Chael Sonnen’s Intriguing Theory on the UFC’s Machinations: The Mysterious Circumstances Behind Costa-Chimaev Bout at UFC 294

September 19, 2023
From: Spartacus

In the mercurial world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where fighters’ destinies can shift in an instant, the recent rescheduling of the Paulo Costa versus Khamzat Chimaev fight for UFC 294 has confounded fans and experts alike. Initially slated to go head-to-head with Ikram Aliskerov at UFC 291 on July 29, 2023, Costa found himself in a different scenario altogether. The UFC made a sudden announcement on July 19, canceling that bout and setting up a showdown between Costa and Chimaev for October 21, 2023, at UFC 294. 

The shift has incited a whirlpool of speculation, especially as the UFC has remained tight-lipped about the reason for the original fight’s cancellation. Former UFC fighter and now a prominent analyst, Chael Sonnen, has injected a novel dimension into this dialogue through his speculative lens.

On his YouTube channel, Sonnen proposed a compelling theory: “Paulo Costa wasn’t shy about sharing some of his differences that he was having at negotiating. He was saying ‘I’ll do what Francis did, I’ll run this damn thing’… Several guys are like that and you see it their way and you bring them this great new shiny contract.” Sonnen postulates that the UFC, ever the astute strategists, could have manipulated the situation to create the most intriguing and challenging scenario for Costa.

Diving deeper into the UFC’s past actions, Sonnen alluded to a recurring pattern where the organization has accommodated fighters’ demands but with a quid pro quo. He cites the example of Nate Diaz, who was pitted against Chimaev at UFC 279 under perplexing circumstances. He argues that Costa’s challenging match against Chimaev is a manifestation of this strategy, saying, “But when you do that, you also present them with the hardest task they’ve been asked to do. It’s the time to get the ‘Yes’. Right here, right now, Chimaev.”

As if on cue, Chimaev has already raised the stakes by issuing a chilling warning to Costa. Demonstrating no shortage of bravado, Chimaev announced, “Paulo, you’re dead, man. Just be sure to come up to the cage, [I’ll] beat you up [and] send you back in a package to Brazil. But, still in Brazil, they don’t want you. No countries recognize you. Now you’re coming to my country.”

Beyond the ominous banter and theoretical musings, another complexity lies in the absence of any intense promotional interaction between Costa and Chimaev. Typically, the UFC thrives on pre-fight hype, yet, as Sonnen remarks, “Something is weird about this match.” He also pointed out that this fight was announced almost six months before its scheduled date, an unusually long lead time by UFC standards.

Sonnen extends his skepticism to concerns over Chimaev’s ability to make weight for the fight. The fighter failed to meet the required weight at UFC 279 against Nate Diaz, causing its cancellation. With no backup fighters announced for either the main or the co-main events, Sonnen believes the UFC is skirting dangerously close to disaster: “Unfortunately, there are no backup fighters announced for either the main or co-main events, which puts the UFC in a tricky spot in case of a weigh-in blunder.”

Given the precarious balance of contractual negotiations, weight management issues, and the mysterious absence of the usual pre-fight hype, Sonnen’s perspective casts a long shadow over the upcoming event. It is an intricate weave of high-stakes fight promotion, individual ambitions, and the tactical maneuvers of a multi-million-dollar sports organization.

As UFC 294 approaches, the air is thick with speculation, concern, and, undeniably, excitement. While we may never fully understand the organizational calculus that led to this high-profile matchup, what is indisputable is that all eyes will be on the octagon come October 21. After all, it is there, in the most primal of sports arenas, that questions will be answered, theories will be tested, and legacies will be forged or fractured.

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