On March 31 at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, the main event of ONE Friday Fights 11, Superball Tded99 reasserted his dominance over Kongklai Annymuaythai with a commanding unanimous decision win.

Back in February at ONE Friday Fights 5, the two earlier traded blows in a thrilling three-round brawl.

The Thai strikers resumed where they left off as soon as the bell sounded and started trading blows with one another.

This time, Kongklai landed body kicks quickly and used his quick hands to challenge Superball’s defences early on.

Superball, however, began to settle in as the round went on and wonderfully closed the gap as he had in their previous encounter.

The 26-year-old dropped Kongklai with a left hook that hit flush on his chin with one minute remaining in the first round, pulling off a textbook one-two.

The Annymuaythai Gym product made it through the standing count, but was still in poor shape as the second canto began.

In the following round, Superball was able to land one of his lethal lefts and pin his opponent close to the ring ropes.

Kongklai took a brutal left hook in close range, but had nowhere to go and got trapped in Superball’s clinch, falling to the ground once more.

The Tded99 Gym standout smelled blood and continued swarming him from the clinch, despite the 24-year-old’s heroic efforts to continue battling.

Kongklai battled with urgency in round 3 knowing he was down 2-0 and was successful with his punch combinations.

His attempts were still fruitless, though. When he got too close, Superball would slice him up with his elbows and use his reach to batter him with straights and jabs.

All three judges gave Superball the win even after he landed on a vicious uppercut and front kick to the face as the clock ran out.

Superball now has a record of 72-19-1 after the victory, while Kongklai now has a record of 75-17-5.

Full Results for ONE Friday Fights 11

  • Kongklai Annymuaythai is defeated by Superball Tded99 in a unanimous vote. (Muay Thai – catchweight 138 lbs)
  • Apiwat Sor Somnuk is defeated by ET Tded99 via KO at 0:37 in the first round. (Muay Thai – catchweight 130 lbs)
  • Avatar PK Saenchai is defeated by Komawut FA Group

in a split result. (Muay Thai – bantamweight)

  • At 1:57 in the first round, Pongsiri Sor Jor Wichitpadriew KOs Pettong Kiatsongrit. (Muay Thai – strawweight)
  • Petsommai Sor Sommai is defeated by Olaylek Chor Hapayak in a split vote. (Muay Thai – catchweight 120 lbs)
  • Songfangkhong FA Group is defeated by Namphongnoi Sor Sommai in an overwhelming vote. (Muay Thai – catchweight 132 lbs)
  • At 3:00 in round three, Tyson Harrison KOs Rambo Mor Rattanabandit to win. (Muay Thai – bantamweight)
  • (Muay Thai – flyweight) Yodkaikaew Fairtex prevails over Angelos Giakoumis by unanimous decision
  • Devina Martin is defeated by Yu Yau Pui via TKO at 0:24 in the third round. (Muay Thai – atomweight)
  • Ali Motamed is defeated by TKO by Tatsuya Ando at 1:38 of round two. (MMA – bantamweight)
  • At 2:22 in the third round, Ali Kabdulla KOs Alisson Barbosa. (MMA – lightweight)
  • At 2:13 of round one, Anelya Toktogonova submits Aleksandra Savicheva by using a neck twist. (MMA – strawweight)