Striking Sensation Bumina-ang Ready to Take Flight Again

October 20, 2023
From: Spartacus

In the fiercely competitive world of MMA, being a one-trick pony just won’t cut it. Fighters are expected to be agile, fierce, and versatile. Enter Carlo Bumina-ang, the bantamweight sensation who’s not just turning heads but is flipping the script when it comes to combat strategy.

Set to return to the ONE Championship stage today, Bumina-ang is a ball of focused energy, keen on securing his second consecutive victory. This time, he’s up against the Russian powerhouse, Denis Andreev, at the much-awaited ONE Friday Fights 37. As the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, prepares to host this epic showdown, fans worldwide are brimming with excitement.

After a thunderous debut where he vanquished Reza Saedi in a mere 52 seconds, many might pigeonhole Bumina-ang as just a knockout artist. But the Team Lakay prodigy is keen on shattering such stereotypes. “As an MMA fighter, the goal is always to become more well-rounded. MMA isn’t just striking. There’s wrestling and grappling, and that’s what I’m working on right now for this fight,” he passionately expressed.

While grappling and wrestling are becoming integral elements of his training, Bumina-ang’s faith in his striking remains rock solid. His deep roots in wushu, a traditional combat and Olympic sport from China, provide him with a unique edge. “I’m confident with my striking. I believe I can knock him out or finish him through striking,” he confidently declared, showcasing his faith in his capabilities.

His recent stint at the prestigious Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya has amplified this confidence. Fairtex, renowned for churning out striking maestros, has undoubtedly added more lethal tools to Bumina-ang’s armory. When asked about his approach to the forthcoming fight, he remarked, “I also believe that I have the advantage on the ground. I’ve scouted him. I’ve seen his last fight. He struggles on the ground, so it’s one thing that I can exploit as well.”

The Russian adversary, Denis Andreev, while respected in the striking department, provides Bumina-ang with an intriguing challenge. Andreev’s striking credentials will indeed be a test, but Bumina-ang’s detailed study and understanding of his opponent suggest he’s leaving no stone unturned. “I believe that my next opponent is also a very good striker, but I’m prepared wherever this match goes,” he asserted, highlighting his readiness for any eventuality.

Bumina-ang’s strategy isn’t just a mere bravado. His actions in the cage and his rigorous training regimen with Team Lakay mirror his commitment. This bout is about more than just another win—it’s a statement, a proclamation of his evolution from a striker to an all-round MMA sensation.

Despite his respect for Andreev, Bumina-ang’s intent for the match is clear: “If I’m to predict, I’ll keep this fight standing and I’ll search for that knockout. I’m looking for another impressive finish.”

In a world where fighters often get pigeonholed based on their initial victories, Carlo Bumina-ang’s approach to MMA is refreshing. He’s not just resting on his laurels or relying on past tactics. He’s evolving, learning, and preparing to surprise his opponents, fans, and critics alike.

As the ONE Championship stage gets set to host another cracker of a contest, all eyes will be on Carlo Bumina-ang. Will he achieve another stunning KO? Or will he unveil a new dimension to his fight game? 

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