Charles Oliveira vs. Beneil Dariush: Rescheduled UFC Clash Set for June 10th

April 17, 2023
From: Spartacus

Following the announcement of Charles Oliveira’s injury, which led to the cancellation of his much-awaited return to the octagon against Beneil Dariush, UFC fans were left disappointed and eagerly waiting for an update on the rescheduling of this anticipated clash.

It’s been a while since we saw ‘Do Bronx’ in action. The last time he fought inside the octagon was in December 2020 when he faced off against Islam Makhachev. Unfortunately, the match didn’t go as planned for Oliveira, as he suffered a one-sided beatdown at the hands of his opponent. Makhachev proved to be too much for the former champion, outmatching him in striking and grappling.

However, Oliveira didn’t let this defeat break his spirit. He remained steadfast in his determination to reclaim his title and has set his sights on regaining the belt that he once held. Since then, he has been working hard to improve his skills and has made plans to climb back up the rankings to become the UFC lightweight champion once again.

With the news of Oliveira’s injury, fans and pundits alike were left wondering when we would see him back in action. Fortunately, the UFC has provided some clarification on the situation and is currently working on rescheduling the highly-anticipated clash between Oliveira and Dariush. The fight is expected to take place in the near future, and fans can hardly wait to see what Oliveira will bring to the octagon this time around.

In a recent interview, Beneil Dariush provided some much-awaited news for UFC fans eagerly anticipating the highly-anticipated clash between him and Charles Oliveira. Dariush revealed that the bout that was previously cancelled due to Oliveira’s injury will now be rescheduled and is set to take place on June 10 at UFC 289.

“These are the things we kind of went over: They said they want to push the fight to June 10th. By the way, I still don’t have a contract so I’m not sure if that’s for sure, but that’s what they told me they want to do, June 10th. At first I wasn’t about it because what if this guy pulls out?… If this guy pulls out again, I want the title shot and basically a pay bump too and they agreed to both things. “

Fight cancellations can be incredibly frustrating for fans, and it’s always a disappointment when a much-anticipated bout falls through. However, the fact that the UFC and both competitors have reportedly come to an agreement to re-book the clash is excellent news. Fans can now look forward to seeing two of the top lightweight fighters in the world square off against each other in the octagon.

Both Oliveira and Dariush have been on impressive winning streaks in recent years and are considered among the best in the UFC lightweight division. Oliveira, a former champion, is looking to reclaim his title and has been working hard to improve his skills and strategy since his last defeat. Meanwhile, Dariush has been on a five-fight win streak and has been steadily climbing up the rankings.

It’s clear that both fighters have a lot at stake in this match, and UFC fans can expect to witness an intense battle between two highly skilled competitors. With the new date set, fans can now count down the days until they can witness this exciting clash of champions in the octagon.

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