Eddie Hearn’s Master Play with Anthony Joshua

October 10, 2023
From: Spartacus

Boxing, often revered for its raw display of strength, technique, and agility, presents a dichotomy that is both fascinating and intricate. Beyond the physical battles inside the ring, there lies a cerebral contest of wits and strategy that plays out in the background. It’s an arena of tactics, foresight, and astute business judgments. Dominating this vast, strategic landscape is Eddie Hearn, who, with the precision of a master chess player, aligns and re-aligns moves for his premier player, Anthony Joshua.

Recent ripples in the boxing community were caused by the anticipated bout between Anthony Joshua and the formidable Deontay Wilder. Fans, in their palpable excitement, were ready to witness what promised to be a legendary clash. Wilder, with an outstanding record of (43-2-1, 42 KOs), epitomizes the kind of challenge that can create or crumble legacies. However, to the collective disappointment of many, this much-awaited face-off has been pushed off the December roster.

Delving into the reasons behind this abrupt change, Eddie Hearn shared on Talksport Boxing, “We had an offer from Saudi Arabia to fight Deontay Wilder. We accepted it, and Wilder accepted it. However, it didn’t see the light of day.” To add another dimension to this narrative, Gareth A. Davies highlighted the financial constraints that might have played spoiler, stating, “No offer came from Skills Challenge in Saudi Arabia due to financial reasons. As a result, the epic showdown between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder came to an unforeseen halt.”

With this curveball, conjectures about Joshua’s upcoming opponent have gained momentum. Several names, including the likes of Agit Kabayel, Demsey McKean, Otto Wallin, and Jonathan Guidry, are circulating in the boxing grapevine. Yet, none evoke the same sense of awe and challenge as a Deontay Wilder.

Pondering upon the overarching strategy, it becomes evident that Hearn’s vision for Joshua encompasses more than just individual fights. There looms the prospect of a colossal clash with Tyson Fury, a bout that promises both fame and fortune. An unexpected defeat to a behemoth like Wilder or Zhang could jeopardize this potential jackpot.

Reading between the lines, Hearn’s game plan becomes evident: Safeguard Joshua from significant threats, at least until he squares off against Tyson Fury. This approach ensures that even if future matches, post the Fury encounter, do not swing in Joshua’s favor, the significant financial incentives would have already been secured. Gareth Davies insightfully notes this, terming Hearn’s maneuvers as “playing the chess board.”

Yet, the question arises – is this approach purely transactional? Malik Scott, Wilder’s astute trainer, offers an alternative perspective. He hints at a potential reluctance on Joshua’s part to take on Wilder, suggesting that AJ’s fighting style is a “picture-perfect” setup for a Wilder masterstroke. This theory lends weight to the inclination towards fighters like Jermaine Franklin & Robert Helenius, who, though skilled, do not present the same magnitude of threat.

Another intriguing dimension to this is the allure of financial success in boxing. The intoxication of a hefty paycheck can drastically alter a fighter’s expectations and perceptions. Malik comments on this phenomenon, indicating that some fighters transform into “spoiled brats,” perennially waiting for lucrative bouts to magically appear. The consequences? Prolonged periods of inactivity, eroding combat skills, and a gradual fade from the limelight.

Further, Malik emphasizes the delicate equilibrium fighters maintain between potential earnings and inherent risks. Speaking of Wilder, he mentions, “Deontay is one of those fighters that can instantly switch off your lights with a single punch.” A stark reminder of the dangers lurking in the ring and a reason why many pugilists may lean towards seemingly less perilous matchups.

Navigating the complex world of boxing, Eddie Hearn’s strategies, while appearing cryptic to some, clearly embody a mix of securing the future and keen business insight. While the endgame of these carefully plotted moves remains shrouded in mystery, the intrigue surrounding them is undeniable.

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