Matt Riddle’s Revealing Comments Post-RAW Loss

August 2, 2023
From: Spartacus

On the professional wrestling front, all eyes have been on WWE Superstar Matt Riddle after a recent event. Following his loss during this week’s Monday Night RAW, Riddle sparked conversations on social media with what looked like a critique of WWE. The details of the incident have captured the interest of wrestling fans worldwide.

In a surprising outcome on the recent RAW episode, Riddle suffered a defeat at the hands of Ludwig Kaiser in the midst of his ongoing clash with Imperium. This comes off the back of an unsuccessful attempt to dethrone Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship at the Money in the Bank event. Riddle’s experiences in the ring have left him with a taste of defeat, causing a stir in his professional trajectory.

Riddle, seemingly dissatisfied, vented his feelings through social media. He shared a clip from his days as a mixed martial artist and expressed his sentiment that it was easier to win real fights in the UFC than scripted matches in WWE. 

He shared, “Damn it’s easier to win real fights in the @ufc than win a match in WWE #brutal #bro #stallion #ufc #WWE,”. 

His comments suggested a side-glance at WWE, sparking an engaging dialogue among the fans.

Gunther, known for his candid reflections on fellow fighters, didn’t shy away from acknowledging Riddle’s potential. He lauded Matt Riddle in a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, giving him credit for being a formidable opponent. He pointed out that Riddle’s background in UFC gives him a unique edge in their WWE encounters. 

But the ups and downs in the ring don’t stop there. After his victory over Riddle at Money in the Bank, Gunther now has a new contender to deal with – Drew McIntyre. McIntyre, recently back on the scene, returned to an impressive welcome in the UK before setting his eyes on the Intercontinental Championship. The stage is now set for an intense face-off between McIntyre and Gunther for the title at the upcoming SummerSlam premium live event.

As for Riddle, it remains a question mark. After yet another loss, it’s unclear what WWE’s next move for him will be. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what storyline develops for him in the coming weeks.

The twists and turns of the WWE scene also involve Ludwig Kaiser, the 37-year-old WWE Superstar, who recently went off-script following a shocking win during the latest RAW episode. Kaiser managed to upset fan predictions by securing a clear victory over Matt Riddle. This victory gained him respect, with Gunther showing appreciation in a post-match handshake.

This surprising event fueled rumours that the company might not view Riddle as a top star any longer due to his extracurricular antics. In response to this, Riddle took to his Instagram story, breaking character to congratulate Kaiser on his well-deserved win. His sportsmanlike behaviour brought attention to a crucial moment of the match where Kaiser planted him with a decisive DDT.

From unexpected losses to breaking character on social media, the happenings in the WWE world continue to entertain, surprise, and raise questions among its worldwide fan base. As we move forward, all eyes are on what unfolds next in this high-stakes wrestling saga.

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