Lacey Evans Hangs Up Her Wrestling Boots

August 17, 2023
From: Spartacus

The world of professional wrestling has often been a cauldron of surprises, abrupt departures, and dynamic storylines. One such shocker has now emerged with Lacey Evans, the indomitable WWE superstar, bidding farewell. As is often the case in this social media age, clues of her imminent exit were subtly laid out for keen-eyed fans.

Evans, at the prime age of 33, first stirred the pot with her slightly enigmatic social media post, nudging her fans towards an impending revelation. She mused, “When the clock strikes 12, you will address me as Macey Estrella from here on out…….oh, and this jacket is up for grabs. Be on the lookout.” Cryptic? Definitely. Revealing? In hindsight, absolutely.

The weight of this message was amplified when the renowned Dave Meltzer confirmed Evans’ departure from WWE, though leaving the specifics hanging. Wrestling circles, online forums, and fans have since been ablaze with speculation, discussions, and heartfelt messages.

Evans’ transition wasn’t just limited to cryptic posts. Her digital identity underwent a change too. The switch from her Instagram handle, @LaceyEvansWWE, to @LimitlessMacey signalled a fresh start. Her bio, painting a vivid picture of her journey, now proudly proclaims: “World Traveler ✈ FKA WWE Superstar Lacey Evans🌟 USMC Veteran 🇺🇸 Motivational speaker 🗣 Coffee lover/Creator.” These are not just tags; they are testament to a life lived with passion and purpose.

Scott Garland, Evans’ former coach at the esteemed WWE Performance Center, couldn’t resist chiming in on her post, stating, “I’ve been a Macey Estrella fan since 2016. Can’t wait to see what’s next!” His words echo the sentiments of many who’ve watched Evans evolve, from a budding wrestler to a superstar.

Before her rise in WWE, Evans donned the hat of a Marine, serving with honour for five years. Her dedication to the country was mirrored in her dedication to wrestling. By 2014, she had started her pro-wrestling training, honing her skills under the watchful eyes of Tom Caiazzo at Georgia’s American Premier Wrestling facility. WWE, always on the hunt for remarkable talent, couldn’t ignore Evans. They welcomed her into their fold in 2016, marking the beginning of a new era for the diva.

Evans’ WWE tenure was anything but monotonous. By 2019, she had advanced from NXT to the main roster, making her presence felt with a bang at the Royal Rumble. Her in-ring prowess was coupled with intriguing storylines. One such narrative intertwined her fate with WWE legend Ric Flair in 2021. While the plot was cut short due to Evans’ real-life pregnancy, it remains a memorable chapter in her WWE journey.

April 2022 saw Evans reintroduce herself to the world. Through a series of vignettes, she shed light on her life, seamlessly integrating her Marine background into her wrestling persona. The authenticity of this portrayal struck a chord with fans. Her last WWE match, a face-off against Zelina Vega in a dark segment, seems like the end of a chapter, but possibly the beginning of a new book.

Evans’ wrestling journey in WWE was nothing short of epic. She wasn’t just another superstar; she broke barriers by being one of the pioneering female wrestlers to step into the ring in Saudi Arabia in 2019. Given her trajectory, her exit raises eyebrows and questions.

The silence before this storm was palpable. Evans had been conspicuously absent from significant storylines in recent times. A social media meme, hinting at a countdown, “How Many Days Left”, had fans buzzing. Was she counting down to her WWE contract’s end?

The metamorphosis of her social media profiles further fanned these rumours. Macey Estrella-Kadlec, as she’s genuinely known, seemed to be hinting at a world beyond WWE. An altercation with WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter’s daughter, over the Cobra Clutch move, added another layer of intrigue. Sgt. Slaughter’s claim of rejecting a collaboration with Evans earlier seemed to be the cherry on this layered cake.

Dave Meltzer’s confirmation may have cleared the air regarding her WWE status, but the reasons and the road ahead remain shrouded in mystery. Will WWE shed light on this with an official statement? Only time will tell.

One thing, however, is crystal clear: Lacey Evans, or Macey Estrella-Kadlec, has etched her legacy. Her departure from WWE might be the end of an era, but it’s also the beginning of a new journey. Fans, colleagues, and the wrestling universe will be eagerly watching, waiting to see what’s next for this wrestling powerhouse.

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