Success Stories: Smaller Promotions That Have Made It Big

July 13, 2023
From: Spartacus
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In the thrilling world of combat sports, success stories often revolve around renowned leagues with global reach. However, beyond the glamorous limelight of these giants, several smaller promotions are shaping the sport in unprecedented ways, thanks to their relentless passion, innovative approaches, and the power of the digital revolution.

From humble beginnings, these organisations have embarked on their extraordinary journeys, showing the world that like the fighters they represent, they too have the resilience and the fighting spirit to challenge the status quo. The digital transformation in particular, enabled by pioneering platforms like Spartacus, has acted as a game-changer in their narrative.

Spartacus, with its robust, intuitive, and reliable platform, has broken down geographical barriers, allowing these small promotions to share their gripping, adrenaline-fueled events with audiences around the globe. The platform’s cutting-edge features, including seamless scheduling and real-time analytics, have empowered these promotions to streamline their operations, ensuring they deliver an unmatched viewing experience, irrespective of their size or budget.

KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki)

KSW, short for Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki, has steadily risen in the ranks to become a beacon of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) not just in Poland, where it was born, but across the vast expanse of Europe. The story of KSW’s inception back in 2004 is an inspiring one, fueled by the shared vision of two men, Martin Lewandowski and Maciej Kawulski, who saw the untapped potential of MMA in Eastern Europe.

From the outset, the duo aimed to create a unique platform that would spotlight top-tier talent and showcase the electrifying allure of MMA to a wider audience. But their dream extended beyond simply hosting fights. They were committed to crafting compelling narratives around the fighters and the matches, blending the thrill of competition with the magnetic power of storytelling. This innovative approach quickly gained traction, drawing in crowds and catapulting KSW to unprecedented heights in the regional MMA scene.

Over the years, KSW has transformed into an absolute spectacle, each event meticulously orchestrated to captivate its audience. Its meteoric rise is a testament to the power of grand vision and unwavering dedication. Today, KSW events are awaited with bated breath by a dedicated fan base, especially in Eastern Europe, contributing significantly to the growing popularity and acceptance of MMA in the region.

Lion Fight Promotions

When Lion Fight Promotions opened its doors in 2010, it did so with a roaring ambition: to carve out a niche in the world of Muay Thai, not just in its home country of the United States but on a global scale. Today, this Nevada-based promotion stands as a testament to the power of dreaming big and working tirelessly to turn those dreams into reality.

Lion Fight Promotions was born out of a passion for Muay Thai and a desire to elevate the sport’s status in the American combat sports scene. The founders understood the sheer athletic prowess, discipline, and dedication that goes into this ancient martial art. They envisioned a platform that would provide fighters a chance to showcase these qualities and promote the exhilarating action that characterises Muay Thai bouts.

The road to success wasn’t paved with ease. The promotion had to grapple with challenges, from creating a dedicated follower base to attracting high-level fighters. But they faced these obstacles head-on, committed to their vision.

Over the years, Lion Fight has transformed from a small promotion into a global name in Muay Thai, inviting top-tier talent from around the world to compete in their events. The promotion’s dedication to producing high-quality, action-packed fights has paid off, making Lion Fight a significant player on the global Muay Thai stage and a must-watch for any fan of the sport.

GLORY Kickboxing

Although not a small organisation by any means, the journey of GLORY Kickboxing is a tale worth telling, a tale of extraordinary growth and achievement. Founded in 2012, GLORY’s primary goal was to breathe new life into the sport of kickboxing, giving it the visibility and recognition it deserved on a global stage.

The vision behind GLORY was clear: to create world-class kickboxing events that would thrill audiences and attract the best fighters from every corner of the globe. It was an ambitious goal, especially considering the competitive landscape of combat sports.

But GLORY was up to the challenge. The organisation poured its heart and soul into creating fight cards that delivered non-stop action, all while showcasing the skill and athleticism of its fighters. This steadfast commitment to quality has won over fans, elevating GLORY to become one of the world’s leading kickboxing organisations in just a decade.

