The Business of Bravery: Investing in Local Combat Sports

July 18, 2023
From: Spartacus
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While the spotlight often shines on high-profile professional combat sports events, the local scene can be a treasure trove for savvy investors. Local promotions offer unique opportunities to support emerging talent, tap into growing fan bases, and contribute to the development of the sport. By identifying and investing in promising local promotions, investors can benefit from the potential growth and success of these rising stars.

Beyond the thrill of the fight, there lies a hidden opportunity for astute investors. Let’s explore the potential of local combat sports as an investment and shed light on why this often-overlooked sector could hold significant promise.

An Overview of Local Combat Sports

Local combat sports, a thrilling blend of athleticism and spectacle, have evolved significantly over time. From community events centred around local pride, they’ve grown to become an integral part of the broader sports industry, often acting as springboards for talent aspiring to larger stages.

Today’s local combat sports landscape is a vibrant arena that extends far beyond the physical boundaries of the ring, the cage, or the mat. From diverse combat disciplines to regional promotions, the sector is as varied as the athletes themselves.

  • Key Players: The key players in local combat sports are predominantly small to medium-sized promotions who have nurtured local talent and fostered local fan bases. For instance, in MMA, regional promotions like Cage Warriors in the UK, Invicta FC in the US, and RIZIN in Japan are just some of the organisations making significant impacts at the local level. These promotions serve as launching pads for fighters who often move up to compete in larger, international promotions like UFC or Bellator.
  • Market Size: While it’s difficult to precisely measure the market size of local combat sports due to its regional and fragmented nature, the industry’s growth trends are indicative of a thriving sector. Increased attendance at live events, augmented online viewership through streaming platforms, and the success of local fighters on international platforms all suggest a robust and growing market.
  • Growth Trends: The advent of digital technology has played a crucial role in driving growth in local combat sports. Streaming platforms like Spartacus have dramatically increased the reach of these sports, enabling local promotions to connect with global audiences and tap into new revenue streams. In addition, the popularity of combat sports continues to rise, fueled by high-profile fights and the ever-increasing accessibility of the sport through online platforms. This growth trend shows no signs of slowing down, as more and more fans around the world are drawn to the thrill and spectacle of combat sports.

Small scale combat sports, once a staple of community entertainment, have grown into an integral part of the global sports landscape. They play a critical role in nurturing talent, promoting the sport, and engaging communities, both at a local and global level. The current landscape of local combat sports is not only thriving but is set for continued growth and evolution in the years to come.

Potential Return on Investment in Smaller Combat Sports Promotions

In the high-energy realm of combat sports, smaller promotions are not just cradles of athletic talent, but they’re also arenas teeming with investment potential. The anticipated returns are shaped by various sources of revenue and the expansion of the sport through technological advancements.

Smaller combat sports promotions typically generate income from several revenue streams. These include ticket sales from live events, broadcasting rights, and online streaming, which have grown significantly in recent years. Other sources include merchandise sales and sponsorship deals, which contribute to the financial robustness of these promotions.

Moreover, the advent of digital platforms like Spartacus has boosted the investment potential of these promotions. These platforms enable live streaming of events, broadening audience reach and opening new revenue opportunities from online viewership and advertising. This digital expansion not only amplifies the reach of these promotions but also enhances their attractiveness to potential investors.

However, the potential return on investment is not solely a financial prospect; it is intertwined with the growth and success of the sport and its athletes. Investing in smaller combat sports promotions means investing in the growth of the athletes, the excitement of the fans, and the advancement of the sport.

For instance, an athlete who starts in a small promotion and later becomes a global star can exponentially increase the value of the initial investment. Not only can this lead to higher ticket sales and broader viewer interest, but it also raises the profile of the promotion, potentially increasing its market value.

Potential Benefits to Individual Investors

Investing in smaller combat sports promotions can offer an array of unique benefits to individual investors that extend beyond the allure of potential financial returns.

