In 2023, Jake Paul is scheduled for an MMA match. ‘The Problem Child’ made headlines earlier this year when he joined the Professional Fighters League. (PFL).

Nate Diaz, a former UFC fighter, was referenced by Paul during the announcement as a possible opponent for his MMA debut. Since then, the social media star has hardly mentioned it.

Loren Mack, senior vice president of corporate communications for the promotion, stated to MMA Mania at the recently finished PFL 1 2023 that Paul will undoubtedly enter the ring later this year:

“Jake Paul is absolutely going to fight in 2023. I mean, that’s, that’s been the plan all along. I know, he’s in the gym, and he’s training, taking it very seriously. So expect to see him in the PFL cage in 2023, and it’s going to be MMA. He’s very serious about MMA, and he’s an incredible athlete. I think he’s gonna really develop into a superstar in the sport.”

In addition, Mack said that although the former Disney star has not yet chosen a challenger, they were working to bring in a major name:

“We’re keeping our eyes open for sure. You know, nothing concrete as of yet, but we’re definitely on the look and had a few initial discussions. If you know Jake, he will want a big name for his debut. He puts his money where his mouth is.”

Paul has a 6-1 pro boxing record and has defeated notable opponents like MMA icon Anderson Silva and former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, despite the fact that he is still a novice in mixed martial arts.

Jake Paul believes he can defeat Mike Tyson.

One of the all-time best boxers is Mike Tyson. The former undisputed heavyweight champion ended his career with a record of 50-6-2NC, with 44 KOs, after winning his first world championship at the age of just 20.

Despite “Iron Mike”‘s” illustrious accomplishments, Jake Paul believes that if they engaged in combat right now, he would win by knockout. The Problem Child said the following on the FLAGRANT podcast:

“I would win [a fight against Mike Tyson]… Serious as a heart attack! I think there is a very, very high chance of that [me knocking out Mike Tyson]. He is not the same fighter that he once was, and he knows that.”

Jorge Masvidal rejects Jake Paul as a potential opponent in the future.

Gilbert Burns will be Jorge Masvidal’s opponent when he makes his cage comeback at UFC 287.

The No. 11-ranked welterweight recently declared he has no desire in taking on the former YouTube star, Jake Paul, despite being mentioned in connection with a future fight. “Gamebred” said in a statement to Karisa Maxwell of The Sporting News:

“In MMA, that’s not gonna happen. Ever. It doesn’t matter what they offer that individual. He’s not a draw, I’ll be honest with you. It’s proven. I’m in the promoter business. If influencers were selling pay-per-views like that, I would book these influencers. They don’t sell. His biggest draw was against I don’t know, [Tyron] Woodley or something, and got 80,000 buys. What am I doing fighting this guy? Two things are why I signed up for this sport – to fight the best in the world or to make the most money possible. He doesn’t fit either of those criterias. So, would I see Jake Paul right now and allegedly just beat his a**? Yeah, I would, but in a prize-fighting ring? It doesn’t really serve me a purpose because I’m a prize fighter, and he doesn’t bring a prize in any way shape or form.”

Jake Paul, according to Jorge Masvidal, is calling him out before his fight with Gilbert Burns in an effort to increase his profile. The social media influencer, according to him, flees when they physically run into each other.