UFC CEO Dana White couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, declaring this Tuesday’s spectacle at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas as the “best night of the season.” Hosted at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, the evening was an electrifying blend of raw talent, fierce competition, and indomitable spirit. Five deserving fighters—James Llontop, Jhonata Diniz, Steven Nguyễn, Julia Polastri, and Jean Matsumoto—were awarded UFC contracts. However, the windfall did not end there; Kasey Tanner, A.J. Cunningham, and Patricia Alujas, despite losing their respective fights, were rewarded with their win money in a commendable acknowledgment of their resilience and fortitude.

James Llontop: A Symphony of Strikes

A high-octane finale punctuated the event as James Llontop clashed with Malik Lewis in an encounter that, as pointedly stated, found that “slugfests were on the menu tonight.” Both fighters were indisputably prepared for a stand-up war, but it was Llontop’s technical prowess that gained the upper hand. Right from the start, his straight punches and calculated elbow strikes were a spectacle. In the first round, “it was an elbow off the clinch that staggered Lewis,” providing the first indicator of Llontop’s upper hand. The second round saw a body kick from Llontop pushing Lewis into a defensive stance, driving him into “survival mode.” The third round featured a surgical step-in elbow that floored Lewis twice, emphasising the yawning gap between the fighters. Llontop’s three-round dominance was reflected in the judges’ unanimous decision, with two 30-26 scores and a 30-27, underlining his potential to electrify the UFC’s future.

Jhonata Diniz: Heavy Hands Make Light Work

The co-main event showcased a heavyweight slugfest between Jhonata Diniz and Eduardo Neves. Diniz made it abundantly clear that “it was all gas and no brakes.” Neves, despite his size and a notably “insanely fast jab,” was overwhelmed by the sheer power and aggression of Diniz. The decisive moment arrived when Diniz landed a right hand that forced Neves to his knees. “It was a wrap at 3:15 of the first round,” Diniz secured a walk-off knockout that sent a chill down the collective spine of the heavyweight division.

Steven Nguyễn: The Bell, The Save, and The Finish

A midway thriller involved Steven Nguyễn facing off against A.J. Cunningham. Following a groin strike and a momentary pause, Nguyễn dropped Cunningham with a right hand. Had it not been for the bell, the fight would have been over right then and there. Yet, “with just a minute remaining,” the referee stepped in to end Cunningham’s unanswered suffering, confirming Nguyễn’s dominance and earning him a UFC contract.

Julia Polastri: Ground and Pound to Submission

Julia Polastri’s performance was a holistic demonstration of MMA’s multidimensional skill set. She locked horns with Patricia Alujas, and as the second round unfolded, Polastri transitioned from striking to grappling. “In her second DWCS appearance,” she secured a pivotal takedown that paved the way for a rear-naked choke, ending the bout at “4:05 of the second round.”

Jean Matsumoto: A Testament to Balanced Combat

In a tightly contested bout between Jean Matsumoto and Kasey Tanner, Matsumoto displayed a balanced game that struck a fine equilibrium between striking and grappling. It was enough to earn him a unanimous decision and an exceptional acknowledgment from Dana White, who personally entered the Octagon to shake hands with both competitors—a first in UFC history.

While it’s easy to focus solely on the winners, Dana White’s decision to award win money to Kasey Tanner, A.J. Cunningham, and Patricia Alujas displayed an unusual but laudable level of recognition for the fighters’ gutsy efforts. In a sport where wins and losses are often the sole metrics of evaluation, such gestures resonate deeply.