Ospreay to WWE? Wrestling’s Biggest Question of 2024

October 24, 2023
From: Spartacus

The world of professional wrestling, a domain renowned for its vibrant characters and captivating storylines, is currently being eclipsed by a real-life narrative. Will Ospreay, a name that has become synonymous with in-ring excellence, is at the center of this unfolding drama. As his tenure with NJPW nears its culmination in February, the future trajectory of this wrestling prodigy has become a subject of intense global discussion.

Sports Illustrated and Metro, in their interactions with Ospreay, have provided fans a peek into the wrestler’s considerations. Ospreay’s assertive statement to Sports Illustrated, where he expressed his intent to “explore every single option,” showcases a wrestler in his prime, weighing his expansive possibilities. 

Yet, for Ospreay, this isn’t just a career-defining moment. It’s a life-altering one. With candidness, he delves into heartfelt discussions he’s had with loved ones about potentially uprooting their life in the UK and planting new roots in the United States. Such a move speaks volumes, especially when he lightheartedly mentions their recent investment in a new kitchen. As Ospreay said, the relocation possibility is “on the table,” and that in itself is a testament to the magnitude of the decisions looming on his horizon.

The prospect of a wrestling face-off between Ospreay and Seth Rollins adds another layer of intrigue to this tale. Their brief Twitter exchange in 2019 had set the wrestling community abuzz. And now, with Ospreay potentially moving to WWE, the anticipation of a real-life clash between these two titans has fans on the edge of their seats. Ospreay’s recent retort to Rollins, hinting at the unmatched prowess he’d bring at his 100%, only fuels this excitement further.

However, a potential transition to WWE for Ospreay isn’t just about settling scores or high-voltage matches. It’s about integrating into an entirely different ecosystem, one that is methodically structured and globally acclaimed. His candid acknowledgment of never having “the machine behind” him underscores the independent spirit that has driven his career so far. Will Ospreay, the self-made superstar, is now contemplating entering a realm where nuances like looking into the hard cam matter.

Among the myriad of insights Ospreay has shared, his undying passion for the art of wrestling shines the brightest. In an era where commercial pursuits often overshadow artistic integrity, Ospreay’s commitment to remaining authentic is both commendable and heartening. He emphasizes his unwillingness to sacrifice his essence, stating, “if I sacrifice who I am then I don’t think anything I do is authentic.”

The industry’s insiders are already gearing up for what’s being termed as the “Bidding War Of ’24.” MJF’s meteoric rise has already set the stage. Now, reports from PWInsider Elite suggest that Ospreay, with the legendary Barry Bloom representing him, is ready to take the wrestling world by storm. Bloom, with his illustrious track record representing industry stalwarts, only accentuates the significance of the forthcoming negotiations.

The contenders in this bidding war are formidable. NJPW, IMPACT Wrestling, AEW, and even WWE are all vying to secure the ‘Aerial Assassin’ in their roster. Each of these promotions offers unique opportunities and challenges, and Ospreay’s decision is sure to reshape the wrestling landscape.

Ospreay’s forthcoming choices will not only redefine his legacy but also influence the future course of the entire industry. Wherever he goes, one thing remains certain – the skies of the wrestling world will continue to be illuminated by the breathtaking flight of the ‘Aerial Assassin’.

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