Merab Dvalishvili Targets Sean O’Malley for Next UFC Challenge

April 12, 2023
From: Spartacus

Merab Dvalishvili, the top-ranked UFC bantamweight contender, is in search of his next big challenge in the octagon, and he has his sights set on none other than Sean O’Malley. Dvalishvili, who boasts an impressive nine-fight win streak, is hungry for more and believes that a fight against ‘Sugar’ could be the perfect opportunity for him to prove his mettle.

Dvalishvili’s current winning streak has earned him a reputation as one of the most dominant forces in the bantamweight division, and he is not one to shy away from a challenge. In fact, he is actively seeking out the toughest opponents that the UFC has to offer, and O’Malley is at the top of his list.

O’Malley is no slouch himself, with a notable 17-0 record in professional MMA fights. He is also known for his flashy striking and knockout power, making him a fan favourite in the UFC. A fight between O’Malley and Dvalishvili would undoubtedly be an explosive matchup, with both fighters known for their aggression and willingness to engage.

Dvalishvili has made it clear that he wants to test himself against the best in the division, and a fight against O’Malley would be just the kind of challenge he is looking for. Dvalishvili is known for his strong wrestling and grappling game, which could be the key to unlocking O’Malley’s weaknesses.

However, O’Malley is also a skilled striker with a diverse arsenal of attacks, making him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the division. Dvalishvili will need to be careful not to underestimate his opponent’s striking ability and should look to use his wrestling to take the fight to the ground and neutralise O’Malley’s striking power.

Dvalishvili’s desire to fight O’Malley is not unfounded. ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley is also one of the most talked-about fighters in the bantamweight division. He is known for his striking abilities and has a significant following among MMA fans.

In recent interviews, Dvalishvili has expressed his desire to fight O’Malley, stating that he believes it would be an exciting matchup for both fighters and the fans. He has also acknowledged the potential risk involved in facing an opponent with such a high knockout rate, but he is confident in his abilities and believes that he can come out on top.

Dvalishvili says, “Yeah, I do want O’Malley. But, the UFC said he’s next for the title fight. O’Malley is safe for the title, I think they are protecting him. I respect him, he’s a good fighter but you never know.”

Merab Dvalishvili, the unstoppable force of the bantamweight division in the UFC, is expressing his concern about the intentions of his fellow fighter, Sean O’Malley. Dvalishvili, who is currently enjoying an impressive nine-fight win streak, is wary of O’Malley’s potential desire to bide his time for a shot at the title against Merab’s close friend, Aljamain Sterling.

Despite Dvalishvili’s eagerness to face off against worthy opponents like Cory Sandhagen, he is apprehensive that Sandhagen may still be recovering from injuries sustained in his most recent victory over Chito Vera. This hesitation has led the Georgian native to consider O’Malley as his next potential opponent. However, he is not taking the decision lightly and is carefully weighing his options.

Dvalishvili’s concerns stem from the fact that O’Malley has been steadily rising up the ranks of the bantamweight division, winning six of his seven UFC fights. With his flashy fighting style and impressive knockout power, O’Malley has become one of the most talked-about fighters in the division.

Despite Dvalishvili’s impressive winning streak and his position at the top of the bantamweight rankings, he recognizes the threat that O’Malley poses. In a recent interview with InsideFighting, ‘The Machine’ remarked, “O’Malley is a good fighter, he’s young, he’s hungry. I think he’s waiting for the right fight. He wants to fight Aljo for the belt, that’s my feeling. That’s why he’s trying to fight lower-ranked fighters.”

Dvalishvili’s assessment of O’Malley’s motives is not entirely unfounded. O’Malley has been vocal about his desire to fight Sterling and has stated that he wants to be the one to take the belt from him. However, that does not mean that Dvalishvili is not a worthy opponent. In fact, Dvalishvili’s skill set and fighting style could prove to be a difficult challenge for O’Malley.

The decision to face off against O’Malley is not one that Dvalishvili is taking lightly. He knows that he will have to be at his very best if he hopes to come out on top. But with his relentless striking and tenacious fighting style, he believes that he has what it takes to defeat O’Malley and cement his position as one of the top bantamweight fighters in the UFC.

It remains to be seen whether a fight between Dvalishvili and O’Malley will materialise, but the possibility of these two top-ranked fighters facing off is certainly an intriguing one. If the fight does happen, it will undoubtedly be a highlight of the bantamweight division and a must-watch for MMA fans around the world.

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