  • Passion Investment: For those with a love for combat sports, investing in smaller promotions offers an opportunity to turn passion into profit. Being part of a sport you love, supporting up-and-coming athletes, and witnessing thrilling fights from a unique vantage point can be a rewarding experience in itself.
  • Community Impact: Smaller combat sports promotions often have a strong community focus. By investing in these promotions, individuals contribute directly to their local communities. This can range from stimulating local economies by creating jobs to providing a platform for local athletes to shine.
  • Industry Growth: The combat sports industry, particularly at the grassroots level, has seen significant growth in recent years. Investing in smaller promotions can position individuals to capitalise on this growth, potentially providing substantial returns on investment over time.
  • Personal Fulfilment: There’s a sense of personal fulfilment and pride that comes from being part of an athlete’s journey, from their early fights to potentially becoming a world champion.
  • Brand Building: For business owners, investing in local combat sports promotions can also serve as a valuable brand-building exercise. Sponsoring events or fighters can increase brand visibility and foster goodwill in the community.
  • Networking Opportunities: These investments also offer unique networking opportunities. Events often draw a diverse crowd, including business owners, industry insiders, and other investors.
  • Unique Investment Portfolio: Investing in combat sports promotions can add a unique dimension to an investment portfolio, diversifying it and potentially providing a hedge against more traditional investments.

But like any investment, it’s crucial to balance potential returns against the associated risks. The combat sports industry can be as unpredictable as the sports themselves. Regulatory changes, market competition, and the financial stability of the promotion are factors that potential investors should consider. Due diligence, market research, and a sound understanding of the sport and the specific promotion are crucial components of any successful investment strategy.

Successful Investments in the Sector

  • Island Fights: Based in Pensacola, Florida, Island Fights is a successful regional promotion that hosts both MMA and boxing events. The promotion has managed to attract substantial local sponsorship and regularly holds events that draw considerable audiences. Island Fights’ events are frequently televised on UFC Fight Pass, significantly expanding its viewer base and increasing its revenue streams. The promotion’s success demonstrates the potential return on investment that smaller combat sports promotions can provide.
  • ONE Championship: Although it has grown into a major global promotion, ONE Championship started as a smaller player focusing on the Asian market. The Singapore-based promotion has seen substantial growth and success, proving to be a lucrative venture for its investors. With a unique focus on promoting Asian martial arts and values, ONE Championship was able to carve out a niche in the crowded combat sports market. The company’s ability to secure significant broadcasting deals, attract high-profile fighters, and fill large arenas across Asia testifies to the success of its strategy and the potential returns for investors.
  • Titan Fighting Championship: This Florida-based promotion is another example of a successful investment in the sector. Titan FC has a broadcast deal with UFC Fight Pass, giving it a wider audience and a steady revenue stream. The promotion has a reputation for nurturing up-and-coming talent, many of whom have gone on to compete in larger promotions like the UFC. With regular events and a solid roster of fighters, Titan FC represents a viable investment opportunity in the small-scale combat sports market.

Each of these examples underscores the potential for successful investments in smaller combat sports promotions. They highlight how strategic planning, savvy marketing, and talent development can lead to growth and financial success. However, they also underscore the importance of understanding the market, the audience, and the sport itself when considering such investments.

Socio-Economic Benefits of Investing in Local Combat Sports

Investments in local combat sports promotions can bring about socio-economic benefits that ripple far beyond the confines of the ring or cage. This influence can be seen in various aspects of local communities and the broader economy.

  • Job Creation: Combat sports promotions directly contribute to job creation in their communities. From event staff, medical personnel, to marketing teams, these promotions create a variety of roles. Further, they indirectly support jobs in local businesses such as food and beverage vendors, security firms, and transportation services.
  • Local Economy Stimulation: When promotions host events, they often attract audiences from outside their immediate locality. This influx of visitors can provide a significant boost to local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and retail stores, stimulating economic activity.
  • Athletic Development: By providing a platform for fighters, these promotions contribute to the development of local athletes. They often work closely with local gyms and training centres, fostering talent and creating opportunities for athletes to progress in their careers.
  • Community Engagement: Local combat sports promotions often play an active role in their communities. They might host charity events, run youth outreach programs, or offer self-defence classes, contributing to social cohesion and community development.
  • Health and Fitness Advocacy: By their very nature, combat sports promotions advocate for physical fitness and health. They can play a role in promoting active lifestyles and discipline within their communities, leading to improved public health outcomes.

