Paul Clinches Victory Against Diaz

August 7, 2023
From: Spartacus

In an electrifying showdown that gripped boxing and MMA fans alike, Jake Paul, the internet’s favorite YouTube sensation-turned-prizefighter, added another impressive victory to his growing record by defeating the MMA titan, Nate Diaz. The clash, which took place on a tension-filled Saturday night, showcased the 26-year-old Paul’s rapidly honed boxing skills against a seasoned 38-year-old Diaz, who ventured into the squared circle for his maiden professional boxing bout.

The atmosphere was thick with anticipation, and as the bell rang, fans witnessed Paul’s dominance in several rounds. Demonstrating his improved boxing acumen, he masterfully controlled most segments of the 10-round cruiserweight face-off. Yet, Diaz, who had decided to move on from the UFC in 2022, wasn’t there to merely participate. There were moments when he nearly turned the tables by almost clinching a knockout. Reflecting on Diaz’s resilience, Paul remarked post-fight, “It’s what I expected. That’s what he’s known for. I don’t know how he survived that first round but he’s a dog and I walked the dog.”

Bouncing back from his narrow defeat against Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia earlier this year, Paul appeared revitalized, with an evident edge in fitness and technique. The judges too acknowledged his upper hand, with scorecards reading 97-92, 98-91, and 98-91 in his favor.

Diaz, however, had his moments under the spotlight. The third and fourth rounds witnessed a vintage Diaz, delivering a series of well-placed punches that momentarily had Paul on the ropes. Despite this commendable performance, Diaz later expressed a hint of regret, mentioning, “He did a great job, he’s an athletic, strong dude,” and added wistfully, “I wish I’d trained harder for this.”

By the fifth round, the tide seemed to turn in Paul’s favor. Seizing an opening, he rattled Diaz with a powerful left hook, momentarily sending him to the canvas, followed by a barrage of blows that left a mark. “I didn’t want to burn out and then let him catch a wind and come back with something,” Paul elaborated about his strategy during the knockdown, “So I was being patient, being smart, and was looking for the kill, but he withstood a bunch of big punches.”

The subsequent rounds were a mixed bag of energy and fatigue, with both fighters having their share of highlights. Especially noteworthy was the eighth round, where punches flew thick and fast from both corners. Diaz’s theatrical antics were also on full display, from taunting and jeering to turning his back and mocking Paul’s moves. However, as the bout progressed, Diaz’s exhaustion became progressively more apparent, making him a more vulnerable target for Paul’s relentless attacks.

Paul also highlighted the playful exchanges they shared, stating, “We were talking to each other the whole fight.”

By the end, even though Diaz’s spirit remained unbroken – as he often leaned against the ropes, scoffing at Paul – his body language hinted at weariness. 

With this achievement, Jake Paul solidifies his reputation in the boxing world, marking his third triumph over former UFC competitors. Before Diaz, Paul had spectacularly knocked out Tyron Woodley in late 2021 and clinched a unanimous decision over Anderson Silva within the same year.

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