Jonathan Di Bella Ready for Takeru’s Welcome and Swift Rematch with Zhang Peimian at ONE Fight Night 17

November 21, 2023
From: Spartacus

The world of martial arts was treated to an electrifying spectacle at ONE 162, where Jonathan Di Bella and Zhang Peimian clashed for the strawweight kickboxing world championship. This intense battle, which extended to the brink of the fifth round, was not just a display of physical prowess but a dance of strategy and skill, leaving fans yearning for more.

Post his victory over Danial Williams at ONE Fight Night 15, Jonathan Di Bella, a name synonymous with skill and resilience in the kickboxing world, is gearing up for another electrifying performance inside the Circle. His recent interview with the South China Morning Post revealed an eager champion, itching to get back into the fray, potentially hinting at a thrilling rematch with Zhang Peimian.

Di Bella’s enthusiasm was palpable as he stated, “We asked if you guys like have anybody like Rui or Zhang who wants to like do a quick fight with me. But I know Rui is out because of his ear. So we’re like how about Zhang for December 8th? Yeah, I really want to do it, like I want to do it, I want to get back in there ASAP. I want to get in there fast so we just reached out and gave a suggestion if they need anybody I’m here.”

On the flip side, Zhang Peimian, known as the ‘Fighting Rooster’, is on a path to redeem his reputation in the kickboxing realm. His last outing at ONE Fight Night 16 ended in a controversial split decision defeat to Rui Botelho, a verdict that sparked much debate and left Zhang in a precarious position in the championship hierarchy.

This upcoming match, therefore, is more than a contest for Zhang; it’s a shot at vindication, an opportunity to rewrite the narrative of his journey in ONE Championship.

The stage is set for a clash that’s not just about defending or claiming a title but about proving one’s mettle and resilience. Di Bella, riding high on his recent successes, looks to cement his legacy as a dominant champion. In contrast, Zhang is hungry for a chance to showcase his true capabilities and shake off the shadows of his last defeat.

This impending rematch between Di Bella and Zhang isn’t a mere repeat of their previous encounter. It’s a new chapter, with both fighters evolving and adapting their strategies. Di Bella’s precision and power are up against Zhang’s agility and determination, making this a must-watch for every martial arts aficionado.

Further stirring the pot in the ONE Championship universe is the arrival of Japanese kickboxing superstar Takeru Segawa. Takeru, a revered figure in the sport, brings a legacy of thrilling performances and a fan-following that transcends borders. His entry into ONE Championship opens a plethora of exciting matchups, and fans are eager to witness new battles that were once only dreamt of.

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Di Bella showcased his warrior spirit by not shying away from a challenge against Takeru. He stated, “If they offer me a fight, yeah. If they offered me I wouldn’t mind, yeah. But at 130 [pounds] would be good, because I know he can’t come to 125 and I can’t go 135, so a 130 would be good. But I’m looking to the guys in the division, obviously. But if they offered it to me, yeah I’ll accept it.”

This statement is a testament to Di Bella’s readiness to face formidable opponents, highlighting his confidence and competitive nature. A catchweight contest at 130 pounds seems a perfect middle ground for these two athletes, setting the stage for a historic encounter.

The potential matchup between Di Bella and Takeru is a kickboxing aficionado’s dream. It’s not just a clash of styles but a convergence of two different kickboxing cultures. While Takeru’s arrival has fans dreaming of him facing legends like Rodtang Jitmuangnon or Superlek Kiatmoo9, a fight against Di Bella could serve as a spectacular introduction in ONE Championship.

The possible inclusion of Takeru and his subsequent fight with Di Bella represents a significant moment for ONE Championship. It signifies the promotion’s ability to attract and showcase global talents, thus enhancing its reputation as a premier platform for world-class kickboxing. This match would not only draw in a massive audience but also add to the promotion’s ever-growing legacy.

In terms of fighting styles, both Di Bella and Takeru bring unique skill sets to the ring. Di Bella, known for his precise striking and strategic fighting, would need to counter Takeru’s aggressive style, famed for its ferocity and speed. This fight would be more than just a physical battle; it would be a chess match of tactics, timing, and endurance.

For Di Bella, a fight against Takeru isn’t just another title defense; it’s an opportunity to elevate his status further and solidify his legacy in the sport. For Takeru, it’s a chance to make an impactful debut in ONE Championship and prove his mettle against the best in the world.

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