6. Tourism: Successful promotions can attract visitors from further afield to their events, boosting local tourism. This can have long-term benefits for the local economy and enhance the region’s reputation as a sporting destination.

  • Cultural Value: In many places, combat sports are deeply intertwined with local culture and history. Supporting these sports can help preserve and promote cultural heritage, adding intangible value to communities.
  • Infrastructure Development: Large-scale events can sometimes spur infrastructure development, such as improvements to transportation networks or the construction of new facilities.

Investing in local combat sports promotions can, therefore, have far-reaching impacts, delivering benefits that extend beyond the financial return to the investor. They play an integral role in fostering athletic talent, stimulating local economies, and enhancing community life.

Key Factors in Evaluating Investment Opportunities

  • Financial Health of the Promotion: An initial step to assessing a potential investment opportunity in a combat sports promotion is understanding its financial health. This involves examining its financial statements, revenue sources, expenditure, debt levels, and profitability. A promotion that has a history of financial stability is more likely to provide a safe investment.
  • Market Size and Growth Potential: It’s crucial to understand the promotion’s target market size, demographic characteristics, and potential for growth. Factors to consider include the popularity of the sport in the area, the potential audience size, and anticipated growth trends in the sector.
  • Quality and Potential of Fighters: The fighters are the main attraction in combat sports. As such, the quality of a promotion’s roster and the potential of its fighters can significantly impact its success. A promotion that consistently attracts and develops talented fighters may offer a more promising investment opportunity.
  • Reputation and Branding: The reputation and brand image of the promotion can have a major influence on its ability to attract fighters, secure sponsorship deals, and draw audiences. A promotion with strong branding and a good reputation in the combat sports community may provide a more secure investment.
  • Management Team: The competence and experience of the management team can greatly affect the success of a promotion. A team that demonstrates strategic planning, effective marketing, and strong relationships within the industry can be a positive indicator for potential investors.

Enhancing Profitability and Investment Potential with Spartacus Technology

Technological advancements and platforms like Spartacus are playing a critical role in improving the profitability and investment potential of combat sports promotions.

  • Monetization Opportunities: Platforms like Spartacus provide opportunities to monetize content through online subscriptions, pay-per-view purchases, and digital advertising. These revenue streams can significantly boost the profitability of a promotion.
  • Global Reach: Through digital platforms, promotions can reach a global audience, expanding their market beyond geographical boundaries. This can enhance brand visibility, attract a wider audience, and consequently increase revenue.
  • Analytics: Digital platforms provide valuable data and analytics that can help promotions make informed decisions. Insights on audience demographics, viewer behaviour, and content preferences can guide marketing strategies, event planning, and fighter recruitment.
  • Cost Efficiency: Digital platforms can help promotions reduce costs. For instance, online marketing can be more cost-effective than traditional methods. Also, live streaming fights online can be less expensive than hosting large-scale, in-person events, especially amid COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Fan Engagement: Platforms like Spartacus enable promotions to engage with fans directly, fostering loyalty and boosting fan retention. Features like live chats, behind-the-scenes content, and fighter profiles enhance the fan experience, which can result in higher viewership and revenue.

Embracing technology and platforms like Spartacus can increase the profitability and investment potential of combat sports promotions, making them more attractive to investors.


As the final bell rings, it becomes clear that local combat sports hold great potential as an investment opportunity. Beyond financial gains, investing in this sector can have far-reaching benefits. It supports the development of the sport, nurtures local talent, and contributes to the growth of communities passionate about combat sports. So, as you explore investment possibilities, consider the allure of local combat sports, where the thrill of the fight meets the promise of a rewarding investment journey.

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