Beijing’s Best: The Elite MMA Training Grounds of China’s Capital

October 2, 2023
From: Spartacus
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The sprawling city of Beijing, renowned for its rich history and cultural significance, has another feather in its cap – the rapid rise of Mixed Martial Arts. Nestled between its ancient temples and modern skyscrapers, there exists an arena where traditional martial arts seamlessly blend with contemporary fighting techniques, creating a unique symphony of combat and discipline. This isn’t just a sport; it’s an evolution of Beijing’s centuries-old martial heritage. 

As the city continues to evolve, embracing the new while respecting the old, its MMA scene thrives, making Beijing a revered destination for fight aficionados. This exploration will navigate through the intricate lanes of Beijing’s MMA world, unearthing the top MMA gyms.

#1 Black Tiger Fight Club

Nestled in the heart of Beijing, the Black Tiger Fight Club stands as a testament to the city’s growing affinity for mixed martial arts. This institution is not merely a gym but a breeding ground for talent, ambition, and resilience. By harmonizing traditional martial arts disciplines with the aggressive strategies of modern MMA, the establishment creates a unique and effective fusion. Such a blend has led to producing fighters who are not only physically robust but mentally astute.

Beyond physical training, Black Tiger Fight Club instills in its fighters a sense of discipline and respect — values that are often synonymous with traditional martial arts. The coaching team, a blend of seasoned veterans and innovative young trainers, offers an exhaustive reservoir of techniques, ensuring every fighter’s toolbox is complete. The club’s commitment to excellence is palpable when one observes the achievements of its trainees. Wang Guan, a name that resonates profoundly in MMA circuits, honed his skills at this very institution. His prowess in the UFC has only added to the gym’s prestige. Similarly, Zhang Lipeng‘s accomplishment as the first Chinese victor of The Ultimate Fighter China underscores the club’s quality and its ability to compete at an international level.

#2 China Top Team

A cornerstone in Beijing’s MMA community, China Top Team is more than just a gym; it’s an academy of excellence. Echoing the ethos of traditional martial values with the fast-paced kinetics of modern MMA, the gym fosters a holistic development approach. The philosophy is clear: a strong foundation coupled with adaptability is the key to a successful MMA career.

Leading this ship is an ensemble of expert coaches, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the table. Their experience, spanning years of training and competitions, provides invaluable insights to fighters, refining their skills and strategies. China Top Team’s reputation is further amplified by the caliber of fighters it produces. Li Jingliang is a shining beacon, epitomizing the gym’s dedication to honing raw talent into world-class prowess. His feats in the UFC have inspired many in China. Yan Xiaonan, with her fierce determination, is another testament to the gym’s unmatched training regimen. Competing in the UFC’s strawweight division, she has showcased the gym’s pedigree on the global stage.

#3 Shaolin Wushu School Beijing

Beijing, a city steeped in history and culture, is a melting pot of traditional and modern martial arts. Among the city’s numerous training institutions, the Shaolin Wushu School stands as a testament to China’s ancient martial legacy, seamlessly integrated with the modern dynamism of Mixed Martial Arts.

The Shaolin Wushu School’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the centuries-old Shaolin traditions. The teachings revolve around the harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. Drawing inspiration from the Shaolin monks, who see martial arts not just as a physical endeavor but a spiritual journey, the school incorporates meditation, discipline, and rigorous physical training. This holistic approach shapes not only formidable fighters but also individuals with a balanced and harmonious inner self.

A key strength of the Shaolin Wushu School is its highly esteemed coaching staff. With deep ties to the Shaolin Temple, many of its instructors have spent years mastering traditional Wushu forms, Qigong, and Sanda (Chinese kickboxing). Their vast reservoir of knowledge combined with exposure to modern MMA techniques positions the school uniquely, offering students the best of both worlds. Trainees receive grounding in the powerful strikes of Sanda, the fluidity of traditional Wushu forms, and the grappling prowess of contemporary MMA.

Over the years, the school has produced fighters who have made a mark on both national and international stages. While the majority of its students compete in traditional Wushu and Sanda tournaments, there is a growing contingent making waves in the MMA scene. These fighters stand out not just for their technical prowess but also their mental fortitude and disciplined approach—qualities inculcated through their time at the school.

#4 Longyun MMA

Emerging as one of the epicenters of MMA training in Beijing, Longyun MMA represents the new wave of martial arts institutions that seamlessly blend traditional values with modern fighting techniques. The gym’s philosophy is clear-cut: fostering a warrior’s spirit while emphasizing respect, discipline, and continuous improvement.

