stated, encapsulating the sentiments of many boxing enthusiasts.

Tszyu has already turned heads in the boxing world, including Crawford’s. The champion boxer tweeted, “he’s dangerous,” just moments after Tszyu’s successful bout against Carlos Ocampo last month. 

Tszyu’s candidness about his prospective rivals in the ring is refreshing. He holds Crawford in high regard, but his yearning to lock horns with Spence Jr. is undeniable. “If he (Crawford) wants to come up,” Tszyu stated, speaking of the opportunity, “And I give Crawford respect. But I want Spence because we’ve got a bit of bad blood. I want a little itch to wake up to, I want to take someone’s head off.”

Boxing News evaluated Tszyu as the second-best choice for Spence, who will be seeking to recover from the first defeat of his career. Spence could consider rising in weight to challenge for the belts in Tszyu’s division, though without the advantage of being a mandatory challenger.

A tense undercurrent exists between Tszyu and Spence, following Spence’s public scepticism about Tszyu’s prospects against Terrell Gausha and Tony Harrison, and his open wager against Tszyu. “I’m hoping (Spence wins) so I can get my hands on him,” Tszyu expressed, highlighting their shared history. “Just because of our history with each other. And I feel like it’s a superfight, you know? And they’re the fights I want – superfights.”

As this dramatic narrative unfolds, with each twist and turn offering tantalising potential matchups, the fervour among boxing fans across the globe remains sky-high. Only time will tell who steps into the ring for these much-anticipated bouts, but one thing’s for sure – they are poised to be nothing short of electrifying.

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