Is Bron Breakker the Answer to Roman Reigns’ Unstoppable Reign?

September 1, 2023
From: Spartacus

The wrestling world was abuzz with fervour when Roman Reigns triumphed over Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39. Reigns, dubbed the ‘Tribal Chief,’ shattered the ambitions of ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes, who had aimed to rewrite history on the grand stage. While much of the WWE Universe is clamouring for a Cody Rhodes redemption arc at next year’s WrestleMania 40, there’s another name that deserves some spotlight—Bron Breakker.

Ah, Bron Breakker, a 25-year-old prodigy and former two-time NXT Champion. Let’s not forget that for two unbroken years after NXT’s rebranding, he became the face of the show. Breakker’s potential is palpable. You sense the aura emanating from him every time he steps inside that squared circle. He’s not just a wrestler; he’s an event waiting to happen. With WWE constantly on the hunt for the next torchbearer, Breakker fits the bill to a tee. He’s not just a future star; he’s a potential supernova in the making.

Cody Rhodes is a marvel, no doubt. He’s arguably one of the finest on the mic, a promo virtuoso. Fans adore him, and he’s seasoned enough to take the WWE to new heights. But let’s not ignore the ticking clock. Cody, at 38, had plans to retire by 40. Age is not just a number here; it’s a countdown.

Rhodes reflected on his defeat at WrestleMania 39, describing it as a moment of “bitter, intense, and awkward” reflection. “I was just sitting there [in the ring]… I gotta get back and I gotta win,” he revealed in his conversation with Robbie Fox of ‘My Mom’s Basement.’ The sentiment echoes the wider WWE Universe’s disappointment with the result, which saw Reigns hold the world champion title for the third time in the same reign. 

Now, let’s talk strategy, not just star power. Unlike Vince McMahon, who struggled for years to position Roman Reigns as the next big babyface against waves of fan resistance, Shawn Michaels didn’t hesitate to pivot Bron Breakker into a heel role. The dynamic this creates between a freshly minted Breakker and a now fully-realised heel in Reigns could be explosive, a storytelling goldmine.

Adding fuel to the speculation fire is Breakker’s cheeky fashion statement—wearing a shirt proclaiming he possesses the ‘best spear in the business.’ For those in the know, it’s a move aimed squarely at Roman Reigns. Let’s not forget the budding rivalry between Breakker and Von Wagner on NXT. The two titans are scheduled for a No Disqualification Match, a clash sure to rattle the foundations of NXT.

It’s about time we confront the dramatic crossroads WWE finds itself at. Should the mantle be passed to a seasoned Cody Rhodes, or should the federation bet on Bron Breakker, a rising star whose every move seems to scream ‘future’?

Cody, despite his passion and talent, has made it clear he never replays his big matches unless he needs to learn from a mistake. His eye remains steadfastly on the future, perhaps signalling it’s time for new blood to take centre stage. Reigns had his run, and Cody had his shot; maybe, just maybe, WrestleMania 40 should be the venue where Bron Breakker slams the gavel and heralds a new era.

So while fans might yearn for a Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns rematch, WrestleMania 40 could well be the stage for a different kind of drama, one that aligns with the future and not just the present. Because if WWE is a saga, then Bron Breakker is the next tantalising chapter, waiting to be written.

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