Crawford and Spence Set to Lock Horns Again, Confirms Crawford

October 24, 2023
From: Spartacus

In the realm of boxing, where every punch thrown encapsulates years of sweat, sacrifice, and strategy, the impending rematch between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. is nothing short of a magnum opus. It promises to be a ballet of brute strength, a contest drenched in intrigue, retribution, and legacy.

Crawford’s gracious acknowledgment of Spence’s right to invoke a rematch, though surprising for some, can be seen as a strategic masterstroke in the complex chess game that is professional boxing. For fans who devour every news byte, interview, and analysis, this rematch is not merely a bout—it’s the crescendo of an unfolding epic.

While the numerical dance of PPV figures usually dictates the rhythms of such encounters, this one promises to rise above commercial considerations. Crawford, unscathed with a 40-0 record, is not merely stepping into the ring; he’s stepping into history. And for Spence, the 28-1 titan, this isn’t just a fight; it’s a shot at vindication.

Yet, Crawford’s roadmap to boxing immortality is littered with challenges. An aspirational face-off with Canelo Alvarez hangs tantalizingly in the future. But to get there, would Crawford alter the very dynamics of the Spence rematch by pushing for a 147 class? It’s a potential gambit that has the boxing world abuzz.

Alvarez’s evident reluctance towards Crawford is telling. But this is the age of narratives, and with persistent social media overtures, Crawford might just script a twist. A potential bout with Jermell Charlo seemed promising, but Charlo’s recent track record, particularly his bout against Canelo, casts a long shadow over such prospects.

Charlo’s silence post the Canelo fight is deafening. Instead of challenging stalwarts like Tim Tszyu to reclaim his prestige, Charlo seems to be in reflective hibernation, possibly processing the ramifications of his last outing.

But as these storylines intersect, they generate a maelstrom of questions. Showtime’s exit from the boxing broadcast arena presents a void. Would PBC’s speculated pivot to Amazon Prime add an additional barrier of subscription costs for fans, potentially affecting the rematch’s viewership?

As for the when and where: whispers suggest an unveiling in the next year’s inaugural quarter. On the location front, while Las Vegas shines with its proven track record and allure, Crawford’s sentimental preference for Omaha, Nebraska throws in a curveball. It’s a choice that, while endearing to some, may raise logistical eyebrows for many.

Weight class, too, emerges as a pivotal subplot. While Spence’s inclination towards 154 is clear, Crawford could use this as a strategic or even financial lever. Furthermore, murmurs about Spence’s physical form after his recent loss and speculated lifestyle choices could play into this crucial decision.

Brian Custer of Showtime captures the mood perfectly. “One thing he [Crawford] told me before the fight was Errol Spence is going to find out how hard he hits…But, I think at that bigger weight, [154], ‘I’ll be more powerful and more myself more’,” he eloquently remarked.

Moreover, Shawn Porter’s insights, especially concerning Canelo Alvarez’s waning stamina in later rounds, provides a rich texture to the narrative. If Crawford desires a solid pitch against Alvarez, he might need to venture into the 168 territory, taking on formidable opponents such as David Benavidez & David Morrell Jr. Such a move might not only silence detractors but pose a challenge Alvarez can’t sidestep.

Porter’s musings shed further light. “Terence is going to challenge him both offensively, defensively… What do we know about Bud? Bud has got it at the end of the fight,” he aptly pointed out.

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