ONE Friday Fights 28 Results

August 14, 2023
From: Spartacus

August 11 at ONE Friday Fights 28 was not just another date on the calendar. It was an electrifying evening that echoed with the roars of the crowd, the thud of gloves, and the undeniable spirit of warriors giving it their all in the ring.

In a shimmering arena, every punch thrown, every kick landed, and every defensive manoeuvre executed told a story. The centrepiece of this enthralling narrative was the face-off between two Thai powerhouses, Kongsuk Fairtex and Jaosuayai Sor Dechapan.

Kongsuk entered the ring with a palpable aura, eyes fixed on the tantalising prospect of a six-figure contract from ONE Championship. His opening move, a spellbinding spinning body kick, reverberated with intent, connecting powerfully with Jaosuayai’s chest. This wasn’t just a mere attack; it was a statement of purpose. The two-time Lumpinee Stadium champion, with his undeniable reach advantage, danced around his opponent, casting stinging jabs that kept Jaosuayai constantly recalibrating his approach.

Jaosuayai, however, was no pushover. In his signature southpaw stance, he was a picture of resilience. He retaliated with forceful counter-attacks, each blow telling its own tale of training, sweat, and sacrifice. Yet, the height difference posed an intricate puzzle. The solution seemed to appear in the second round when Jaosuayai, with newfound gusto, unleashed a torrent of blows from within the clinch, culminating in a potent left cross and a resounding right uppercut. This was his moment, his narrative taking a thrilling turn. But Kongsuk, the pride of the illustrious Fairtex gym, wasn’t one to be outdone. He thundered back with a tempest of elbows, each strike singing of his spirit and legacy.

The third round was the crescendo. Kongsuk, two years Jaosuayai’s senior, channelled every ounce of his experience, every lesson learned in previous bouts, and every second spent training. He stormed forward with a barrage of assaults, each punch echoing his desire and passion. By the time the final bell rang, the narrative was clear. Kongsuk’s closing onslaught had penned an indelible chapter, earning him a unanimous decision from the awed judges.

With this hard-fought win, Kongsuk painted the 10th consecutive victory stripe on his fighter canvas, two of which gleamed under the luminescent ONE banner.

However, the canvas of ONE Friday Fights 28 was vast and brimming with tales of valour.

Suriyanlek Por Yenying scripted a knockout saga with a jaw-dropping left hook against Songfangkhong FA Group. This was not merely a fight; it was a ballet of power and precision, culminating in an explosive second-round finale.

The duels between Pentor SP Kansart Paeminburi and Jack Apichat Muaythai, and between Mahahin Nakbinalaiyon and Petsangwan Sor Samarngarnment, were intricate tapestries of strategy, skill, and sheer will, with Pentor and Mahahin weaving the final threads of triumph.

As the night progressed, the stories became even more riveting. Antar Kacem spun a tale of dominance with a deadly right hook that silenced Yodphupa Wimanair. Chanajon PK Saenchai’s narrative was swift and brutal, dispatching Mohamed Hanoun with a blistering punch combination that echoed long after the bout.

Each bout, from Xavier Gonzalez’s resilient victory over Dabdam Por Tor Tor Thongtawee to Sanzhar Zakirov’s dramatic showdown with Dave Bangguigui, added to the grand tapestry of the evening.

ONE Friday Fights 28 wasn’t just an event; it was an anthology of human spirit, skill, and the age-old art of combat. Each fighter, irrespective of the result, added their unique thread to this intricate weave, ensuring that this night would be remembered not just for the fights, but for the stories that unfolded within the confines of the ring.

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