Jorge Masvidal Refutes Dana White’s Claims About Colby Covington’s Championship Shot

March 28, 2023
From: Spartacus

Dana White’s claims that Colby Covington would receive a championship shot are refuted by Jorge Masvidal, who asserts that champions contact challengers.

Gilbert Burns will be Jorge Masvidal’s opponent when he makes his cage comeback at UFC 287 on April 8.

Although UFC President Dana White has already stated that Colby Covington will get the next crack at the welterweight championship, ‘Gamebred’ thinks his performance will get him that chance.

The No. 11 ranked welterweight made the following remarks while chatting with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour:

“I love Dana, but Dana says a lot of things. History says one thing – whoever makes the most noise when they fight, whoever f**king sells the most pay-per-views and whoever fans want to see at the end of the day – that’s who’ll get the title shot. On top of that, as I recall, champions have always called the shots.”

He continued:

“Colby is only a champion of calling the cops that c**k s**king b**ch, p**sy a** motherf**ker. I’m just going to continue to do me. I’m going to go out there and break f**king Gilbert’s face and then Leon’s going to call my name out and then I’m going to go fight Leon for this belt and that’s it. Colby can just sit in the timeout box until I call his a** up to fight me again.”

While current champion Leon Edwards has indicated that he might decline to sign the contract, Dana White has stated that Colby Covington is the next in line for a shot at the welterweight championship. Rocky has also hinted that he might be present at UFC 287. Masvidal and the No.4-ranked combatant in terms of pound-for-pound rankings go back to 2019.

Return of Jorge Masvidal: “Gamebred” asserts that his “Van Gogh” is going up against Gilbert Burns

The co-main event fight between Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns at UFC 287 could have a significant impact on the welterweight championship race.

Gamebred recently revealed that he intends to create a masterwork when he faces the No. 5 welterweight, saying:

“I know he’s good in the jiu-jitsu world, but his wrestling ain’t that and I’ve only been focusing these last six months on making sure that I could deal with these wrestlers efficiently, get to positions efficiently, not waste as much energy.”

“I’m going to tell you that I’m going to paint my Van Gogh on Gilbert’s face with elbows, knees, kicks, takedown defense, takedown offense.”

Painting Masvidal’s masterpiece will be challenging given that he has one of the quickest and most memorable knockouts in UFC history. The No. 11-ranked welterweight wants to deliver a dominant performance to increase his chances of challenging longtime foe Leon Edwards for the championship.

Khamzat Chimaev is criticised by Jorge Masvidal for anticipating a title shot despite a significant drop in weight.

At UFC 287, Jorge Masvidal will make his comeback against Gilbert Burns. Recently, the No. 11 welterweight criticised Khamzat Chimaev for arriving at UFC 279 several pounds overweight.

“Gamebred,” who appeared on The MMA Hour, said to Ariel Helwani:

You miss weight by 8.5 pounds, get the f**k out of here. You’re still talking about nobody wants to fight you, go f**king make weight before you talk about fighting. That’s the first thing. Don’t do steroids and make the f**king weight that you agreed upon as a f**king man. You’re going to miss by eight pounds and think it’s all cool and be calling people out? Get the f**k out.”

He continued:

“I saw him do a comment that he was calling out [middleweight champion Alex] Pereira, like who the f**k are you? This is the world champion and you don’t even have a f**king win over a top-15 guy. Get the f**k out of here at 185. Go f**king be like the rest of us, put your hard hat on, put your mouthpiece on, and get to work… You can’t miss weight by 8.5 pounds and call for title shots… Go fight and then talk.”

Gilbert Burns, with whom Khamzat Chimaev battled before winning at UFC 273, was allegedly going to be buried, according to Masvidal. While ‘Borz’ hasn’t competed since his disastrous weight-missing incident in September of last year, he has called out several well-known competitors in both the welterweight and middleweight categories.

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