Danielle Kelly Reveals She Felt Underestimated by BJJ Fraternity Before Triumph Over Jessa Khan

October 25, 2023
From: Spartacus

The world of professional submission grappling, while mesmerizing, is an arena where each moment teeters between victory and defeat. In this domain, Danielle Kelly, in the buildup to ONE Fight Night 14, found herself shouldering not just the weight of her own aspirations but the accumulated weight of past encounters and widespread skepticism.

At the age of 27, upon joining the ONE Championship, Kelly’s objectives were abundantly clear. She wasn’t merely aiming to compete; she sought to revolutionize and reign supreme in submission grappling. But in the world of combat sports, the path to a championship is seldom linear. It’s paved with trials, and for Kelly, one major trial was the ghost of her defeat to Jessa Khan, which lingered, casting a shadow over her aspirations.

Singapore Indoor Stadium witnessed what can be described as the culmination of Kelly’s relentless pursuit. However, the journey to that stage was anything but straightforward. Her claim to the inaugural ONE atomweight submission grappling world championship belt became a battle, not just against Khan, but against pervasive doubts and her own inner demons.

Jessa Khan, her adversary, already had an enviable list of accolades, including the impressive IBJJF world championship title. Their fight wasn’t just another entry in the ledger of matches; it encapsulated an entire narrative of personal battles, redemption, and affirmation for Kelly.

Previous encounters, especially Kelly’s decisive loss, seemed to have framed a narrative. In the world of grappling, perceptions matter. As Kelly opened up on the Chewjitsu Podcast, her words resonated with the emotion of being perennially underestimated, “I was just better than her. But I think leading up to this like I wasn’t really being taken seriously not just by her, but like the jiu-jitsu community in general.”

This battle against a prevailing bias made her eventual triumph not just against an opponent, but against a narrative.

She says, “But it’s more like going into this match there was a lot of people saying like, ‘Jessa is going to tear Danielle, she’s gonna just drive by Danielle, like, Danielle Kelly is okay but like’ Jessa is this world champion.’”

Kelly’s hard-fought victory was emblematic of her resilience. The significance of that golden belt was far beyond its material value; it represented Kelly’s battle against adversity. It was a battle where technique met tenacity, and self-belief clashed with skepticism.

Between their confrontations, both athletes had carved individual journeys. Khan, representing Cambodia, was on an international winning spree, while Kelly was registering significant wins in ONE Championship, notably against formidable opponents like Mariia Molchanova and Ayaka Miura. These parallel paths set the stage for their clash in Singapore, making it more than just a fight; it was a saga.

Kelly’s post-match analysis, particularly her comments on the Chewjitsu Podcast, shed light on her strategic acumen and mental fortitude. As she recounted, “So right there, when I was scrambling with her, it’s kind of like, you know, once I escaped this back, she’s done. And that’s kind of what happened. From then on, I knew it was going to be on me to control the match.” Such moments accentuate not just her technical prowess but the leaps she made mentally since their last faceoff.

Despite facing moments of adversity in the match, Kelly showcased her evolved combat acumen and indomitable spirit. The climax, marked by her skillful navigation to employ a kneebar and toehold variation, was a testament to her mettle and evolution as a fighter.

Kelly’s trajectory in submission grappling goes beyond the obvious victories or titles. It serves as an emblem of an athlete’s journey, punctuated with setbacks, lessons, and eventually, triumphs. Her story is a rallying cry for countless athletes facing similar adversities.

As the grappling world now speculates on Kelly’s next move, her narrative has undoubtedly ushered her into the spotlight. A rematch with Khan, given their rich history, could be on the horizon. Regardless of her next step, Kelly’s legacy as a beacon of determination, skill, and resilience in the world of submission grappling is firmly cemented.

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