Jon Jones and Gordon Ryan, A Strategic Alliance Ahead of UFC 295

October 12, 2023
From: Spartacus

The world of MMA is characterized by its unpredictability and the constant evolution of its athletes. It is within this context that the collaboration between Jon Jones, the UFC heavyweight champion, and Gordon Ryan, a distinguished no-gi grappler, emerges as significant ahead of UFC 295.

Jones, a prominent figure in the MMA landscape, is preparing to defend his heavyweight title against the skilled contender, Stipe Miocic, at Madison Square Garden. The impending match is not merely a contest; it represents a culmination of strategy, skill, and preparation. In line with this, Jones has opted to enhance his grappling technique by collaborating with Gordon Ryan, recognized as one of the preeminent figures in no-gi jiu-jitsu

This partnership has drawn attention and sparked discussions within the MMA community. The blending of Jones’ versatile fighting style with Ryan’s specialized grappling knowledge is seen as a merger of two distinct yet complementary martial arts domains.

The inception of this alliance is noteworthy. According to an interview in *Morning Kombat*, Ryan disclosed that the initial communication with Jones was facilitated through Instagram. This interaction underscores the influential role of digital platforms in modern-day networking, even within the realm of professional sports. Ryan, in his usual candid manner, mentioned that while he doesn’t identify as a “full-time coach,” his association with Jones encompasses sparring sessions and sharing insights into jiu-jitsu. He emphasized that the training is mutually beneficial, enriching both their skills and understanding of combat.

Jones’ rationale for seeking Ryan’s expertise is grounded in strategy. While acknowledging Miocic’s comprehensive MMA grappling skills, Ryan indicated that none of Miocic’s techniques appear to pose a distinctive challenge to Jones. Ryan further elaborated that Jones aims to fine-tune specific elements of his technique, thereby fortifying his already impressive skill set.

Ryan, accustomed to working with the crème de la crème, holds Jones in high regard. Praising Jones’ adaptability, Ryan observed, “Bones’ ability to quickly change gameplans and pace on the fly when something’s not working is ultra impressive.” Further, he likened Jones to Georges St-Pierre (GSP), noting both their capacities to seamlessly integrate multiple fighting techniques.

Jones’ commitment to continuous improvement is evident in his training regimen. Despite his numerous achievements, his pursuit of knowledge and enhancement is relentless. Ryan has expressed admiration for Jones’ ability to assimilate and execute new techniques, reinforcing his adaptability in combat scenarios.

However, collaborating with a specialist like Ryan can be demanding, even for a seasoned fighter like Jones. This was evident when Jones took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share a light-hearted reflection on the rigors of their training, highlighting the challenges and the consequent growth emanating from these sessions.

“My boy, Gordon Ryan served me up a large hot piece of humble pie tonight,” 

It is pertinent to note that Jones has previously demonstrated his grappling capabilities. His prior engagements include a match against Dan Henderson in the 2016 Submission Underground and significant victories at NAGA Phoenix, testifying to his adaptability and prowess in various fighting formats.

As the date for UFC 295 approaches, the stakes are undeniably elevated. Positioned at Madison Square Garden with the heavyweight title at stake, Jones appears more determined than ever to fortify his standing in the MMA hierarchy. His collaboration with Ryan could potentially influence the outcome of the bout. Observers and enthusiasts are keenly awaiting the event, speculating on the impact of this alliance on the match against Miocic. In the unpredictable domain of MMA, outcomes remain uncertain until the final bell. 

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