Having good MMA training equipment is something that will keep you safe and improve your performance when practicing. MMA is a combat sport that combines different fighting styles, and it is important to have adequate equipment for each style. There are some parts of the equipment you will need to purchase before joining a gym, and some you can borrow from the gym. Since sharing martial arts training equipment isn’t hygienic, you should always try to have your gear. Good equipment for martial arts can make your training session much more enjoyable and help you avoid injuries and progress faster. In this article, we will discuss martial arts training equipment and give you the necessary information you should have when choosing the right gear for you.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Before joining any gym, you should buy some martial arts training gear. On top of that, you will need some additional equipment as you become better and start sparring. Here are some items you’ll need once you start training in MMA.

MMA Gloves

A pair of MMA gloves is definitely something you should buy first. This type of equipment is used in MMA sparring. MMA gloves are much smaller than regular boxing gloves, allowing you to open your hand to grapple freely. There are three types of MMA gloves: sparring, competition, and grappling gloves. Sparring gloves have more padding than regular gloves, weighing around 7 ounces. Competition gloves are used for professional fights, and they weigh 4 ounces. Grappling gloves are the smallest, allowing you to grapple freely with them. In the beginning, I suggest you get yourself a pair of sparring gloves, as you will mostly grapple without gloves when you start training, and these are great for hitting pads

Boxing Gloves

In addition to your regular MMA training gloves, you should also get a pair of boxing gloves. Boxing gloves are used for practicing striking techniques, and their main purpose is to protect your hands. You can get gloves anywhere from 12 to 16 ounces, as these will provide maximum protection. On top of that, training on a heavy bag will require you to wear boxing gloves as you want to land heavy punches and improve your power.


An essential part of martial arts training gear is a mouthguard. Mouthguards are used to protect your teeth and jaw and to minimize the potential risk of dental injuries. You should wear a mouthguard whenever you spar with someone, whether it’s grappling, wrestling, or striking. There are two types of mouthguards you can buy:

  1. Boil and bite mouthguards. These mouthguards can be purchased at sporting goods stores. The mouthguard is boiled in hot water, and then you can adjust it to the shape of your teeth. There are plenty of these around, and they are not expensive.
  2. Custom mouthguard. If you want maximum protection, you should look for a custom mouthguard. These are made by dentists and fit perfectly to your teeth. The downside is that they can be pretty expensive.

Shin Guards

MMA involves a lot of kicking, and training without shin protection can be quite dangerous. Shin guards provide padding from below your knee down to the ankle, allowing you to kick freely and not be afraid of dangerous checks. A lot of injuries can happen when you throw leg kicks (Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman), which is why this part of the equipment should always be in your gym bag.


A rashguard is an essential part of MMA practice equipment. Rashguards are made from durable materials such as polyester and spandex and fit tightly to your skin. The main purpose of this piece of equipment is to protect your skin from scratches, rashes, and mat burns in order to avoid potential skin infections. Rashguards dry pretty fast and soak up sweat when you train. If you buy a good quality rashguard, you can wash it every day and use it whenever you train.

MMA Shorts

MMA training involves a lot of grappling and wrestling, which requires you to have shorts made of quality material that won’t tear. MMA shorts are usually made from spandex and polyester and are very durable. You should stay away from cotton shorts because they can be easily torn. Also, you should avoid shorts with pockets or anything metal on them since this can be dangerous.

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are usually not needed for regular practice, but if you are sparring with someone, it would be nice to have them. Hand wraps are worn underneath your gloves and serve as additional protection for your hands. Hand wraps are made from cotton material. There are many small bones in your hand, and you should always try to protect your hands when training. Here is a video of how to wrap your hands for MMA.

Why Is It Necessary to Have Mma Training Equipment

Training mixed martial arts can be unsafe if you are not careful. In MMA, you can strike, wrestle, kick, and grapple, which is dangerous and can cause significant injuries. Because of this, it is crucial to have the above-mentioned training gear to minimize the risk of injuries. In addition, high-quality training gear can slightly improve your performance and motivate you to train regularly. Good MMA training equipment might be expensive, but it’s well worth the investment.

The Right Martial Arts Training Gear Will Keep You Safe

In order to train MMA safely and for a long time, you’ll need the right training gear. Equipment for martial arts, such as gloves, mouthguard, and rashguard, will protect you from unnecessary damage that may occur. Boxing and MMA gloves will keep your hands safe and allow you to train daily without worrying that you will injure your hands. Another valuable piece of equipment is a rashguard, which protects your skin from scratches and mat burns and keeps you safe from infections. Another important martial arts practice equipment is a mouthguard, which protects you from dental injuries. Safety should be your number one priority when training in any martial art, as injuries can be common here, and you should always aim to minimize them with the right training gear.