Today, GLORY is synonymous with high-stakes, high-impact kickboxing action. Its events attract some of the best fighters in the sport, and its matches draw audiences from all around the globe. The story of GLORY Kickboxing is one of a clear vision, unwavering dedication, and a love for the sport that continues to fuel its glorious ascent in the world of combat sports.

Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA)

As KSW cements its legacy across the Atlantic, another organisation, the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA), is rewriting the script for success in the world of MMA in the United States. Founded in 2017, the LFA’s rise to prominence is a testament to its commitment to nurturing the sports stars of tomorrow.

LFA was born with a simple yet compelling vision: to create a nurturing environment for aspiring fighters, offering them a springboard to launch their careers in the MMA world. The organisation prides itself on its talent development focus, offering fighters a platform to hone their skills, build their reputation, and gain invaluable experience in the ring.

The LFA’s strategy has proven highly successful. The organisation has seen many of its fighters graduating to join the ranks of larger, globally recognized promotions such as the UFC. This success has cemented LFA’s reputation as a breeding ground for MMA talent, earning it an irreplaceable spot in the MMA ecosystem in the U.S.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW)

Steeped in history and tradition, New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) is Japan’s premier professional wrestling promotion and a cornerstone of the global wrestling scene. Launched in 1972 by Antonio Inoki, a wrestling icon, NJPW has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It has revolutionised the wrestling world with its unique “strong style” – a synthesis of traditional wrestling and hard-hitting martial arts.

Over the years, NJPW’s rings have been graced by some of the most legendary figures in professional wrestling, captivating audiences with high-stakes, high-drama bouts. From the famed Tokyo Dome to venues across the globe, NJPW’s shows are spectacles that encapsulate the passion and energy of wrestling.

Today, after decades of growth and evolution, NJPW stands tall as a global force in professional wrestling. It has expanded its reach, gaining international recognition and a devoted fanbase across the world. NJPW’s commitment to intense action, storytelling, and respect for the art of wrestling ensures it remains a shining star in the world of professional wrestling.

Ring of Honor (ROH)

Ring of Honor (ROH) is a name that resonates in the hallways of wrestling history. Since its inception, ROH has dedicated itself to delivering top-tier professional wrestling, combining athletic prowess with compelling storytelling to create a product that is truly unique. ROH is revered for its roster of talented wrestlers, and its knack for developing athletes who go on to become global sensations.

Born out of the wrestling passion of its founders, ROH cultivated a reputation for high-quality matches that respected the craft of wrestling. Over time, it became the proving ground for many wrestling stars that have lit up arenas worldwide.

Today, ROH continues its legacy, consistently delivering exhilarating wrestling action to its dedicated fans. Its commitment to quality over quantity and its insistence on the purest form of wrestling has allowed ROH to carve its own unique space in the wrestling landscape.

Combate Americas

Emerging from the glitz and glamour of reality television, Combate Americas has etched an unforgettable tale in the annals of combat sports. Kick-starting its journey in 2014 as an engaging TV show aimed at discovering and fostering Hispanic MMA talent, Combate Americas instantly captured the imagination of fight enthusiasts. The electrifying energy and the raw talent exhibited on the small screen struck a chord with audiences and stirred the winds of opportunity.

Recognizing the potential for more than just televised entertainment, Combate Americas shifted gears from being just a TV spectacle to a fully-fledged fighting promotion. With each passing event, it dug its roots deeper into the combat sports landscape, creating ripples in the MMA and boxing arenas.

Today, Combate Americas commands a substantial presence, particularly within the Hispanic community. It delivers a potent mix of pulse-pounding fights, buzzing ambiance, and vibrant displays of Latinx culture. What originated as a reality TV concept has morphed into a dynamic reality, transforming the fabric of combat sports in the Americas.

