Boxing History Rewritten: Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford Becomes Two-Weight Undisputed Champion

July 31, 2023
From: Spartacus

On an electrifying night, this past Saturday, in the radiant city of Las Vegas, the T-Mobile Arena served as the perfect battleground for a seismic encounter in the world of boxing. Under the bright spotlight and amidst the roar of the anticipating crowd, stood two giants of the sport, WBO champion Terence “Bud” Crawford, with a flawless 40-0 record, and the formidable triple champ, Errol Spence Jr, boasting the IBF, WBA & WBC titles, with a striking 28-1 record.

The tension was palpable as the two titans squared off, each aiming to etch their name in history as the undisputed welterweight king of their era. The opening round saw a measured exchange of blows, the fighters probing each other’s defences, like a chess match where the fighters were studying their opponent’s moves and formulating their strategies.

As the bell rang signalling the commencement of the second round, a sudden shift in tempo turned the simmering tension into an explosive spectacle. Terence Crawford, the embodiment of raw power, lightning speed, and surgical precision, grabbed the reins of the match firmly and refused to relent. His aggressive yet calculated onslaught left Spence Jr scrambling.

Crawford’s performance was nothing short of mesmerising. His swift counter jab, followed by a lethal left straight, sent Spence sprawling to the canvas. However, Spence, with his warrior spirit, beat the count and rose to his feet, ready to continue the bout. Crawford, unfazed by the resilience of his adversary, unleashed an unending flurry of attacks.

Reflecting on the second round, Crawford humbly dismissed the significance of the knockdown, calling it a ‘flash’. His statement post the match was loaded with confidence, “I caught him with the left. He didn’t think I was coming back with the right.” This audacious attitude shone brightly in his technique, as he constantly thwarted Spence’s momentum with his powerhouse jabs, forcing him onto the back foot.

As the battle wore on, Spence seemed lost, unable to match the relentless pace and precision set by Crawford. Each round saw him at the receiving end of a barrage of laser-like jabs and razor-sharp left hands from Crawford. Crawford’s control was a spectacle to behold, each attempt by Spence to tip the scales was met with an immediate and forceful repudiation.

The high-intensity seventh round had Spence tasting the canvas twice. But his tenacity was unwavering. Even as Crawford’s attacks sent him reeling, he clung on to the hope of turning the fight’s trajectory. By the ninth round, the onslaught from Crawford had Spence in a whirlwind of confusion. The referee, with Spence’s safety paramount, put a halt to the fight at 2:32 of the round.

Crawford, on the subject of the referee’s intervention, showed full support, stating, “I was on the verge of coming back with some hard shots… The ref did what he’s supposed to do to protect the fighter.”

The echo of the bell signalled more than just Crawford’s victory. He added the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles to his WBO title, effectively becoming the undisputed champion in the welterweight division. But this achievement transcended personal glory. Crawford carved out a special place in the annals of boxing history as the first male fighter to become an undisputed champion in two weight divisions in the modern four-belt era.

The event was rich in excitement beyond the headline clash. The undercard fights saw Isaac Cruz secure a hard-fought victory over Giovanni Cabrera, carving his path in the sport. In another bout, Alexandro Santiago outclassed former champion Nonito Donaire, seizing the vacant WBC bantamweight title.

Basking in the glory of his victory, Crawford was poised to embrace fresh challenges, boldly announcing Jermell Charlo as his next adversary, a statement made all the more significant considering his conquest of Charlo’s comrade and sparring partner, Spence. However, the path to a face-off with Charlo may encounter some unforeseen obstacles. Spence, despite nursing the wounds of a stinging defeat, has hinted at implementing the rematch clause, potentially delaying Crawford’s plans to face new opponents.

Spence’s resolve, undeterred by the setback, was on full display as he expressed a keen desire for a rematch. He harboured aspirations of bouncing back in the junior middleweight division, demonstrating an undying spirit. The aftermath of this remarkable duel has seen the dust of battle gradually settling, yet the excitement is far from over. Speculation is rife regarding an impending rematch, each rumour amplifying the anticipation of yet another exhilarating face-off inside the ring.

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