Stephen Loman Weighs in on the Haggerty vs. Andrade Showdown

August 23, 2023
From: Spartacus

The global fight community is buzzing, and all eyes, including those of Stephen Loman, are fixed on the upcoming spectacle of ONE Fight Night 15 on Prime Video. October 6 promises to be a landmark date that could redefine the combat sports landscape as Jonathan Haggerty faces Fabricio Andrade for the vacant ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Title. For Loman, the #2-ranked bantamweight MMA contender, this isn’t just another fight to watch; it’s a lesson in strategies and techniques that might be directly relevant to his own path to glory.

Loman’s palpable excitement is infectious, “Wow, this is a banger,” he told “Both of them are natural strikers, and I expect this fight to be as explosive as possible.” The implications of this much-anticipated face-off extend far beyond mere entertainment. We’re talking about a Muay Thai specialist in Haggerty against an MMA titan in Andrade, both eager to extend their dominance into a new arena.

But let’s take a minute to rewind and set the stage. Haggerty stunned the fight world when he pulled off a first-round knockout to dethrone the longstanding ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Hama. The impact of that win not only catapulted him into stardom but gave him an aura of invincibility in striking-based sports.

On the other side of the octagon, we have Fabricio Andrade, who has ridden a wave of momentum in MMA, claiming his last four wins with impeccable striking. However, Andrade isn’t a one-dimensional fighter; he has been honing his grappling skills, making him an all-around threat. It’s the classic striker vs. striker showdown, but with a rich texture of mixed martial arts skill sets that offer unpredictable outcomes.

Loman, who himself is no stranger to dissecting the nuances of fighting styles, offered his analysis: “I think the advantage here belongs to Haggerty because he’s been fighting for so long under striking rules.” Haggerty’s exceptional striking game, specifically his push kicks, make him a formidable opponent. In contrast, Andrade, although a competent striker, integrates a heavy ground game into his fighting style, which won’t be a factor in a kickboxing match.

Though Loman isn’t overlooking Andrade’s capabilities, he believes Haggerty has the upper hand. “This is a difficult fight to predict, but I think this goes to Haggerty because striking is his department, and I feel he’ll match up well against Fabricio,” he said, not dismissing the idea of a potential knockout.

So, why does all of this matter to Stephen Loman? He’s got skin in the game. Loman is gunning for Andrade’s MMA title, and as he prepares for his own impending battle against #1-ranked John Lineker on September 29, he’s already looking beyond that. “I know I can study Fabricio better when his fight [with Haggerty] happens and pick up his tendencies and technique,” said Loman, revealing that the fight will be a treasure trove of intel for him.

The atmosphere is charged and the stakes are astronomical. Loman is on the cusp of what could be his 12th straight victory, with a likely title shot hanging in the balance. He added, “He’ll show his combinations, and that will give me material to study so I can adjust my game plan when we finally fight each other.”

Meanwhile, Andrade is side stepping into the world of kickboxing, aiming to add another belt to his mantle. A win against Haggerty could potentially set him on a path to become a multi-discipline champion, a feat not easily achieved in the world of combat sports.

At the same time, John Lineker, whom Loman is set to face, is coming off a come-from-behind knockout victory. Lineker aims to thwart Loman’s trajectory and position himself for a title shot. No one can deny that the winner of that bout will stake a compelling claim for a shot at the crown.

The myriad storylines converging at ONE Fight Night 14 and 15 are not just compelling narratives but pivotal moments that could reshape careers and redefine legacies. As the worlds of MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing collide in an epic showdown of talent, skill, and ambition, each fighter is not merely competing for a win but vying for a historic place in the annals of combat sports. 

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