Mica Galvão: After 100 Days Off, Star Returns and Finishes 14 Fights in Three Weekends

September 25, 2023
From: Vitor Freitas
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Mica Galvão, 19, is one of the biggest Jiu-Jitsu stars of our time and proved it in his return to competition after 100 days off due to a knee injury he suffered in a duel with Kaynan Duarte at BJJ Stars in April this year. 

The black belt made his comeback on July 29, in São Paulo, in a tournament run by the CBJJE federation. Mica fought as a middleweight and finished three fights. The youngster impressed with his performance and combinations of attacks until he reached the finish. 

The Jiu-Jitsu community was euphoric at the return of the Manauara prodigy. While he fought, the crowd in the gym cheered as if it were soccer. It was a totally different atmosphere. 

Mica fought again the following weekend. He flew from São Paulo to Vitória, where he was to compete in the Vitória Open of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Confederation (CBJJ). The competition also marked Mica’s return to the federation, since he had been punished by USADA and had not competed in the federation’s competitions for a year. 

After all the turbulence in his personal life involving the doping suspension and the knee injury, Mica showed all his resilience. With a smile on his face and charisma, he attended to all his fans during his arrival at the competition venue. He signed autographs and took photos as he warmed up for his first fight. 

Mica’s campaign was spectacular once again at the Vitória Open in and out of the gi. The representative of the Melqui Galvão school had two fights in the middle division, his original category. First, he finished off three opponents to take gold, after beating Gustavo Vieira, Welington Marques and Igor Carlos. In the no-gi competition, the Vitoria Open No Gi, Mica was lethal again and finished two opponents to emerge victorious. Renzo Jesus and Pierpaolo Chiappe were his opponents. 

Last weekend, for example, Mica Galvão continued to compete. For the Floripa Open, also run by the CBJJ, Mica competed in the gi and no-gi edition once again. The student of teacher Melqui Galvão, who is also his father, proved that his level of Jiu-Jitsu is a cut above the rest. 

At the Floripa Open, Mica finished three fights to become the middleweight champion. In the title fight, Mica finished Rhuan Duarte with a rear-naked choke. It’s worth noting that, during the campaign, the star didn’t face any difficulties in winning. 

Mica was also champion at the Floripa Open NO GI. To become middleweight champion, the black belt finished two fights. In the final, for example, he was able to strangle Marco Queiroz with just one hand. Incredible! 

Expectations about the athlete’s actions remain very high. This weekend, Mica will once again don the competition gi to fight in the Manaus Open. This time, it will be even more special. The star will be fighting at home, in front of his family and friends. Mica, if you don’t know, is one of the latest great revelations in Manaus Jiu-Jitsu. 

After wrapping up his commitments in Brazil, Mica is expected to announce some super-fights in the United States. There are rumors that he may do a no-gi fight at Who’s Number One in October. Gordon Ryan’s younger brother Nicky has said he is interested in fighting Mica.

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