The boxing world was left in awe when the undefeated titan, Floyd Mayweather, hung up his gloves after a defining match against Conor McGregor in 2017. With a record that remains untouched at 50-0, Mayweather has since traded the scorecards for the dazzle of exhibition boxing. While these matches often skip the intensity of official score-keeping, Mayweather has nonetheless been a force in seven such duels since his retirement.

Exhibition matches, generally seen as lighter encounters with less at stake, turned electric with Mayweather’s participation. His last appearance in the ring was in June, and fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for news about his next bout. And from the rumblings in the boxing community, it seems they might be in for a treat.

Elie Seckbach, the sharp-eyed reporter from EsNews, dropped a tantalising tidbit on Instagram. He shared, “@floydmayweather vs @jeanpascalchamp are in talks about a fight. Pascal a 5 time champ competed at 175 Floyd of course was 147 and canelo fight 154”

For those not in the know, Jean Pascal is not merely another boxer. He’s a former WBA, WBC, IBO, and Ring magazine light heavyweight champion, a title he’s clinched five times. Pascal recently met defeat in March at the hands of Michael Eifert, but with a record of 36 wins, seven losses, one draw, and no contest, Pascal remains a formidable force in the boxing world.

However, what makes this potential face-off even more exciting is the contrasting styles and strengths of the two boxers. Mayweather, renowned for his impeccable skill set, boasts a flawless 50-win record. Pascal, on the other hand, is known for his formidable size and strength. Mayweather’s followers would recall his bouts at 147, and his famous fight against Canelo at 154. In contrast, Pascal’s significant bouts have seen him competing at 175. It’s tantalising to imagine the strategies both boxers would employ, and at what weight they’d meet, should they ink a deal for a fight.

Switching gears to another boxing prodigy, Gervonta Davis, mentored and trained by Mayweather himself, has been lighting up the boxing scene. Davis, fresh off a win against Ryan Garcia, is currently searching the horizon for his next opponent. Mayweather, who’s always had a clear vision for his protegé, voiced his pick in a recent chat with FightHype.

“What I need Inoue to do is do like we do over here in the U.S. now. I need him to come fight in the U.S., random blood and urine testing. I think he’s a hell of a fighter. I won’t take nothing away from him and I like him, because he takes a lot of my stuff from my playbook, but it’s okay, in boxing you’re supposed to take from the greats, but what I would like to see is if he could fight Gervonta at a catchweight.,” Mayweather said, addressing the potential of a Davis vs. Inoue match. 

Further emphasising his belief in Davis, Mayweather was adamant that ‘Tank’ deserved a spot on the pound-for-pound list. With Davis’s unblemished record of 29 wins, 27 by knockout, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

In the ever-dynamic world of boxing, while speculations run wild and matchups are the talk of the town, one thing remains certain: whether it’s Mayweather’s potential bout or Davis’s next challenge, the boxing community is in for an electrifying time ahead.