Broadcasting on a Budget: How Local Promotions Can Achieve High-Quality Production

July 12, 2023
From: Spartacus
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In the exhilarating, adrenaline-fueled world of combat sports, it’s a common misconception that size equates to success. That larger promotions with deep pockets always deliver the most exciting, audience-grabbing events. But the truth of the matter is, the size of your promotion doesn’t determine its impact or its reach. No matter if you’re a small promotion fresh on the scene or a veteran in the game, the key to orchestrating a knockout event isn’t the magnitude of your budget—it’s the might and vigour of your promotional strategy.

Your strategy must be a potent mix of creativity, tech-savviness, and an intimate understanding of your audience’s pulse. It’s about using these elements to craft and deliver an event experience that echoes far beyond the boundaries of your size, reaching corners you hadn’t imagined. In this thrilling journey of promotion, one platform that proves to be an invaluable ally is Spartacus. It’s more than just a streaming platform—it’s a robust digital toolkit that helps you reach a global audience and injects a hefty dose of efficiency and engagement into your promotional endeavours.

Crafting a Dedicated Event-Specific Website

Just like a grand arena for your combat event, an event-specific website serves as your online stage—dedicated, compelling, and designed to excite your fans. This digital hub isn’t just a place for ticket sales; it’s a space where fans can dive deep into the thrilling aspects of your event.

Think of your website as a collection of spotlighted rings—each landing page highlights a different star of the show. One page might shine a light on the brave fighters, while another gives centre stage to the night’s entertainment. Still another could tantalise fans with mouthwatering descriptions of the food and beverages on offer. Every aspect of your event gets its moment in the spotlight, building anticipation and driving ticket sales.

Use Infographics

Who says facts have to be dry? Infographics are your secret weapon to transform basic event information into a vibrant, engaging narrative. Craft an infographic that tells the story of your event—its history, the cause it supports, or how fans can join in on the excitement.

This isn’t just a static piece of content—it’s a journey. As fans scroll through the infographic, they’re not just learning about your event; they’re experiencing the excitement, the tension, the high-stakes drama of combat sports.

Once your infographic is ready, it’s time to set it loose. Share it across your social media platforms, send it out via email, or even feature it on your event blog. Every share, like, or comment on your infographic brings more eyes on your event, boosting awareness and fan engagement. It’s not just an infographic—it’s an invitation to join in on the action.

Socialising Your Promotion

In the age of digital connectivity, your promotion strategy needs to be social, vibrant, and engaging. Social media isn’t just a billboard—it’s a bustling town square where you can strike up conversations, share exciting content, and build a community around your event. 

But remember, being social isn’t just about broadcasting—it’s about listening and interacting. Engage your audience with content that’s not directly promotional, but still relevant to your event—like fascinating trivia about combat sports, inspirational quotes from famous fighters, or even tips on how to train like a pro. 

When it’s time to promote, do it in a way that continues the conversation. Contests for ticket giveaways or celebrity meet-and-greets not only generate excitement but also encourage fans to share your event with their own followers. With every comment, like, or share, your event becomes a hot topic in the social media town square.

While grassroots promotion is powerful, don’t underestimate the reach of paid advertising. Print ads can have their charm, but digital advertising offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality. Each ad is not just a promotional message—it’s a direct link to your event website or a specific landing page.

When a viewer clicks on your ad, they’re taken straight to a page where they can learn more about your event—and where you can learn more about them. This is your chance to capture visitor information and expand your contact base.

Platforms like Facebook Ads take this a step further, allowing you to target your ads based on geographic location and other demographics. This means your ads reach the people most likely to be interested in your event, ensuring that every dollar you spend on advertising works as hard as your fighters in the ring.

In the modern promotional landscape, social media engagement and targeted paid advertising are your one-two punch combination, driving awareness, boosting ticket sales, and building a vibrant community around your small combat promotion. With these strategies in your corner, you’re all set to make a knockout impression.

Digital Badges

Imagine having a legion of supporters, each proudly waving your event’s flag in the digital world. That’s the power of a graphic badge—a digital emblem that encapsulates your event’s unique brand. But this isn’t just a logo. It’s a cool, creative symbol that people involved in your event—from fighters to fans—can use to show their support and spread the word.

Each badge is a beacon that directs viewers back to your event. By embedding HTML into the badge, anyone who clicks on it can be taken directly to your event website or a specific landing page. Each share, each click, each like, turns your badge into a viral marketing tool.

Engage Your Audience Ahead of Time

Creating a thrilling combat event isn’t just about the action in the ring—it’s about building an entire experience that captivates your audience from the moment they hear about your event. Actively engaging with your potential attendees ahead of time helps not only to boost awareness and attendance but also to reinforce your brand. 

