The Pinnacle of MMA Training in Curitiba

October 9, 2023
From: Spartacus
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Curitiba, strategically positioned in the heart of Brazil, is a city with myriad tales. Renowned for its intricate tapestry of cultural nuances, architectural marvels, and green urban initiatives, this city has another story that often goes untold – its deep-rooted connection with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

In the vast realm of combat sports, Curitiba has emerged as a beacon of excellence, a city where punches, kicks, and grapples meld seamlessly with dreams, discipline, and determination. 

This article is poised to take readers on an enlightening expedition, traversing the lengths and breadths of Curitiba, uncovering the secrets of its elite MMA gyms. We aim to explore the very foundations of these institutions, understanding their philosophies, training methodologies, and their contributions that have catapulted Curitiba to the forefront of global MMA prominence.

Whether you’re a fighter fuelled by ambition, an ardent MMA aficionado, or simply someone seeking to understand the rhythmic dance of combat, this journey promises insights and revelations that will illuminate Curitiba’s unparalleled MMA legacy.

Chute Boxe Academy

Founded in the heart of Curitiba, the Chute Boxe Academy has become synonymous with an aggressive blend of Muay Thai and a robust ground game. Their foundational philosophy stems from the belief that a fighter should be as deadly standing up as they are on the ground. This dual expertise ensures that Chute Boxe fighters are well-rounded and ready for any scenario inside the cage. The gym emphasizes not just physical prowess, but also the mental fortitude required to succeed at the highest levels of MMA. 

Training under the canopy of Chute Boxe means being subjected to a multifaceted coaching approach. Each session aims to refine technique while also pushing fighters to their physical and mental limits. The emphasis is on understanding the rationale behind each move, with scenarios played out to demonstrate real-world application. Such depth in training ensures that fighters aren’t just executing moves but truly understanding their function and significance.

The academy is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Expansive mat areas cater to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and ground game training, while striking zones, replete with top-tier Muay Thai bags and pads, ensure stand-up techniques are honed to perfection. For those looking to simulate real fight scenarios, the academy boasts cages that mirror the adrenaline-charged environment of actual fights.

Over the years, the Chute Boxe Academy has been the nurturing ground for numerous MMA luminaries. The likes of Wanderlei Silva and Maurício Rua have called this academy home, a testament to its stature in the MMA world.

Evolution Thai

Nestled within Curitiba’s vibrant MMA landscape, Evolution Thai stands out as a beacon for striking aficionados. The brainchild of André Dida, a maestro in the striking realm, this gym is steeped in the arts of precision, timing, and power. Dida’s philosophy is evident in every corner of the gym – a belief in the power of striking as not just a combat technique, but as an art form.

André Dida’s coaching methodologies reflect his rich fighting history and deep understanding of Muay Thai and kickboxing. Training sessions at Evolution Thai often feel like masterclasses, where each strike, be it a punch, kick, elbow, or knee, is dissected for its effectiveness and power. Dida ensures that fighters are not just throwing strikes but doing so with purpose and intent.

When it comes to training facilities, Evolution Thai is second to none. The gym is adorned with the finest striking equipment available – heavy bags of various sizes, speed bags, and specialty pads to cater to the diverse striking techniques that are imparted. Alongside these, areas dedicated to sparring ensure fighters can test their skills against live opponents in a controlled environment.

Evolution Thai’s reputation as a striking powerhouse has naturally attracted top-tier talent. While the gym is known for shaping several formidable fighters under Dida’s tutelage, it’s also a magnet for fighters from other disciplines looking to sharpen their striking game.

CM System

Nestled within the vibrant MMA environment of Curitiba, CM System stands as a beacon of Cristiano Marcello‘s passion and dedication. Having been intimately linked with the esteemed Chute Boxe Academy, Marcello, with his extensive BJJ knowledge and UFC experience, embarked on a journey to establish a training ground dedicated to producing complete fighters. At its core, CM System embodies the philosophy of nurturing fighters who are not just specialists in one realm, but are proficient across the vast spectrum of MMA techniques. Such an all-encompassing approach ensures that every fighter stepping out of CM System is equipped to face diverse challenges in the cage.

Marcello’s profound understanding of combat sports permeates the coaching methodologies at CM System. Each session is meticulously designed, marrying traditional BJJ strategies with modern MMA techniques. There’s an inherent focus on creating synergy between various combat disciplines, aiming for fluid transitions and a strategic advantage during bouts. Such a comprehensive training regimen, deeply influenced by Marcello’s in-ring experiences, aims to produce fighters who are technically brilliant and tactically superior.

