ONE Friday Fights 42 Full Results

November 27, 2023
From: Spartacus

In the world of combat sports, few events can match the excitement and drama of ONE Championship’s ONE Friday Fights, and the 42nd installment was no exception. Hosted at the iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, the event featured a dazzling array of talent across MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Fighters were not only battling for glory but also for a life-changing US$100,000 contract with the prestigious organization. Each match was a testament to skill, determination, and the heart of a warrior.

Lobo’s Mastery Secures a Stunning Victory

The main event spotlight shone on Julio Lobo and his epic confrontation with Kaonar Sor Jor Thongprajin. Julio Lobo, the Brazilian dynamo, finally clinched the win he had been yearning for in the ONE Championship. In a much-anticipated 141-pound catchweight bout, Lobo took on Lumpinee Stadium Muay Thai World Champion Kaonar Sor Jor Thongprajin, delivering a performance that was nothing short of cinematic.

From the beginning, Lobo matched Kaonar stride for stride, unleashing a barrage of punches and slicing elbows. He methodically built his attack over the first two rounds, setting the stage for a grand finale. In the third round, Lobo, with the precision of a seasoned maestro, cornered Kaonar against the ropes and unleashed a spectacular three-piece combo. A vicious right elbow, a swift left hook, and a thunderous overhand right sent Kaonar tumbling to the canvas. The referee, recognizing the decisiveness of the moment, called the fight off at 0:46 of the third round. This victory elevated Lobo’s impressive record to 59-26-2.

Ferrari’s Tactical Brilliance Over Khomutov

In a clash of strategy and endurance, Ferrari Fairtex faced off against Kirill Khomutov in a bantamweight showdown. Ferrari’s game plan was executed with surgical precision. He started by targeting Khomutov’s legs, significantly impairing his mobility, which allowed him to diversify his attack with various combinations. However, Khomutov’s unpredictable and wild strikes kept Ferrari on his toes.

As the fight progressed, Ferrari continued his assault on Khomutov’s lower half, utilizing his superior range to maintain control. In the final round, Ferrari’s tactical intelligence shone through as he adapted to Khomutov’s tactics, avoiding potential pitfalls. This adaptability was key in convincing the judges, who unanimously declared Ferrari the victor, boosting his record to a stellar 134-32-4.

Khunponnoi’s Power Prevails

In their second encounter, Khunponnoi Sor Sommai and Lamnamkhong BS Muaythai revisited their rivalry. Khunponnoi, who had previously bested Lamnamkhong by points, aimed to outdo his past performance. The first round saw Khunponnoi countering Lamnamkhong’s robust kicks with potent punches.

This momentum carried into the second round, where Khunponnoi maintained his relentless pressure. The climax came when Khunponnoi unleashed a devastating jab-cross combination followed by a crushing right hook to the body. This ferocious assault rendered Lamnamkhong incapacitated, ending the match at the 2:00 mark of the second round and advancing Khunponnoi’s impressive tally to 118-32.

Sornsueknoi’s Calculated Finish

Sornsueknoi FA Group’s showdown with Petkhaowang Sor Jor Lekmuangnon was a study in tactical acumen. Identifying Petkhaowang’s counter with a right elbow as a key moment, Sornsueknoi expertly used this to his advantage. His well-timed left hands followed by an onslaught of left-sided attacks in the second round marked an emphatic victory, taking his career wins to 43.

Kongkairop’s Elbow Artistry

In a display of striking artistry, Kongkairop FiatPathum’s elbow strikes against Rachan Sor Somnuk were both elegant and lethal. Overcoming an initially competitive bout, Kongkairop’s precision and timing in the second round led to a dramatic knockout with a left elbow, propelling his record to an impressive 49-7-5.

Ploykhao’s Dominance Over Fahlan

Ploykhao Or AudUdon’s bout with Fahlan Por Petkhaikaew was a testament to his power punching. Despite Fahlan’s resilience and elbow strikes, Ploykhao’s relentless attack earned him a unanimous decision, advancing his tally to 41-18.

Osmanov’s Perfect Record Continues

Elbrus Osmanov’s kickboxing prowess was on full display against Zhang Chenglong. In a match marked by spinning kicks and relentless punches, Osmanov’s superior aggression and technique secured him a unanimous decision victory, maintaining his unblemished record.

Seksan’s Comeback Against Joker

After a recent defeat, Seksan Fairtex was determined to return to form against Joker Paesaisi. His powerful, looping shots and a decisive left uppercut in the second round set the stage for a majority decision win, marking a significant moment in his career.

Yu’s Triumph and Reward

Yu Yau Pui’s performance against Zehra “Devil Girl” Dogan in their atomweight Muay Thai bout was nothing short of dominant. From the onset, Yu demonstrated her superiority. The first round saw her applying unrelenting pressure, even as Dogan found fleeting success in the clinch. Yu’s potent combination of knees and elbows in the latter half of the round set the tone for what was to come.

In the second round, Yu’s aggressive strategy paid dividends. She unleashed a barrage of powerful strikes, overwhelming “Devil Girl” with precision and intensity. A final torrent of body straights and head hooks at 1:28 proved too much for Dogan, leading to Yu’s victory and enhancing her impressive record to 27-2-3. This win not only extended her winning streak to five but also earned her a lucrative six-figure contract with ONE Championship.

Zakirov Triumphs in Grueling Battle Against Suleimanov

The strawweight clash between Sanzhar “Tornado” Zakirov and Zaiundin “Black Tiger” Suleimanov was a rollercoaster of combat excellence. Over three intense rounds, Zakirov and Suleimanov displayed a full spectrum of mixed martial arts, from striking to grappling and submission attempts.

Ultimately, Zakirov’s ability to inflict significant damage across the rounds swayed the judges in his favor, as he earned a unanimous decision. This victory not only preserved his undefeated streak but also advanced his record to an impressive 9-0.

Pereira Shines in Promotional Debut Against Bhyan

Matheus Pereira’s introduction to the promotion was nothing short of explosive. Facing Sumit Bhyan, Pereira demonstrated both strategic acumen and lethal power. Despite Bhyan’s initial takedown attempts, Pereira quickly turned the tide, showcasing his readiness and resilience.

His counter to Bhyan’s front kick – a potent left hook – sent his opponent to the canvas. Pereira then capitalized with a series of targeted strikes, culminating in a TKO victory at 1:08 of the first round. This impressive debut improved Pereira’s record and marked him as a fighter to watch.

Gomes Showcases Grappling Excellence in Debut Victory

In the welterweight division, Bismarck Gomes made an indelible mark in his debut. Facing Asylbek Almasbekov, Gomes’s grappling expertise was on full display. After securing a deep double-leg takedown, Gomes dominated from the top position. His transition to back control and subsequent rear-naked choke showcased his high-level grappling skills. The tap came at 2:23 of the first round, marking a successful beginning for Gomes in ONE Championship.

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