ONE Friday Fights 37 Explodes in Bangkok

October 23, 2023
From: Spartacus

Bathed in the rich history and energy of the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, the much-anticipated ONE Friday Fights 37 lived up to its billing, showcasing a night that fans will speak of for years.

The iconic venue echoed with the roars of exhilaration on October 20 as bantamweight Muay Thai champions clashed in an unforgettable main event. Rafi Bohic, the celebrated French legend, stood toe-to-toe against the younger and hungry Antar Kacem. Billed as a contest between seasoned expertise and youthful audacity, the arena hummed with palpable tension.

The bout’s commencement set the tone. Kacem, despite his comparatively shorter professional journey, did not appear overwhelmed by either the reputation of his opponent or the grandeur of the occasion. Instead, he showcased a balanced mix of aggression and defense, carefully choosing his moments to counterattack. Bohic, with his extensive experience, unsurprisingly maintained a constant offensive, targeting Kacem’s lower torso with swift, well-practiced strikes.

While the narrative could have been one of the experienced champion easily overpowering the young challenger, Kacem demonstrated that he was not one to be underestimated. Although continuously under pressure, Kacem’s defensive tactics and timely counters stood out. His approach, while reactive, was not passive. Each time he responded to Bohic’s strikes, there was a clear strategy in play, emphasizing precision over sheer power.

As the minutes wore on, an interesting dynamic became evident. Kacem’s growing confidence juxtaposed with the increasing urgency of Bohic’s attacks. By the time they reached the final round, the momentum seemed to have subtly shifted. Kacem’s combination strikes, executed with a level of finesse, started finding their mark more consistently. This culminated in a decisive left hook that, while not overly dramatic, was effective enough to unbalance the seasoned Bohic.

Bohic’s recovery and subsequent attempts to regain control were commendable, showcasing the resilience he’s known for. However, as the bout concluded, and the judges deliberated, their unanimous decision recognized Kacem’s strategic approach and effective counters.

Meanwhile, the co-main event wasn’t short on drama either. Rittidet Sor Sommai, after promising to continue his winning spree, made his intentions clear early on. Against Theptaksin Sor Sornsing, Rittidet’s power-packed strikes began dismantling his opponent’s defenses. As the first round neared its close, a jaw-dropping left hook by Rittidet reaffirmed his intent, flooring Theptaksin. In the next round, with just under two minutes on the clock, Rittidet sealed his victory, ending the bout with a lethal combination.

The undercard too was filled with explosive outcomes. From Lamnamkhong’s KO victory in the first round to the split-decision win for Petsirichai, every match was a testament to the fighters’ tenacity and skill.

In other notable bouts, Elyes Kacem’s left head kick against Chai Sor Sor ToiPadriew was nothing short of artwork in motion. Gantogtokh Baatarchuluun’s submission in the MMA category was a stark reminder of the versatility and dynamism of the fighters on display.

ONE Friday Fights 37 Results

• Antar Kacem defeated Rafi Bohic via unanimous decision (Muay Thai – bantamweight)

• Rittidet Sor Sommai defeated Theptaksin Sor Sornsing via KO (punch combination) at 1:59 of round two (Muay Thai – catchweight 132 lbs)

• Lamnamkhong BS Muaythai defeated Samoynoi Tor Phusuwan via KO (punch combination) at 2:30 of round one (Muay Thai – flyweight)

• Petsirichai Detpetchsrithong defeated Songfangkhong FA Group via split decision (Muay Thai – catchweight 133 lbs)

• Kaoklai Chor Hapayak defeated Punmongkol Sor Mongkolkarnchang via KO (punch combination) at 1:29 of round two (Muay Thai – catchweight 124 lbs)

• Tahaneak Nayokatasala defeated Mahahin Nakbinalaiyon via split decision (Muay Thai – catchweight 118 lbs)

• Kongthoranee Sor Sommai defeated Taiko Naito via unanimous decision (Muay Thai – flyweight)

• Aslamjon Ortikov defeated Pethuahin Jitmuangnon via TKO (referee stoppage) at 0:50 of round three (Muay Thai – catchweight 128 lbs)

• Elyes Kacem defeated Chai Sor Sor ToiPadriew via KO (left head kick) at 2:43 of round two (Muay Thai – catchweight 130 lbs)

• Moris Boleyan defeated Gantogtokh Baatarchuluun via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:23 of round one (MMA – flyweight)

• Carlo Bumina-ang defeated Denis Andreev via split decision (MMA – bantamweight)

• Komronbek Ortikov defeated Percival Oumo Mwambi via unanimous decision (MMA – catchweight 130 lbs)

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