Facility-wise, CM System is a treasure trove for any MMA enthusiast. Expansive mat areas cater to grappling enthusiasts, while state-of-the-art striking zones ensure stand-up techniques are honed to perfection. Authentic fight scenarios are recreated within the gym’s cages, offering fighters an opportunity to spar in conditions mimicking real bouts.

Strikers House

Curitiba’s Strikers House emerges as a formidable entity in the world of MMA. The gym’s name itself is indicative of its foundational philosophy – to produce fighters with impeccable striking skills. While the focus is undeniably on the stand-up game, Strikers House ensures a well-rounded training regimen, prepping fighters for any eventuality in the cage.

The coaching techniques at Strikers House are reflective of its commitment to excellence. Each training module is a blend of traditional martial arts wisdom and contemporary MMA techniques. The emphasis is always on precision, power, and strategy, ensuring that every strike counts, and every move has a purpose.

When it comes to infrastructure, Strikers House is a marvel. The facility boasts top-tier striking equipment, from heavy bags to speed bags and everything in between, ensuring that fighters can refine their techniques under the best conditions. Additionally, dedicated grappling areas and MMA cages ensure a holistic training experience. Strikers House’s reputation in Curitiba is not just because of its exceptional training methodologies but also due to the caliber of fighters it has produced. 

Noguchi Team

Noguchi Team, under the aegis of Sérgio Noguchi, stands as a luminary in the world of striking arts. Originating from a lineage of expertise, the gym prides itself on imparting the profound knowledge and technique associated with Muay Thai. Noguchi, having honed his skills over decades, believes in a foundational philosophy that emphasizes not just the physical prowess associated with Muay Thai, but also the mental discipline, resilience, and strategy that the art demands. 

While staying rooted to these principles, Noguchi Team hasn’t shied away from evolving. Recognizing the burgeoning prominence of MMA on the global stage, the academy has incorporated a robust MMA training regimen. This integration ensures that students, while immersed in the world of Muay Thai, are also equipped with skills that make them formidable opponents in MMA arenas. As one navigates through the facility, one is greeted by an array of striking equipment, from meticulously crafted Thai pads to state-of-the-art heavy bags, attesting to their commitment to both Muay Thai and MMA. 

Academia Thai Brasil

Academia Thai Brasil stands as a beacon of Muay Thai excellence. From the outset, the gym’s heartbeat has been the rhythmic cadence of Muay Thai, an art form that melds power, grace, and strategy. At its core, the gym’s philosophy reverberates the belief that Muay Thai is not just a combat sport but a journey of self-discovery, discipline, and spiritual growth. With the changing tides of combat sports, Academia Thai Brasil discerned the need to evolve and, as a result, seamlessly integrated MMA training into its fold. This confluence of Muay Thai’s intricate techniques with MMA’s multifaceted combat dynamics offers students a comprehensive training experience. 

The coaching techniques, though deeply entrenched in Muay Thai traditions, are continually updated to encompass the ever-evolving strategies of MMA. The academy’s infrastructure, a blend of tradition and modernity, features areas designated for both striking and ground work, ensuring a holistic training environment. 

Gile Ribeiro Team 

Gile Ribeiro Team, while emerging as a stalwart in the MMA domain, has intricately woven its foundational philosophy around the principles of dedication, discipline, and continuous evolution. The academy, with a sharp focus on both the technical and mental aspects of combat sports, believes that the journey of a fighter is as much about honing the spirit as it is about refining physical techniques. The coaching methodologies adopted by Gile Ribeiro Team emphasize a harmonious blend of traditional martial arts tenets with modern-day MMA strategies. Trainers, many of whom are seasoned fighters themselves, instill in their students a sense of respect for the art, all the while pushing them to their limits in a bid to achieve combat excellence. 

The facility reflects this commitment, featuring state-of-the-art equipment designed to cater to the diverse demands of MMA, from striking apparatus to grappling zones. As a testament to its exceptional training regime, the team has sculpted numerous fighters who have made their mark in various MMA promotions. Their increasing recognition in the MMA community speaks volumes about their dedication to producing skilled fighters and their ever-evolving training ethos.

