MMA has exploded in popularity in Brazil in recent years, leading to a proliferation of gyms and teams dedicated to training in the sport. These academies range from traditional powerhouses with decades of experience to newer upstarts that are making a name for themselves on the national and international stage. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the biggest MMA academies in Brazil and some of the standout athletes they have produced.

Chute Boxe Diego Lima – SP

Founded by the legendary Rudimar Fedrigo in the late 1970s, the Chute Boxe brand has become known around the world for taking its athletes to the top of the main fight organizations. Diego Lima, leader of the academy headquartered in the south of São Paulo, follows the brand’s history and delivers excellent results each year, with his most recent peak being the UFC lightweight title with Charles do Bronx.

Chute Boxe Ed Monstro

PR: Ed Monstro acted as a professional MMA athlete until 2018 and since then has dedicated himself solely to coaching, with great results training athletes in different weight categories. The academy is always active on the national scene, and through his athlete Jennifer Maia, he even competed for the UFC belt in 2020.

CM System

Led by former UFC athlete Cristiano Marcelo, CM System has over 20 years of experience in the MMA scene, with jiu-jitsu as its main weapon. With top athletes on the national scene, such as Lian “Miau,” the team still has UFC athlete Eliseu Capoeira among its main competitors.

Astra Fight

With leaders Marcelo Brigadeiro and Marcelo Zulu, Astra Fight is a staple in the main MMA events in the country. The academy is also present at international events around the globe and had Glaico França representing the team at the UFC.

Team Nogueira

Academy of the legendary brothers Rogério “Minotouro” and Rodrigo “Minotauro,” Team Nogueira has become one of the biggest gym franchises in Brazil, spreading throughout the country. While catering to all audiences and age groups, the team still manages to form excellent competitors in various modalities.

Nova União

Marlon Sandro, Marcos Galvão, Alexandre Pantoja, Poliana Botelho, Léo Santos, Renan Barão, Dudu Dantas, BJ Peen, and José Aldo are some of the most prominent names at Nova União, one of the most traditional MMA teams in Brazil. Led by Dedé Pederneiras, Nova União has been ranked among the biggest academies in the world several times for its excellent results in MMA.


Paraná Vale Tudo has become one of the main MMA academies in Brazil by training high-level athletes, mainly in Women’s MMA. With an absolute highlight for Jessica “Bate Estaca,” who reached the UFC belt, the academy has also trained other top athletes such as Karol Rosa, Jessica Delboni, Marcos Brigagão, Maria Oliveira, and Taffarel Brasil, among others.

Galpão da Luta

Home of the charismatic UFC light heavyweight Jailton Malhadinho, Galpão da Luta was created in 2017 and has been reaping excellent results with top athletes in several MMA categories and in jiu-jitsu competitions. The motto “Bahia, é punch on the head” shouted after each victory has become known in the Brazilian scene.

Fighting Nerds

Also recent, the academy has the legendary Flavio Alvaro as head coach alongside Pablo Sucupira. Despite being young, its main athlete is the talented Caio Borralho. Caio Borralho is a promising Brazilian fighter in the UFC. Fighting Nerds, based in São Paulo, has been achieving great results despite being a relatively new academy that trains both semiprofessional and young professional athletes.

TFT – Tata Fight Team

Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, TFT has a strong squad among its MMA athletes, including Thiago Marreta, Oton Jasse, Marcio Pedra, Bruno Korea, and Polyana Viana, who are some of the highlights of the team.

Usina de Campeões

Coordinated by Pedro Rizzo, one of the biggest names in the history of MMA, is a project maintained by the Refit refinery. Currently, around 300 children and young people are part of the project, which still manages to produce great professional athletes for the main MMA events around the country.

In conclusion, Brazil has seen a rapid growth in the popularity of MMA in recent years, leading to a surge in the number of gyms and teams dedicated to training in the sport. The ten biggest MMA academies in Brazil, including Chute Boxe Diego Lima, CM System, Nova União, and TFT – Tata Fight Team, have all had success in producing top-level athletes and competing in events around the world. These academies have a range of approaches to training, from focusing on jiu-jitsu to catering to all ages and skill levels. They have all made a significant impact on the MMA scene in Brazil and beyond.