Danielle Kelly; Aiming for Victory at ONE Championship

September 27, 2023
From: Spartacus

The martial arts arena is a testament to continuous evolution, where every contest signifies more than a mere victory. For some, it’s about personal growth, perseverance, and validation of their prowess. As ONE Fight Night 14 approaches on September 29th, the attention converges on Danielle Kelly, an athlete trained under the esteemed Silver Fox BJJ academy.

The prize is the inaugural ONE atomweight submission grappling world championship. But for Kelly, it’s not only about the title but also an opportunity for redemption and a chance to address past setbacks.

Ever since joining ONE Championship, Kelly’s objective was clear: to be recognized in the same league as distinguished fighters like Kade Ruotolo and Mikey Musumeci. But the journey hasn’t been devoid of challenges.

One significant obstacle was her 2021 bout against Jessa Khan at Who’s Number One (WNO). Despite her commendable track record, Khan, newly minted as a black belt, secured a decision victory against Kelly. This rematch, therefore, offers a chance not just for victory but to demonstrate professional growth.

In a discussion with Combat Press, Kelly mentioned the external pressures she’s been facing. Emphasizing the importance of focus, she stated, “There are a lot of doubters in this match, but if I focus on the outside noise, I’m going to lose focus on the main goal.” Her statement underscores the complexities of being an athlete in the limelight.

Preparation has been paramount for Kelly. Training with top-tier sparring partners, she has meticulously readied herself for the upcoming challenge, stating her confidence in her training regimen and the positive influence of her teammates.

However, the 2021 match remains a topic of discussion. Back then, Khan’s rapid ascent and the accompanying media attention seemed to have affected Kelly’s performance. Reflecting on it, she pointed out, “I was too much into the media… I was nervous to go against a high-level grappler.”

Two years have passed, and the scenario has changed. With an impressive 3-0 record in ONE Championship, Kelly is entering the rematch with renewed vigor and determination. Recognizing Khan’s status as the current IBJJF world champion doesn’t intimidate Kelly; rather, it’s a challenge she’s eager to overcome.

Furthermore, Kelly has shared her observations on Khan’s style, indicating her preparedness for the bout. “I feel like I know her game really well… I think she’s kind of the same as last time,” Kelly noted, highlighting her tactical approach and thorough analysis of their prior engagement.

Kelly’s confidence in her abilities is evident. “She’s probably the favorite in this match, and I’m going to prove that, you know, I’m not a world champ, but I think I can submit her… She’s beatable. That’s what I aim to demonstrate.”

As the date draws near, the significance of this match for Danielle Kelly cannot be understated. It represents not only a chase for the title but also a culmination of hard work, strategy, and resilience. On September 29th, the Singapore Indoor Stadium will play host to a contest that epitomizes the essence of martial arts: skill, strategy, and spirit.

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