PRVT (Paraná Vale Tudo)

PRVT (Paraná Vale Tudo) stands as an emblem of excellence in Brazilian MMA, largely owing to the visionary guidance of master Gilliard Paraná. At its essence, PRVT’s philosophy is built on the twin pillars of rigorous training and fostering a deep-rooted martial spirit. Under Paraná’s leadership, the academy has cultivated an environment where fighters are encouraged to explore their boundaries, test their limits, and constantly challenge themselves, both physically and mentally. The coaching techniques at PRVT are a melange of time-tested martial arts principles and cutting-edge MMA strategies, ensuring that fighters are well-equipped to face any challenge inside the cage. 

This adaptive training approach, paired with top-tier equipment ranging from advanced striking tools to grappling mats, offers fighters an unparalleled training experience. But perhaps PRVT’s most shining accolade is its roster of fighters. Jessica Andrade, a force to be reckoned with in the world of MMA, is one of the most illustrious names associated with the gym. Her achievements, along with those of several other fighters from PRVT, underscore the academy’s unmatched prowess and commitment to shaping world-class talent.

Rilion Gracie Academy Curitiba

Rilion Gracie Academy Curitiba is steeped in the traditions and legacy of the Gracie family, which has undeniably left an indelible mark on the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and, by extension, Mixed Martial Arts. The foundational philosophy of the academy is rooted deeply in the Gracie heritage, emphasizing respect, discipline, and the continuous pursuit of mastery in the art of BJJ. Such a pedigree naturally translates into a coaching methodology that is both comprehensive and meticulous. The trainers, being torchbearers of the Gracie legacy, impart techniques that encapsulate both the traditional essence and the evolving dynamics of modern BJJ. 

Students are not merely taught moves; they are imbued with an understanding of the principles and logic behind each technique. Rilion Gracie Academy Curitiba is equipped with expansive mat areas designed for grappling, facilitating both Gi and No-Gi training. Additionally, the academy features training tools that cater to the diverse needs of MMA, ensuring a holistic training environment. Over the years, the academy has been the training ground for numerous fighters who have ventured into the world of MMA, carrying forward the Gracie legacy of excellence in combat sports.

Team Tavares

Team Tavares, under the astute leadership of Mauro Tavares, has carved a niche for itself in the dynamic landscape of Brazilian MMA. The gym’s philosophy revolves around the holistic development of a fighter, emphasizing not just the physical prowess but also mental agility and strategic acumen. Mauro Tavares, with his vast experience in the realm of combat sports, has instilled a coaching methodology that is both adaptive and rigorous. At Team Tavares, traditional martial arts tenets seamlessly intertwine with modern MMA techniques, ensuring fighters are well-rounded and prepared for any challenge. 

The facility mirrors this commitment to excellence, boasting a range of state-of-the-art equipment tailored for various MMA disciplines. From striking zones equipped with advanced pads and bags to dedicated grappling spaces, Team Tavares offers an environment conducive to intensive training and skill refinement. The gym’s reputation has naturally attracted a multitude of fighters aiming for the zenith in their MMA journey. These fighters, under the guidance of Tavares and his team, continue to make waves in various MMA promotions, testifying to the academy’s unmatched training regime and commitment to producing top-tier talent.


As the sun sets on our exploration of Curitiba’s illustrious MMA landscape, a realization dawns — the city is not merely a backdrop to these stories of martial prowess, but rather an integral character in them. Each gym, with its own unique narrative, embodies the spirit of Curitiba — a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, passion, and resilience. The echoes of punches, the rhythmic thuds of kicks, and the strategic silence of grappling sessions reverberate through the city’s air, testifying to its unwavering commitment to MMA excellence. 

But in today’s digital age, the experience of combat sports isn’t confined to the four walls of a gym or the boundaries of a city. Enter Spartacus — a digital gateway to the world of combat sports. The Spartacus app brings the global MMA community closer, offering an array of content that ranges from live TV broadcasts, exclusive PPVs, and adrenaline-pumping kicks to in-depth news, strategic tips, and an engaging blog section tailored for both fans and fighters. 

While Curitiba crafts the legends of tomorrow in its revered MMA gyms, Spartacus ensures that the world remains a spectator, celebrating every takedown, every knockout, and every victory. The quest for martial mastery continues, and with Curitiba and Spartacus leading the way, the future of MMA shines brighter than ever.


Why is Curitiba considered a significant hub for MMA in Brazil?

