Claressa Shields Stirring Up a Storm as She Prepares for Historic Mixed-Gender Showdown Against Keith Thurman

August 3, 2023
From: Spartacus

A seismic event is set to shake up the boxing landscape, as a trailblazing intergender bout looms on the horizon between two world-class boxers, Claressa Shields and Keith Thurman. The genesis of this groundbreaking challenge lies in a lively Twitter banter, where Shields boldly threw down the gauntlet to Thurman, asserting her capabilities to fight him at 154 lbs and outdo him in the boxing ring.

Fueling the fiery anticipation among boxing enthusiasts, Shields recently updated her Instagram story, declaring, “In Camp Getting Ready for @KEITHONTIMETHURMAN.” Should this historic face-off gain official approval, it would mark the first mixed-gender boxing match, catapulting the sport into uncharted territory. With Shields, the reigning queen of female boxing, leading the charge, this novelty bout is sure to pull in an enormous viewer turnout. Given her unbroken winning streak, if there’s any female boxer who stands a chance of defeating a male opponent, it’s undoubtedly Claressa Shields.

Shields’ illustrious boxing journey is an ode to her extraordinary talent and grit. A two-time Olympic gold medalist, she has clinched titles in three weight categories, cementing her status as the undisputed light middleweight champion and previously holding the undisputed middleweight title. Shields’ prowess isn’t confined to boxing alone; she has also ventured into MMA, carrying a 1-1 record in the cage. Earlier this year, she defended her titles against Maricela Cornejo, further asserting her dominance in the ring.

Meanwhile, Keith Thurman, a former unified welterweight champion, sports a nearly flawless record, tarnished only by a loss against Manny Pacquiao in 2019. Thurman has stepped into the ring just once since 2022, emerging victorious. His ultimate aspiration lies in wrestling the undisputed welterweight title from Terence Crawford. However, that journey could take an unexpected detour if he faces Claressa Shields in the ring.

In response to Shields’ audacious call-out, Thurman, formerly a unified welterweight champion, voiced his willingness to participate in a charity match against Shields. He proposed using jabs exclusively, suggesting that Shields could wear headgear for the bout, stating, “I don’t wanna punch a girl in the face.” 

However, Shields retorted that she would consent to donning headgear only for a sparring match. In terms of a charity event, she countered that Thurman should consider wearing a “big cup,” hinting at her intention to land hits as potent as Luis Collazo’s. She adamantly reiterated her resolve to “outbox” Thurman at 154 and has even audaciously forecasted the outcome of the prospective face-off.

Claressa Shields Envisions an “Easy” Triumph Over Keith Thurman

Confronted with Shields’ challenge, Thurman, who considers himself superior, suggested, “You know, I wouldn’t wear bigger gloves; I would wear smaller gloves, and I would let her wear headgear too. I don’t wanna punch a girl in the face.” However, Shields appears unfazed, believing in her ability to come out on top

In a recent interaction, Brandon Robinson, the host of the Scoop B Podcast, inquired about the number of rounds Shields believed she could clinch against Thurman. Shields responded with unflinching confidence, stating, “We go 10 rounds, I’m winning 7 of them Easy!!!” This bold assertion, along with her recent welcome to Terence Crawford into the two-time undisputed club, underscores her belief in outclassing Thurman in the ring. 

As the dust settles from these initial exchanges, the boxing world watches with bated breath, eager for more developments on this potential intergender contest. This bout, if sanctioned, could not only redraw the boundaries of boxing but also serve as a defining moment in both Shields’ and Thurman’s illustrious careers.

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