You Will Be Able to Take Better Care of Your Hygiene

Many gyms worldwide have separate training gear for new members. The benefit of this is that new members do not have to spend money before they begin training. Despite this, this is not always recommended because many people use that training equipment. MMA is a close-contact sport, and hygiene is essential. Having your own training equipment makes it easy to take care of and keep it clean. It is essential that you keep your training gear clean so that you don’t get infected and so that the gear lasts as long as possible.

It Will Keep You Motivated

It can be quite enjoyable for martial artists to spend money on quality gear. There is no doubt that you will always remember your first pair of gloves and have some fond memories associated with them. Furthermore, purchasing gear can motivate you to work hard and endure all the difficulties of regular training. Many MMA practitioners associate themselves with certain brands and feel great joy when wearing their equipment. In summary, having your favorite pieces of training equipment can bring you a lot of joy and keep you interested in mixed martial arts training.

How to Choose the Right Training Gear?

Spending money can be enjoyable only if it is spent on high-quality mixed martial arts equipment. Losing money on low-quality items that will quickly get ruined can be very frustrating and time-consuming. On top of that, equipment that is made from bad materials can harm and irritate your skin. Here are some tips for choosing the right MMA practice equipment.

Look for Reviews Online

Before buying any equipment, search for online reviews from previous buyers. Many big brands have their websites, and you can see a ton of information about the product. If you want to look for a more non-biased review, you can check on Reddit and see if anyone has previous experience with that piece of equipment. Make sure you look at multiple sources of information to avoid reading paid reviews that are probably false. On top of that, you can always ask someone you know about his experience with certain equipment and whether you should buy it.

Choose the Right Fit

An important part when buying MMA training gear is getting the perfect fit for your body type. Pieces of equipment such as rashguards and shorts are usually tight to your body, and if you pick a small size, they can be quite uncomfortable. I suggest always choosing one size above your regular size, as these will shrink from regular washing. When buying MMA or boxing gloves, you should also pick a bigger size because you may have hand wraps underneath them when sparring.

Pick Materials That Are Durable and Breathable

One advantage that high-quality gear will have over other alternatives is that they will often use materials that are very durable and breathable. Durable materials like polyester will last much longer than cheap alternatives that get torn easily. On top of that, rashguards and shorts should fit perfectly to your body, but they should always feel breathable and comfortable. If you wear equipment made of hard materials such as lycra, it will last shorter and feel heavy. Consider buying items made of polyester whenever possible.

Expensive Equipment Is Not Always the Best

Although good MMA training equipment will often be a bit more expensive than regular gear, more money doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the best items. You may find this is the case when you buy from a local store or reseller, as they probably have lower-quality items for the same price as some online stores. It is not the price tag that should determine whether or not you should buy something. Whenever you are considering purchasing an item, make sure you check for additional information.

Where Can You Buy Mma Training Equipment?

Now that you know what to look for when buying MMA training equipment let’s look at where you can get all the necessary items for your training. If you are training at a big gym, there is a possibility that the gym might sell its own equipment, and this is always the best option. In addition, you can also look at local stores or visit online shops.

Ask at Your Gym

Branding is a big part of each gym’s identity, and most professional MMA academies invest a lot of money in this. Academies often have their own branded gloves, rashguards, shorts, and everything else you may need when you start training. In addition, buying directly at your gym is a great way to support the gym. There are also many academies that offer member discounts, so you may find yourself paying a much lower price than you would in a store.

Visit Local Stores

As MMA is gaining popularity in the world, many local sporting goods stores are selling MMA training equipment. Local stores usually have low-quality items, but they can be great for the beginning of your MMA journey. Furthermore, stores usually offer discounts so you can save money on items you need.

Online Shops

The best option when buying martial arts training gear is to visit verified local shops and brands specializing in this type of equipment. Most popular brands have online stores with many items you can choose from. The only downside of this is that you will have additional fees for shipping and taxes, and you will need to see if the items will fit you properly. Here is a list of some popular brands for high-quality training gear.


As a final note, let’s recap what we discussed. When starting MMA training, it is important to have the right MMA training equipment. There are many reasons for this, such as hygiene, safety, and motivation. Moreover, when buying gear, you should look for a few things and select high-quality gear whenever possible. Thank you for reading the article; I wish you safe training!