Is WWE’s Bobby Roode Trading the Ring for a Backstage Role?

October 10, 2023
From: Spartacus

In the ever-evolving universe of professional wrestling, where triumphs and tribulations are part and parcel of an athlete’s journey, a subtle shift seems to be underway. Bobby Roode, a revered figure and former NXT Champion, might be embracing a fresh chapter, transitioning from the dazzling lights of the ring to a pivotal behind-the-scenes avatar.

PWInsider, a reliable source in wrestling news, recently disclosed that Bobby Roode has been delisted from WWE’s active roster. This revelation might leave many wrestling aficionados perplexed. Roode was earlier nestled in the ‘miscellaneous’ section of the roster. This unique category usually accommodates individuals who, although not currently grappling in the ring, retain an ongoing association with WWE. Over the years, this section has seen iconic names like Stone Cold Steve Austin and also those on a sabbatical due to injuries.

What piques curiosity further is Roode’s recent professional engagements. The reports suggest he has been playing a pivotal role as a producer in the recent past. Corroborating this new trajectory, Roode is slated to be present backstage for the imminent Monday Night Raw event. This series of events indicates a notable shift in Roode’s wrestling journey.

Dialing back to June of the prior year, we recall Roode’s lightning-fast bout with Omos. Since that encounter, the ‘Glorious One’ has been noticeably absent from the wrestling stage. This hiatus can be attributed to a neck surgery Roode had to undergo. Rather than merely recuperating, Roode used this time to metamorphose into a producer, leveraging his vast experience for WWE’s benefit.

A deep dive into Roode’s wrestling saga reveals that during his zenith, he found an ardent supporter in Triple H. With Triple H’s profound influence backstage and his known penchant for Roode’s talent, it stands to reason that Roode’s bond with WWE is unshakeable. Thus, even if his wrestling escapades are on the wane, his essence in the WWE realm remains indomitable.

Navigating through a wrestler’s career trajectory in WWE is akin to traversing a labyrinth. The ‘miscellaneous’ roster segment has historically been an intriguing domain, a melting pot of injured stars, WWE legends, and those on the cusp of transformation. The recent reclassification of Roode in this segment, and his subsequent omission, adds layers of complexity and curiosity to his career narrative.

For those seeking parallels, it’s worth noting that the ‘miscellaneous’ section had once featured Edge post his confrontation with Sheamus. But, in an unforeseen twist, he shifted allegiance to AEW. This historical precedence accentuates the unpredictable essence of such roster listings and the myriad possibilities they conceal.

While the prevailing discourse, primarily propelled by PWInsider’s revelations, leans towards Roode’s evolution into a full-time producer, an unequivocal confirmation from WWE or Roode remains elusive. Yet, connecting the dots does lead one to speculate that Roode’s era of showcasing his ‘glorious’ moves in the ring might be nearing its end.

Tracing Roode’s odyssey from his days of reigning supreme in NXT to his exploits on the main WWE roster, one word encapsulates his journey – ‘glorious’. If the grapevine is to be believed and Roode is transitioning to a backstage maestro, it might be a strategic boon for WWE. With a treasure trove of experience, Roode’s insights into wrestling dynamics, audience pulse, and storytelling acumen can be transformative. His prowess will be a goldmine in the backstage realm, where the tapestry of matches is woven, riveting storylines are crafted, and the next generation of wrestling icons are nurtured.

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