The Hitman’s Hesitation: Liam Harrison’s Reason for Skipping the Openweight Muay Thai World Grand Prix

March 15, 2023
From: Spartacus

Openweight Muay Thai World Grand Prix competitor Liam Harrison reveals why he is hesitant to compete in it.

Liam Harrison is one fighter that has disqualified himself from the next open weight Muay Thai World Grand Prix, which will be held under the ONE Championship banner.

Although “The Hitman” is not one to back down from a challenge, he is aware that he must be wise in choosing battles that are appropriate for him at this time.

Fans would have been thrilled to watch Harrison take on opponents he wouldn’t normally target because he is one of the most entertaining strikers on the ONE Championship team.

Nevertheless, this time around, that is not the case.

When Liam Harrison competed against Nong-O Hama for the ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world championship last year, he suffered a significant knee injury.

At first, Floyd Mayweather’s opponent “Hitman” thought he was well enough to accept an exhibition boxing battle. Harrison only understood how bad the knee injury was once he started working out hard. He was compelled to forfeit his fight with Mayweather.

After speaking with his doctors, it was determined that engaging in the bout ran the risk of causing lasting harm that would prevent him from engaging in Muay Thai combat ever again.

Liam Harrison discussed the dangers the competition poses, making it a risky prospect for him at this moment, in an interview with The MMA Superfan. He stated:

“I know, just from my look, that I’d get some giant or Regian Eersel or someone like that in the first round. I’m just coming back from injury, I don’t wanna go into a tournament. I just got my body strong again, I got my body fresh, and then fight some giant, especially in four-ounce MMA gloves in the first round.”

He also shared his opinions on the forthcoming Openweight Muay Thai World Grand Prix being held by ONE Championship.

The competition, which was initially announced this year, will undoubtedly result in fantasy matchups that fans never imagined they would get to watch.

Harrison recently broke the quiet by announcing that he would not be taking part in the Grand Prix, wherein participants have yet to be revealed. Never one to back down from a battle, “The Hitman” gave his excuse for leaving the fight as recent ailments.

When he competed against Nong-O Hama for the ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world title at ONE on Prime Video 1 in August, the combat veteran’s knee ailment has kept him out of action.

He stressed the openweight format in the same interview when discussing the contest and his opinion that the result won’t be shocking:

“What happens if a heavyweight guy goes in and maybe I don’t know let’s say maybe Joseph Lasiri, the champion at 56 kg, what if he goes in and he gets drawn with a heavyweight in round 1 what’s gonna happen?”


“I don’t care what anyone says, a good big one beats a good little one every single day of the week.”

Liam Harrison selects two competitors for the Openweight Muay Thai World Grand Prix.

The ONE Championship Openweight Muay Thai Grand Prix is anticipated with enthusiasm by Liam Harrison.

The $1 million tournament is scheduled to begin later in 2023. Although the event was previously publicised, Sinsamut Klinmee has been the sole confirmed competitor, leading fans to wonder if there would be further competitors.

Stating, “People say like Regian Eersel, I love watching them fight. Regian Eersel and Sinsamut they’re both big enough and dangerous enough to win. But it just depends on what’s gonna happen. Is one of the heavyweight guys gonna get in?”

Being the current holder of the ONE lightweight world titles in both kickboxing and muay thai, Regian Eersel is a two-sport world champion. Thai-born knockout artist Sinsamut Klinmee is a force to be reckoned with.

For the ONE lightweight Muay Thai title, Regian Eersel and Sinsamut Klinmee have already faced off. On March 17, ONE Friday Fight 9 will feature a rematch between these two lethal fighters. They would rematch in the Openweight Muay Thai World Grand Prix, if Liam Harrison had his way.

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