Rising Stars and Knockout Finishes: Highlights from ONE Friday Fights 33

September 18, 2023
From: Spartacus

ONE Championship returned to Asia’s fight capital with “ONE Friday Fights 33,” setting Bangkok’s historic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium alight on September 15. From thrilling comeback victories to jaw-dropping knockouts, the evening offered an adrenaline-charged atmosphere as 13 fights unfolded in both Muay Thai and mixed martial arts (MMA) disciplines.

One of the most anticipated matchups was Russian dynamo Alexey Balyko’s debut in ONE Championship. Representing Tiger Muay Thai, Balyko had the unenviable task of facing off against Thai favorite Yod-IQ PK Saenchai. It wasn’t just a fight; it was an acid test for the Russian in the iconic Bangkok arena.

“I knew I had to close the distance against the rangier Thai superstar,” Balyko confessed. True to his word, he executed his strategy flawlessly. The Phuket-based fighter unleashed meathook-like lefts that unsettled Yod-IQ, robbing him of any opportunity to find his rhythm. Despite sustaining a cut above his right eye from a fierce elbow strike, Balyko re-entered the fray emboldened. Ultimately, his relentless volume and power tilted the balance as he pocketed his 21st career victory, sending Yod-IQ back to the drawing board after his first defeat on the global stage.

Another headline-grabber was the co-main event, featuring the up-and-coming Watcharaphon Singha Mawynn against Thai veteran Apiwat Sor Somnuk. Watcharaphon, only 20 years old, turned the tables on his more experienced foe, leveraging his long limbs to control the fight. His knack for making Apiwat miss while retaliating with well-timed shots convinced the judges to unanimously award him the win, boosting his ONE record to 2-0.

The action didn’t slow down as Panthep VK Khaoyai, representing Singpatong and Sitnumnoi Muay Thai Gym, clashed against Chalamkhao PK Saenchai. Right from the first bell, both men exhibited their repertoire of Muay Thai techniques, throwing everything from piercing knees to debilitating elbows. Panthep’s perseverance and grit saw him emerge victorious, edging his Muay Thai record to an impressive 47-19-2.

In another riveting match, Tubtimthong Sor Jor Lekmuangnon dealt a swift first-round knockout against Sakolpat ChotBangsaen. A relentless right elbow-left hook combination led to the bout’s abrupt end. With this victory, Tubtimthong’s overall record ascended to 58-11-1, solidifying his standing as one to watch in the world’s largest martial arts organization.

Abdallah Ondash’s encounter with Palangboon Wor Santai proved to be a razor-close bout that had fans on the edge of their seats. Ondash’s devastating leg kicks disrupted Palangboon’s pace, even as the Thai fighter landed cleaner strikes. Ondash managed to secure a split-decision victory, enhancing his ONE record to 2-0 and his overall career stats to 18-1.

Sing Sor Chokmeechai’s debut was yet another highlight of the evening. Despite a turbulent first few minutes against Win Sitjanim, Sing’s superior striking and knockdown clinched his win by unanimous decision, moving his all-striking record to 51-9-1.

From newcomers making their marks to established fighters defending their reputations, the bouts at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium were nothing short of spectacular. The global fanbase got exactly what they were expecting—a roller-coaster ride of martial arts mastery. And with fighters like Alexey Balyko, Watcharaphon Singha Mawynn, and Tubtimthong Sor Jor Lekmuangnon demonstrating their lethal skills, the future of this global martial arts promotion appears brighter than ever.

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