The McGregor Matrix: Mayweather, UFC, and the Next Big Fight

August 9, 2023
From: Spartacus

Dust off your gloves and mark your calendars, as Conor McGregor – the MMA titan – sends shockwaves through the combat sports world with a series of tantalising revelations. Amidst fervent whispers of a return to UFC, McGregor also flirts with the idea of stepping into the boxing ring for another electrifying dance with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It’s no secret that McGregor’s recent fight history has been punctuated by ups and downs. The unforgettable spectacle of July 2021 had him facing the formidable Dustin Poirier. In a twist nobody saw coming, ‘The Notorious’ succumbed to a first-round TKO after a leg injury. The fighting community was abuzz with speculations, predominantly pinning 2023 as the year of McGregor’s much-anticipated comeback. The narrative seemed to coalesce around a face-off with the TUF rival coach, Michael Chandler.

However, a twist in the tale seems to be looming on the horizon. Recent signs hint that McGregor’s gaze has shifted from Chandler, veering towards the freshly-minted BMF champion, Justin Gaethje. The UFC’s intentions remain shrouded in mystery, especially after McGregor’s intriguing tweet implying that a Chandler match might not be their priority. 

Yet, a Mayweather rematch hangs tantalisingly in the air, thanks to McGregor’s audacious tweet that shook the internet. Flashing back to their 2017 duel, where Mayweather clinched victory in the 10th round, McGregor’s confidence seems undeterred. His words paint a vivid picture, “Don’t forget, I played ping pong with Floyd’s head. I carried him! In the rematch, I am going to use this style of attack but alongside a more destructive set of shots on top also. B4, it was just ping pong, this time it’s ping pong and babe Ruth with a baseball bat. KO incoming.”

As the sports world picked its jaw off the ground, some fans veered towards scepticism, urging McGregor to shift his focus back to UFC. Ever the showman, McGregor didn’t keep them waiting long, releasing a video of his intense training session with the promise, “I’ll start recording my work again to share with you all while we get this next fight on and set. It’s coming I promise. All my real fans, the fans of the real fighter, it’s coming, I promise!”

So, what does the future hold for the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion? One of combat sports’ most tantalising enigmas, McGregor’s next move is anyone’s guess. His recent barbs at longtime rival Nate Diaz, following the Jake Paul-Nate Diaz match, adds another layer to this intricate puzzle. 

McGregor’s recent tweets leave fans in suspense, hinting at a potential pivot from Chandler to Gaethje, while also suggesting UFC might have other, larger plans in store for him. His bold assertion, “I’ll do it if they want, no problem. I don’t think they want him no more though… I’ll fight anyone. I’ll even fly them to me, ask [Paul] Malinaggi. Flown in and bet around,” showcases his confidence and readiness.

However, Michael Chandler, undeterred by the swirling rumours, remains steadfast in his belief that a showdown with McGregor is inevitable. The ex-Bellator lightweight champion’s conviction is palpable. In a candid conversation with ESPN MMA, Chandler voiced his optimism, “I’m not really that worried about it. I believe the fight is happening. The fight makes too much sense for it not to happen… Everyone wants to see the greatest comeback in combat sports history, so I think it’s going to be me and Conor. That’s it.”

As the world waits with bated breath, one thing’s for sure: when Conor McGregor decides to make his move, it’s going to be a spectacle for the ages.

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