Inoue vs Tank – Is It A Viable Superfight?

July 1, 2024
From: Spartacus
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The health of any combat sport often relies on the globally recognizable names carrying it on their shoulders. Some ardent boxing and MMA fans would disagree with this.

Still, if you speak to casual fans or those with a passing interest, there’ll always be a handful of the top names they will recognize, whether Usyk, Tank, Canelo, Crawford, or Inoue.

In boxing, it’s rare to have these fighters cross paths; they’re usually at different stages in their career or passing ships at different weight classes.

Except for Bivol and Beterbiev, it’s hard to picture any of the top P4P names in boxing meeting each other. While Tank and Inoue might be the closest in weight, even more so than Crawford and Canelo, what are the chances we could see the Baltimore man take on The Monster?

What Do The Bookmakers Say?

It’s all speculative; few bookmakers have flirted with the idea of a Tank and Inoue super fight, and gambling providers are often the best indicator of how a fight could pan out. While they do get it wrong occasionally, these are often more exceptional circumstances than the norm.

The rise of online gambling platforms has meant that boxing fans can explore a vast range of gambling options, including using cryptocurrency as a payment method when they place a wager.

While sportsbooks might not have utilized cryptocurrency in the same way their iGaming counterparts have in the casino industry, it’s a growing part that is beginning to attract attention. Although an online crypto casino may sound like a wildly different way to gamble, the only thing that differs is the fact you connect your crypto wallet and place your bet, and it’s the same for sports betting platforms that utilize this payment method as part of their gambling platform.

Potential Weight For Tank vs Inoue

As Inoue decimates every viable opponent between light flyweight and super bantamweight, and a move up to featherweight seems imminent, this would put him just two weight classes behind Tank Davis. Although Gervonta is big at the weight, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a generational P4P talent leap in an attempt for greatness.

The reported weight of 135 pounds seems big for Inoue, especially considering he’s still operating at Super Bantamweight and has made no real suggestion he’s looking to move up anytime soon. It also seems too small for Tank, who has recently obliterated Frank Martin at 140 pounds.

Chances Of Inoue At 135 Or 140?

Inoue is not a daft fighter, nor is he in the business of chasing money over legacy – which some boxing fans have accused Davis of. While in the prizefighting business, his reported purse of over $6 million for his last fight is a colossal amount for someone operating in that weight division.

The Japanese icon needs to head up to featherweight first and see how his ability and power carry. You’d be a fool to think that he won’t be able to put a dent in some of the top names at featherweight, but for all his tremendous ability, Inoue suffered a flash knockdown against Luis Nery.

Although he didn’t look troubled again throughout the rest of the fight, it showed that The Monster was human. However, it also highlighted that if a super bantamweight can put him on the canvas, what can a 140-pounder with a record of 28 knockouts in 30 wins do if he lands flush?

Tank In The Ascendancy?

Tank has been around for a long time now, after coming through as the most successful prodigy and product from the gym of Floyd Mayweather, he’s been a massive name in the sport for a long time now. You would have to make him the favorite in a bout against Inoue. Although Pacquaio is one example of a fighter who could defy the laws of weight, he also had his limitations.


Both Inoue and Tank have voiced doubts that this fight could happen. Although the recent influx of Saudi Arabian money into the sport has meant that there could be financial backing to get this over the line, it falls into the Canelo and Crawford bracket. While both fights would interest casuals, and it’s not a fight that boxing purists would avoid, there are weight classes for a reason.

Canelo vs. Khan, Spence vs. Mikey Garcia, and Kell Brook vs. Gennady Golovkin are just a few examples of fighters moving up to unnatural weight divisions chasing money over the last decade and coming up short. In Brook’s case, the Golovkin fight was so brutal that it caused permanent facial damage.

Nobody could argue that Inoue and Tank are in the same league in terms of skills. Boxing fans love to argue online about who is better pound-for-pound, but such vocal, vicious back-and-forth online can distract from the natural quality both men possess.

If we were to go out on a limb, we’d say the fight won’t happen, and if it did, you always need to favor the bigger man. As remarkable as Inoue is, Tank is, too. If they were the same weight division, you’d give the edge to Inoue, but with 3 weight classes currently between them, it’s probably a fight best left to the speculative boxing forums online.

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