Wrestling fans, strap in for a rollercoaster of nostalgia and high-flying action! Rumblings in the WWE Universe suggest that we could see the return of multi-time WWE World Champion Sheamus to the NXT arena, and it’s sending the fandom into a tizzy. Sheamus, a part of the rowdy faction known as The Brawling Brutes on SmackDown, might just join his teammate Butch (formerly known as Pete Dunne) in the developmental brand’s spotlight soon. Could this be a game-changer? Oh, you bet your boots!

The Brawling Brutes—a trio that includes Butch, Sheamus, and Ridge Holland—have run the gamut from villains to heroes and made the transition look as seamless as a perfect Irish whip. It’s like watching your favourite rock band go acoustic and still hit every note. 

Recently, Butch duked it out with Charlie Dempsey in NXT’s Global Heritage Invitational, a tournament where the victor will clash with Noam Dar for the illustrious NXT Heritage Cup at No Mercy. Right around when the bell rang and the two titans Butch and Dempsey locked horns, the commentary had an easter egg for us. Booker T mentioned, “The Bruiserweight matured a lot under Sheamus’ wing.” 

Hello, foreshadowing, is that you? Could Sheamus be ready to support his protégé at NXT? After all, he’s walked down the NXT ramp before, with a face-off against Aiden English that took place precisely 3,435 days ago! Imagine the electricity of having The Celtic Warrior back, standing in Butch’s corner. That sort of mentorship could light the fire that propels Butch to win, not just his match but potentially the entire tournament.

Why the speculation, you ask? Because the WWE is in overdrive mode, folks. The stage is set for the upcoming Payback and No Mercy events, with simmering feuds and bouts spread across all three WWE brands. And smack in the middle of this, the company announces Butch’s return to NXT to shake up the ring.

Let’s not forget the new flavour that the NXT Global Heritage Invitational has brought to the table. Thanks to Shawn Michaels importing the Heritage Cup from NXT UK, the matches featuring the likes of Noam Darr, Nathan Frazer, and Tyler Bate are winning fans over in droves. 

The Brawling Brutes’ Butch has a storied history in the developmental brand himself. Remember, he was the second United Kingdom Champion, overthrowing Tyler Bate back in 2017. For years he rocked the NXT UK scene before becoming a cornerstone in the U.S developmental brand. Teaming up with Matt Riddle in 2020, they became the NXT Tag Team Champions as the BROserweights. 

But 2022 has been different. After a small hiatus, Butch teamed up with Sheamus and Ridge Holland on SmackDown as part of The Brawling Brutes, where the trio has been a potent force. Just last night, Butch and Ridge Holland went toe-to-toe with the former RAW Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits. So his transition back to NXT, even if temporary, is a tantalising treat. 

Given Butch’s impressive résumé and Sheamus’ history of mentorship, the question begs itself: is NXT ready for the seismic shift that the return of Sheamus would bring? One thing’s for sure: if The Celtic Warrior decides to join his protégé Butch in the ring, NXT fans are in for a treat that’s sweeter than a perfectly executed Brogue Kick. Stay tuned, wrestling aficionados; the squared circle is heating up!