Teen Titan Anna “Supergirl” Jaroonsak Sets Her Gaze on Kickboxing’s Shining Crown

August 11, 2023
From: Spartacus

Bangkok’s electrifying aura bore a different kind of magic on the night of August 4 at ONE Fight Night 13. With every strike, block, and dodge, the evening’s grandeur was intensified by one name that echoed through the corridors and into the hearts of martial arts enthusiasts: Anna “Supergirl” Jaroonsak.

At just 19, she’s more than a rising star; she’s a constellation on her own. The arena was alive with anticipation as she squared off against Lara “Pizza Power” Fernandez. The narrative was clear: the teen phenom from Thailand, against the tenacious Spanish dynamo. The air was thick, the crowd’s energy palpable, and as the fight commenced, Supergirl’s signature right hand and iconic spear knee dominated, leaving spectators in awe.

The bout was intense. For two rounds, Jaroonsak exhibited her sterling skills, weaving together lethal boxing combinations that kept Fernandez perpetually on her back foot. While Lara’s spirit was unyielding, even staging a spirited rally in the final round, the momentum Supergirl had built proved insurmountable. The ringside judges, clearly swayed by the Thai prodigy’s early performance, unanimously crowned her the victor.

Emerging from the arena, Jaroonsak’s eyes were alight with satisfaction. She had conquered, not just her opponent, but also the whispers of doubts that had trailed her after her split decision loss to Stamp Fairtex. Speaking about the significant victory, she proclaimed, “I was excited for this fight because I knew I had to win. I am trying to go to a lower weight division right now. I felt more comfortable in the fight.” A statement powerful in its simplicity, revealing the rejuvenated spirit of a fighter reborn.

Such confidence is crucial, especially with her next mission shimmering on the horizon: a quest to clinch Janet Todd’s coveted ONE Atomweight Kickboxing World Title. For many, age is a deterrent, a reason to hold back. But for Supergirl, age is but a number. “I don’t think my age is a problem [in going for the World Title],” she asserted, exuding her signature confidence. “I’m confident in my technique, my power, and my performances. Please support me and watch my fights. I will show my knees and my other techniques!”

Yet, while the echoes of her latest triumph still reverberate, not all challenges entice this young dynamo. Among the clamour for a rematch with Stamp Fairtex, stemming from their unforgettable bout earlier in January, Supergirl displays surprising reticence. Despite the allure such a high-profile match holds, she’s made her stance clear: some stories are best left as they are. The mutual respect and bond cultivated post their earlier duel take precedence over another clash. The Thai fighter is now setting her compass towards fresh challenges and horizons yet unconquered.

In the swirling vortex of martial arts, where every fighter is a tale of grit, ambition, and passion, there’s a subplot that’s captured the imagination of countless fans. It’s familial, touching, and speaks of a bond forged in the fires of shared ambition: the story of the Jaroonsak sisters. 

Nat “Wondergirl” Jaroonsak, Anna’s elder sister and another formidable fighter, is gearing up for her own battle. On September 29, she’ll face off against the fearsome ONE Women’s Strawweight MMA World Champion, Xiong Jing Nan. It’s a contest that promises fireworks. Supergirl, the ever-supportive sibling, is all praises for her sister’s adversary but believes in the power of kinship. “I think Xiong Jing Nan is a very good boxer, but I’m going to predict that my sister is going to win for sure because I believe she can do it.” she acknowledged.

The journey of Anna “Supergirl” Jaroonsak is one for the ages. It’s a testament to what youthful vigour, combined with unwavering determination, can achieve. With every bout, with every victory, she’s not just making a mark; she’s etching her legacy. And as the lights dim post ONE Fight Night 13, one message is clear: In the realm of kickboxing, a new supernova is on the rise, and she’s here to reign.

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