WWE, the powerhouse of professional wrestling, is no stranger to frenzies and fervors, and recent developments suggest that we might be on the brink of another massive showdown. At the heart of this fervour is a brewing storm of a rematch, where Cody Rhodes, the 38-year-old WWE prodigy, may be setting his sights on Roman Reigns, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

It’s important to first set the stage by recalling the recently concluded SummerSlam 2023 event. Reigns, WWE’s formidable Tribal Chief, demonstrated his prowess by thwarting Jey Uso, solidifying his champion status. On a parallel note, Cody Rhodes, referred to as ‘The American Nightmare’, pulled off a breathtaking victory against the behemoth, Brock Lesnar, further enhancing his already glowing reputation.

As the dust settled post-SummerSlam, whispers and speculations began circulating, fueled significantly by the remarks made by X-Pac, the Multi-time Hall of Famer, on Sony Sports Network’s Extraaa Dhamaal show. Responding to inquiries about Rhodes’ future trajectory after the event, X-Pac elucidated, “Go back to Roman Reigns pretty soon, at least by WrestleMania [next year]. I think he’s [Cody Rhodes] on his way back to Roman; I just gotta be honest with you.”

The potential rematch isn’t emerging out of thin air. Earlier this year, at WrestleMania 39, Rhodes and Reigns clashed in a match that could be best described as a masterpiece of wrestling storytelling. The two-night show had fans riveted, palpably feeling the high stakes. Though Rhodes lost the title bid, many believed it was a missed opportunity, that the coveted title change should have been booked then.

X-Pac’s recent comments further ignite hopes for Rhodes’ fans. He opined, “Maybe it will be his time [to become the champion] then. People always wanted it to be his time at WrestleMania [this year]. It just wasn’t. Sometime between now and next WrestleMania, maybe it will be Cody’s time.”

Reigns’ championship tenure, spanning an impressive 1000+ days, is not without its critics. While some believe it’s time for a new champion, others assert his dominance is good for business. X-Pac weighed in, saying, “I’ll be honest with you; I’m not in a hurry to see him [Roman Reigns] lose it [the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship]. He’s the man! When you have somebody of that calibre, you want them carrying your championship around.”

Contrasting Reigns’ continual reign, Cody Rhodes’ journey has been more multifaceted. His exit from WWE in 2016 marked the beginning of a transformative journey across various wrestling promotions. This sabbatical from WWE allowed Rhodes to evolve, and when he returned, he was not the same man. X-Pac, reflecting on this, remarked, “I’m so happy for Cody. He took a huge risk by leaving WWE. I had so much respect for him for doing that and coming back the way he did. You just love to see it.”

Parallel to the Reigns-Rhodes dynamics, the WWE storyline experienced a seismic jolt with Jey Uso’s unanticipated announcement. Following a monumental defeat at SummerSlam, Jey declared on SmackDown, “I am outta The Bloodline, I am outta SmackDown, I am outta WWE.” This declaration sent shockwaves, leading to WWE’s subsequent decision to move Jey Uso to the alumni section, signifying his era’s end.

The Bloodline storyline, always intriguing and filled with familial complexities, added another layer with Jimmy Uso’s faceoff against his brother Jey. The saga’s unfolding has been a focal point for WWE enthusiasts, with Roman Reigns’ manager, Paul Heyman, highlighting its magnitude: “We are just figuring this stuff out. We haven’t even hit our stride yet.”

While The Bloodline’s trajectory seems uncertain, rumours indicate that the next episode of SmackDown will spotlight Edge and Rey Mysterio. Their appearances are bound to generate substantial buzz, especially with Rey celebrating his United States Championship feat.

WWE’s landscape, as always, remains an amalgam of power struggles, emerging narratives, and unmatched athleticism. The potential Rhodes-Reigns rematch, Reigns’ championship tenure, and the unfolding Bloodline narrative present a triad of storylines set to shape WWE’s direction in the forthcoming months. Only time will determine how these narratives evolve, but for now, fans remain enthralled, waiting for the next twist in the tale.