Premier Boxing Champions (PBC)

Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) is the brainchild of the esteemed Al Haymon, a figure who needs no introduction in the boxing realm. Inaugurated in 2015, PBC was birthed from Haymon’s passion for the “sweet science” and his aspiration to amplify the appeal of professional boxing.

With a discerning eye for talent and an unwavering commitment to high-quality matches, PBC quickly ascended the ladder of success. The organisation became a magnet for both emerging pugilists and experienced warriors, orchestrating spellbinding bouts that captivated audiences far and wide.

In just a few laps around the sun, PBC has championed the boxing arena, growing into a significant platform that both fighters and fans revere. With its expansive reach across television and streaming platforms, PBC has breathed new life into boxing, making it a widely celebrated sport.


In the realm of prestigious kickboxing organisations, K-1 casts a long shadow. Born in Japan in 1993 from the vision of Kazuyoshi Ishii, a revered figure in Seidokaikan karate, K-1 embarked on a mission to crown the world’s ultimate stand-up combat fighter.

The innovative rule set of K-1, a fascinating fusion of karate, Muay Thai, and boxing elements, redefined the playing field for kickboxing matches. This unique format attracted fighters from every corner of the globe, sparking an upsurge in the organisation’s popularity.

From its unassuming beginnings, K-1 has ascended to the apex of the international kickboxing circuit. It is celebrated for its high-octane fights, featuring some of the most iconic fighters in the history of kickboxing. Amid the advent of various other promotions, K-1 continues to dominate the spotlight, upholding its tradition of delivering exhilarating, high-impact kickboxing action that is a testament to its enduring legacy in the world of combat sports.

Professional Fighters League (PFL)

Making waves in the MMA world, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) emerged in 2018 with a unique approach to combat sports. Unlike other promotions, PFL introduced a distinctive season format that climaxes in playoffs and a championship, offering a fresh narrative and competitive structure to the world of MMA.

PFL’s innovative model provides fighters with a consistent schedule, allowing fans to follow their favourite athletes’ journey throughout the season. This structure cultivates dynamic storylines and intense rivalries that unfold over the course of several months, culminating in a grand finale with a championship bout.

Despite being a relative newcomer, PFL has swiftly etched its place in the MMA domain, standing out with its unique format and dedication to exciting, competitive fights.

Cage Warriors

For nearly two decades, Cage Warriors has been a powerhouse of talent development in the realm of MMA. Based in the UK, this promotion has been instrumental in fostering numerous fighters who later ascended to stardom in larger organisations like the UFC.

From the likes of Conor McGregor, the notorious Irishman, to Michael Bisping, Britain’s first UFC Champion, and Joanna Jędrzejczyk, a dynamo in the strawweight division, Cage Warriors has been pivotal in the journey of these fighters. The promotion’s commitment to providing a platform for rising talent, coupled with its ability to host high-quality events, has cemented its reputation as a launchpad for MMA fighters.

Even now, Cage Warriors continues to identify and nurture talent, staying true to its mission of delivering thrilling bouts while shaping the future stars of MMA. It remains a testament to the potential of small promotions to make a big impact in the world of combat sports.


The stories of these small combat promotions scaling the heights of the industry serve as a remarkable reminder of the limitless potential that lies in audacious dreams and relentless effort. These organisations, like the fighters they spotlight, have stepped into the ring of the competitive combat sports industry, undeterred by the size of their adversaries.

Through innovative strategies, a deep understanding of their audience, and leveraging powerful digital tools like Spartacus, they’ve managed to capture the attention of fans worldwide. Their journey continues to inspire, proving that size does not always dictate success in the arena of combat sports. They’ve shown that with a vision, commitment, and a fighter’s spirit, even the smallest promotion can punch above its weight and leave a lasting impact on the sport. In the end, these underdogs have done more than just make it big – they’ve broadened the landscape of combat sports, and in doing so, they’ve truly won.

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