Gold After Gold, Stamp Fairtex Eyes Another Triumph

October 4, 2023
From: Spartacus

The annals of combat sports history are replete with tales of fighters who’ve achieved tremendous feats, yet only a select few have dared to push the envelope, setting benchmarks for others to emulate. Stamp Fairtex, with her compelling journey and unmatched skillset, undeniably belongs to this elite league.

The fateful day of September 29, marked by ONE Fight Night 14, didn’t just conclude with another victory in the combat sports world. It was the day Stamp Fairtex’s name was eternally etched in history. This exceptional athlete did not just triumph over Ham Seo Hee; she commandeered the coveted ONE atomweight world championship. A feat like this in itself is monumental, but what made it even more so was that she emerged as the first contender to secure three-sport world championship status in the promotion.

What’s fascinating about Stamp’s journey is her unwavering commitment to excellence and evolution. Having mastered her striking skills over the years, Fairtex brought to the ring a tactical prowess that can only be the result of countless hours of training, dedication, and an innate ability to understand and counter an opponent’s move. The pinnacle of this strategy was evident in the third round when she unleashed a series of relentless body shots, establishing her dominance and securing her win.

Being at the zenith of one’s career at just 25 might satiate many, but for Fairtex, it seems to be just another chapter in an illustrious journey awaiting more milestones. Having previously tasted the glory of the ONE atomweight kickboxing and Muay Thai world championships, she ventured into another discipline, which saw her relinquish her prized titles. Those titles, once sources of immense pride, are now in the hands of worthy adversaries. But instead of being bogged down by this, Stamp sees it as a source of motivation. She’s not just looking at a comeback; she aims to topple those who now hold her former crowns.

The combat sports fraternity is abuzz with anticipation. While the spotlight is currently on Muay Thai champion Allycia Hellen Rodrigues, Stamp’s focus is razor-sharp on Janet Todd, the reigning kickboxing champion. A rematch with Todd is not just another fight for Fairtex; it’s a chance to redeem and reclaim. Sharing her fervent aspirations with the South China Morning Post, Stamp voiced her immediate plans: “I want to do kickboxing first, so a rematch with Janet Todd. I don’t know [how soon]. It’s up to Chatri Sityodtong if he gives me this shot.”

Achievements in the ring often echo beyond its confines, affecting not just the individual but everyone connected to them. Stamp Fairtex stands as a shining beacon to this very sentiment. After her awe-inspiring victory at ONE Fight Night 14 in the illustrious Singapore Indoor Stadium, her expressions reverberated with gratitude and dreams that extend beyond personal glory. It’s a story of roots, of beginnings, and the aspiration of a better future for those she holds dear. Recounting the emotions of that momentous win, she reflected, “Back when I was in the ring when I was with Mitch [Chilson], I said thank you to a lot of people… And then I heard my mom yelling to me like, ‘You did it, You did it.’ I’m like, ‘Thank you, mom’. This victory not just elevates my life but uplifts my entire family. It promises a brighter future, financially and in our lifestyle. I owe so much to my parents, and this win is a step towards ensuring they have the life they deserve.”

One can’t help but recollect the defining moment of the match when Fairtex, with precision and might, delivered a body blow in the third round. Ham Seo Hee, caught off-guard, was visibly shaken. Sensing this vulnerability, Stamp intensified her assault, eventually leading the referee to declare the match in her favor. As if this victory wasn’t sweet enough, it came with a cherry on top – a whopping $50,000 bonus handed over by ONE’s CEO, Chatri Sityodtong.

Stamp Fairtex’s journey is not just about her victories; it’s a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and the spirit of a true warrior. As the world keenly awaits her next move, one thing is for certain: she embodies the essence of a champion, always pushing boundaries and setting new horizons in the ever-evolving realm of combat sports.

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