Strategically nestled in Brazil’s heart, Curitiba proudly narrates tales of architectural grandeur, cultural intricacies, and green urban initiatives. But a story often overshadowed is its profound connection with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Curitiba’s embrace of the discipline, dedication, and determination embedded in MMA has established it as a beacon of excellence in the combat sports realm. The city’s elite MMA gyms, each nurturing champions with unparalleled training regimes, have further bolstered Curitiba’s status, making it a magnet for budding fighters and enthusiasts alike.

What is the unique foundational philosophy of Chute Boxe Academy in Curitiba?

Rooted in the bustling core of Curitiba, Chute Boxe Academy champions an aggressive fusion of Muay Thai with a formidable ground game. This philosophy hinges on the notion that a fighter, irrespective of their stance, must exude lethal prowess. Whether standing tall or pinned to the ground, a Chute Boxe combatant is groomed to be a force to reckon with, thereby ensuring a holistic approach to combat readiness.

How has André Dida’s expertise influenced the training methodologies at Evolution Thai?

Evolution Thai, flourishing amidst Curitiba’s MMA mosaic, owes much of its distinction to André Dida’s striking sagacity. Dida, a connoisseur of precision, timing, and power, imparts a philosophy that perceives striking as more than just combat—it’s an art. His rich fighting history and deep immersion in Muay Thai and kickboxing have sculpted Evolution Thai’s training sessions, transforming them into masterclasses where every strike is meticulously analyzed for efficacy.

What distinguishes CM System from other MMA gyms in Curitiba?

CM System, an emblem of Cristiano Marcello’s fervor and dedication, carved its niche by championing holistic fighter development. While Marcello’s ties with the esteemed Chute Boxe Academy are significant, his vision for CM System was to craft a sanctuary where fighters weren’t mere specialists but masters of MMA’s vast spectrum. This all-inclusive approach ensures that CM System alumni are adept at countering a myriad of in-cage challenges.

How does Strikers House emphasize its focus on the stand-up game in MMA?

The very nomenclature of Strikers House is indicative of its essence—to sculpt fighters with impeccable striking acumen. While its curriculum doesn’t forsake ground techniques, the gym’s primary lens is trained on the art of the stand-up game. Through a harmonious blend of traditional martial arts wisdom and contemporary MMA techniques, Strikers House ensures that every strike, every move, reverberates with intent and precision.

What contributions has Sérgio Noguchi made to the Muay Thai and MMA community through the Noguchi Team?

Guiding the Noguchi Team with seasoned expertise, Sérgio Noguchi has endeavored to elevate Muay Thai beyond mere combat—it’s a symphony of discipline, mental fortitude, and strategy. His decades of immersion in striking arts have not only enriched the Noguchi Team’s curriculum but have also made it a beacon for those aspiring to meld the power and grace of Muay Thai with MMA’s dynamism.

In what ways has Gile Ribeiro Team integrated traditional martial arts tenets with modern-day MMA strategies?

Rooted in a commitment to fostering dedication and discipline, Gile Ribeiro Team has seamlessly woven traditional martial art tenets with the evolving strategies of modern MMA. The academy accentuates both the mental and technical facets of combat, ensuring that fighters emerge as both spiritually and physically refined combatants.

How has Jessica Andrade’s association with PRVT influenced its reputation in the MMA world?

The meteoric rise of Jessica Andrade in the MMA arena has been a gleaming feather in PRVT’s cap. Her formidable prowess, underpinned by the academy’s rigorous training and Gilliard Paraná’s mentorship, has catapulted PRVT into the limelight. Andrade’s successes are not mere personal accolades; they are testaments to PRVT’s unmatched training ethos and dedication to sculpting MMA champions.

How does Rilion Gracie Academy Curitiba carry forward the legacy of the Gracie family in the realm of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA?

Embodied within Rilion Gracie Academy Curitiba are the rich traditions and legacies of the Gracie family—a dynasty that has revolutionized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. The academy’s ethos, deeply anchored in the Gracie heritage, champions respect, discipline, and the relentless pursuit of BJJ mastery. Thus, fighters from this institution not only inherit techniques but also the Gracie spirit of combat excellence.

What unique training methods and equipment can fighters expect when training at Team Tavares in Curitiba?

Under Mauro Tavares’s discerning gaze, Team Tavares has crafted a regimen that stresses both mental agility and physical prowess. Fighters training here are acquainted with an eclectic mix of traditional martial arts and state-of-the-art MMA strategies. The facility brims with top-tier equipment, from advanced striking tools to dedicated grappling zones, ensuring a comprehensive training milieu for aspirants.

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