No Towels Allowed; Smith and Eubank Jr Gear Up for Electric Rematch in Manchester

September 1, 2023
From: Spartacus

In a buzzing Manchester arena this Saturday night, two pugilists with a grudge to settle will enter the ring to face off for the second time—Liam “Beefy” Smith versus Chris “Next Gen” Eubank Jr. The atmosphere is electric, charged with anticipation, as both fighters seek to assert their dominance in a rivalry that has already witnessed a monumental upset.

Rewind to January of this year, a time when Eubank Jr was still basking in the afterglow of a cancelled bout with Conor Benn. Highly favoured to win, “Next Gen” was set to reestablish himself as a force to be reckoned with. But then came “Beefy,” Liam Smith, who turned the boxing world on its head. He landed a devastating combination in the fourth round that had Eubank Jr tasting the canvas. Smith relished the victory, while Eubank Jr contested the stoppage, saying it was too early and even attributing it to a “sneaky elbow.” He declared the win a “miracle” for Smith, noting that he’d never been stopped in his career before.

In the aftermath, seismic shifts occurred. Eubank Jr parted ways with legendary coach Roy Jones Jr, bringing on board Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre, known for training the undisputed welterweight champion Terence Crawford. It’s a daring gamble, and its success or failure remains a question mark. But the directive from Eubank Jr to McIntyre is crystal clear: No towels allowed.

Indeed, at the pre-fight press conference, Eubank Jr asserted that he won’t be taking the “easy way out” in this much-anticipated rematch. A towel in the corner? A safeguard against harm? Not on his watch. He told the media, “Some fighters need to be saved. I’m not that fighter. If I can’t go on, you guys will see it.”

Smith couldn’t resist throwing barbs at Eubank Jr’s “no-towel” command. Pointing a finger at McIntyre, Smith remarked, “Brian and the rest of the team over there will be prepared for the backlash again because he’ll (Eubank Jr) blame you once he loses Saturday night.” He continued to lambast Eubank Jr, saying, “You make the mistakes, just take it on the chin yourself. You lost the fight because you got nailed, and the miracle was just how easy it was.”

If there was ever a question about whose corner holds the reins, Smith made it obvious, arguing that McIntyre should prioritise his fighter’s health above all. “Your job is to be the best for your fighter, so if Chris is telling you not to bring a towel then he’s already the boss of you as well, isn’t he?” Smith jabbed.

Eubank Jr, however, wouldn’t be baited into a discussion about intelligence, simply stating, “I’m definitely a lot more intelligent than you, my friend, let’s not talk about intelligence.”

The odds are different this time around. Bookies, once firmly in the Eubank Jr camp, now regard him as the underdog—a position that only seems to fuel him. And with the prize money on the line, Eubank Jr had this to say: “I’m getting paid too much to take the easy way out if the going gets tough.”

So, as the final hours tick away before these two former champions collide once more, all eyes are on Manchester. Whether it’s a quest for vindication or a pursuit to solidify a legacy, one thing is certain: the fight will be anything but ordinary. Towels or not, Saturday night promises to be a brawl that could redefine both fighters’ careers, and nobody wants to miss it.

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