Speculation grows over potential buyers for Bellator MMA

April 10, 2023
From: Spartacus

There is a potential shakeup in the world of MMA, as it appears that Bellator may soon have new owners. Currently owned by Paramount Global, the MMA promotion has been airing on Showtime, which is part of the conglomerate formed through the merger between Viacom and CBS in December 2019. 

However, according to MMA journalist Jed I. Goodman, Paramount Global is looking into potential buyers for the promotion, and it seems that talks of a sale have become more serious. Goodman tweeted:

“Per WON, discussing Bellator: “It’s been known that Paramount has been looking to sell for some time. There are talks in that direction that have seemingly gotten more serious.”

This news has sparked curiosity and speculation among fans and industry insiders alike. Who might be interested in purchasing Bellator, and what changes might they make to the promotion? Would they keep it on Showtime, or would they look to expand its reach to other platforms? And what might this mean for the fighters and staff who currently work with Bellator?

It’s always interesting to see what fans come up with when it comes to the future of their favourite MMA promotions. Some fans have suggested that Bellator should focus more on signing younger, up-and-coming fighters and building them up into stars, similar to what the UFC did in its early days. Others have suggested that Bellator should work on improving the quality of their events, including better matchmaking and production values.

There are also fans who believe that Bellator should focus on signing big-name free agents, similar to how they signed fighters like Cris Cyborg and Rory MacDonald in the past. This could help increase the promotion’s visibility and bring in more fans. Another suggestion is for Bellator to put more emphasis on its women’s divisions, as they have some talented fighters there who could help drive interest in the promotion.

Another fan shared a different perspective, saying, “I really hope that whoever buys Bellator invests in new production and better commentators. Scott Coker has done a great job bringing in big-name talent, but the production value and commentary team don’t match up to the quality of the fighters.”

Others speculated about potential buyers for the promotion, with some suggesting that a media conglomerate like Disney or Amazon could be interested in acquiring Bellator to add to their sports portfolio.

It’s not uncommon for fans to have mixed feelings about a promotion, and Bellator MMA is no exception. While some fans are excited about the potential for new ownership and what it could mean for the promotion’s future, others have expressed frustration with Bellator’s current state.

One fan commented, “Bellator needs a complete overhaul. Their events are hard to watch and there’s too much filler on the cards.” Another fan added, “Bellator has been struggling lately, hopefully new ownership can inject some life into the promotion.”

Regardless of who the potential buyer may be, it remains to be seen how the sale would impact the future of Bellator MMA and its fighters.

Only time will tell how this story will unfold, but one thing is for sure: if Bellator does change hands, it could have a significant impact on the MMA landscape. potentially set up a title shot for the winner.

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