One engaging strategy is to involve your fans in the planning process. Why not conduct surveys or voting sessions on different aspects of the event? Whether it’s voting on their favourite fighters, deciding on interactive activities, or even choosing the type of food available, such engagements give your fans a sense of ownership and connection with the event.

Use The Power of Visual Promotion

When it comes to promoting your event, words can only take you so far. To truly capture the heart-thumping, adrenaline-pumping excitement of a combat event, you need to appeal to your audience’s senses. This is where visuals come into play. 

Videos and photos transport your audience right into the heart of the action. They could relive the thrill of last year’s bouts, or get a tantalising sneak peek of what’s in store for them this year. Short introduction videos of your key fighters, glimpses of the interactive experiences planned, or even a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation—these visual elements build anticipation and create a sense of excitement around your event.

But remember, quality is crucial. Just like a blurry punch won’t win a fight, low-quality visuals can undermine your promotional efforts. When it comes to photos, professional photography is a must. A well-shot, high-quality photo not only showcases your event in the best light but also sets expectations for a top-notch, well-organised event. 

Professional visuals are as critical to your promotion as the lighting, sound, and visuals during your event. They are the first impression, the promise of what’s to come, and the allure that draws fans to your event.

With early fan engagement and high-quality visual promotion in your corner, your small combat promotion is well on its way to attracting a legion of eager, excited fans ready to cheer on every punch, kick, and knockout in your next event.

Use the Promotional Power of Sponsors

Your sponsors aren’t just funding your event—they’re a powerful promotional tool. By asking, or even requiring, your sponsors to promote your event to their audiences, you can reach even more potential fans.

Don’t leave this promotion to chance. Encourage your sponsors to use the same graphic badge and hashtag you provide to speakers and attendees when they register or purchase tickets. This creates a unified promotional campaign, amplifying the reach and impact of your event.

Every sponsor becomes a promotional partner, turning their audience into potential fans for your event. With these strategies, your small combat promotion isn’t just stepping into the ring—it’s ready to deliver a knockout blow.

Leverage Event Discovery Platforms

Step into the bustling digital marketplace of event discovery sites—places like Eventful, Eventbrite, Bandsintown, and Facebook Events. These platforms are virtual crossroads where potential fans from all walks of life gather to find their next unforgettable experience. Listing your event on these sites places you right in the midst of this vibrant, diverse crowd.

Don’t just stop at global platforms—local is just as crucial. Harness the power of local entertainment publications and sites to tap into your community’s fan base. These local platforms can help generate a buzz around your event, reinforcing your presence in the local scene.

Remember, convenience is key. If possible, link your listings directly to your ticket sales page. This ensures that the path from discovering your event to securing a ticket is as smooth and straightforward as possible for your potential attendees.

Email Marketing

While social media and discovery sites cast a wide net, email marketing is your sharpshooter, delivering precise, targeted messages right to your audience’s inbox. 

Of course, you’ll want to announce major updates—like a new band, a guest speaker, or a featured restaurant—to your entire email list. But the real power of email marketing lies in its ability to personalise and segment. 

Think of your email list as a collection of different fan groups, each with their unique interests and preferences. You could have one segment for fans who love a specific fighter, another for those who can’t get enough of the thrilling pre-fight hype, and yet another for fans who are always on the lookout for a good deal. 

Crafting targeted emails for these specific segments can significantly enhance engagement. Fans will appreciate the personalised content, and you’ll benefit from a more engaged and invested audience. 

Your email marketing isn’t just a news broadcaster—it’s a conversation starter, a relationship builder, and a vital tool in creating a community around your events. With event discovery sites and targeted email marketing in your promotional toolkit, your small combat promotion is well-equipped to step into the spotlight and shine.


Promoting on a grand scale isn’t exclusive to the bigwigs with vast budgets. With a carefully woven tapestry of strategies, even the smallest combat promotions can make a significant impact. It’s about effectively harnessing the power of audience engagement, mastering the dynamic universe of social media, and investing thoughtfully in targeted advertising. With platforms like Spartacus in your corner, you have the means to amplify your voice in the vast digital landscape, drawing in audiences far and wide.

The path to scaling up and achieving wide-reaching success is paved with inventive, resonant promotions. Size then becomes irrelevant when your voice is loud and clear, resonating with your audience, firing up their anticipation for every punch, every round, every event. With the right strategy, every small combat promotion has within its grasp the ability to deliver a stunning, truly knockout event that reverberates throughout the combat sports world.

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