Spartacus Fight Event 32: Venue, Fight Card, Live-Streaming & Broadcast Details

March 11, 2023
From: Spartacus
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The stage is set for Spartacus Fight Event 32, which will take place in the Spartacus Arena in São Paulo, Brazil, on March 11, 2023.

The main card of Spartacus Fight Event 32 is the fight between Marcos Junior, also known as “Thailandês,” and Fernando Bonatto is for the Spartacus MMA Bantamweight Title and is in the weight class of 57 kgs.

A Muay Thai fighter with a right-handed rack, Thailandês is from Taubate, Brazil, and he competes for the team VTT. He has a 7-3 record in his professional fighting career, and this is his third matchup with Spartacus.

Team Thai Brasil member, young Fernando Bonatto, in the blue corner, is from Curitiba, Brazil. It’s his fourth bout with Spartacus, and he has a perfect 4-0 record in combat with an arm span of 170 cm.

Other fighting cards to look forward to include –


For the Featherweight title in the weight class of GP 66, Raquel Bocaloa and Ana Julya Galdino are squaring off.

As a part of the Corinthians MMA squad, Bocaloa with a right-handed rack is Muay Thai fighter from São Paulo and has an arm span of 179 cm.

Galdino is a kickboxer, who represents the team MDR in the blue corner, is from Rio de Janeiro and has a right-handed rack as well with an arm span of 190 cm.

Both combatants are participating in their first match in Spartacus.


Jorge Luis Lasnor will compete against Paulo Ricardo Rodriguez for the lightweight title in the weight class of 70 kgs.

Rodriguez, also known as Cangaceiro, is a 32-year-old right-handed kickboxer who has a 180-cm arm span. Cangaceiro, who is from Rio De Janeiro and is a member of the group RD Champions, has a record of 11–17. This is Rodriguez’s first match up with Spartacus. 

On the other hand, we have Muay Thai fighter Jorge Luis Lasnor, also known as Iron Hands, has a 178-cm arm span, and has a right-handed rack as well.


Luizinho Teixeira, also known as Binladen, and Matheus Penido, also known as The Freak, will face off in the 57 kg Flyweight division.

Binladen, a member of the Iron Brothers team from São Paulo, is fighting with Spartacus for the first time. Binladen is a right-handed Muay Thai fighter with a 180-cm arm span.

Matheus Penido, a member of the Alliance and a native of Duque de Caxias, is engaging in his first battle with Spartacus as well. Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, “The Freak” has a 176-cm arm span and a right-handed rack.


In the 120 kg Heavyweight division, Fabricio Almeida, a.k.a. Pitbull, and Fernando Batista, a.k.a. Negao, will square off.

Pitbull is sparring with Spartacus for the first time. He is a São Paulo native and a member of Team Silverio. With a 200-cm arm span and a 9-9 record, Binladen is a right-handed fighter.

This is Negao’s first fight with Spartacus who is a native of Rio De Janeiro. Jiu-Jitsu practitioner Negao has a 10-7 record, a 199-cm arm span, and a right-handed rack.

Where can I watch the Spartacus Fight Event 32?

Via the Spartacus App, the Spartacus Fight Event 32 will be streamed live on March 11, 2023 at 9pm (-3 GMT).

Download the app:

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Spartacus Fight Event 32 Fighting Cards-

  • Marcos Junior vs Fernando Bonatto
  • Raquel Bocaloa vs Ana Julya Galdino
  • Jorge Luis Lasnor vs Paulo Ricardo
  • Fabricio Almeida, vs Fernando Batista
  • Luizinho Teixeira vs Matheus Penido
  • Dara Paheco Gomes vs Luana Diniz
  • Mateus Arruda Vieira vs Guilherme Haither
  • Robert Silva vs Raul Soares
  • Clarissa Nabes vs Rafaela Albuquerque Guedes
  • Nilla Camargo Dos Santos vs Beatriz Amaral 

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