The coaching staff at Longyun MMA, comprising of seasoned fighters and tacticians, adopts a hands-on approach. They believe in nurturing talent from the ground up, ensuring that each fighter is well-equipped to handle the diverse challenges of the MMA world. Their training regimen is intense, mirroring real-life fight scenarios to prepare their athletes for any eventuality in the cage.

The quality of training at Longyun MMA is exemplified by its standout fighters, and Song Yadong stands tall among them. As a rising star in the UFC’s bantamweight division, Song’s prowess inside the octagon is a testament to the gym’s rigorous training and its commitment to excellence. His swift ascension in the MMA world has put both him and Longyun MMA on the global map, promising a bright future for the institution.

#5 Xindu Martial Arts Club

A cornerstone in the architectural framework of Beijing’s MMA landscape, Xindu Martial Arts Club, embodies the spirit of grassroots development in the world of combat sports. While the glitz and glamour of international fame might elude them, their contribution to MMA in China is both profound and unparalleled.

Xindu’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the essence of martial arts: discipline, respect, and continuous learning. Rather than chasing short-term fame, the gym focuses on laying a robust foundation for its fighters, emphasizing technique, strategy, and mental fortitude. This commitment to fundamentals ensures that every fighter, regardless of their experience level, receives the guidance and support necessary to thrive.

The coaches at Xindu are the unsung heroes behind the gym’s success. Their meticulous approach, coupled with an unyielding commitment to nurturing talent, has solidified Xindu’s reputation as a beacon of excellence in Beijing’s MMA community. Even without internationally renowned fighters, their impact is felt through the countless athletes who’ve honed their skills under Xindu’s roof, ready to carry forward the gym’s legacy in the years to come.

#6 MMA Beijing

Amidst the bustling streets of Beijing lies MMA Beijing, an institution dedicated not just to the practice of mixed martial arts, but to the very ethos that drives it. Here, MMA is not just a sport—it’s a way of life.

The philosophy of MMA Beijing can be likened to that of any esteemed educational institution: impart knowledge, nurture talent, and instill values that go beyond the four walls of the gym. There’s an emphasis on holistic development; fighters here aren’t just trained to be better athletes, but better individuals. This involves teaching them discipline, resilience, and the importance of continuous learning, qualities essential both inside and outside the cage.

The coaching staff at MMA Beijing is an eclectic mix of seasoned veterans and passionate newcomers, each bringing a distinct set of skills and experiences to the table. Their dedication is evident in their tailored training regimens, ensuring each fighter gets the individual attention they require. 

#7 Monster MMA Club

With a name that invokes imagery of formidable prowess, Monster MMA in Beijing stands as a testament to the relentless spirit of martial arts. Every punch thrown and every grapple executed within these walls resonates with passion and determination.

Monster MMA’s guiding philosophy is predicated on the belief that while talent can spark interest, it’s hard work, discipline, and persistence that forge champions. There’s an unwavering commitment here to push limits, to transcend boundaries, and to constantly evolve. This is a gym where complacency has no place; every day is viewed as an opportunity to improve, to be better than yesterday.

Behind this philosophy is a team of dedicated coaches who act as the pillars of Monster MMA. Their collective experience ensures that fighters are not just trained in the technicalities of MMA but are also mentally fortified to face the myriad challenges the sport presents. The collaborative approach between coaches and fighters fosters an environment where mutual respect and growth thrive.

The gym’s reputation in Beijing’s MMA circuit is impeccable. It remains a powerhouse, consistently nurturing talent and, most importantly, igniting the flame of passion in every individual that walks through its doors.

#8 Tiger King MMA

Emerging as a fierce contender in Beijing’s MMA circuit, Tiger King MMA embodies the spirit, agility, and strength of its namesake. The gym’s philosophy is straightforward – to hone a fighter’s natural instincts and transform them into an efficient, strategic, and formidable combatant.

The coaches at Tiger King MMA are known not just for their technical expertise but also for their ability to motivate and inspire. They understand that MMA is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Therefore, emphasis is placed on building mental resilience, tactical acumen, and an indomitable will alongside physical prowess.

The gym’s reputation in local circuits is commendable. Given the pace at which it’s growing and the quality of training it offers, it wouldn’t be surprising to see fighters from Tiger King MMA making waves in international arenas soon.

#9 Bolo Martial Arts GYM

Bolo Martial Arts GYM stands as a testament to Beijing’s deep-rooted martial arts culture. Named in honor of the legendary martial artist Bolo Yeung, the gym combines traditional martial values with modern MMA techniques. Their philosophy is centered around respect, discipline, and continuous improvement.

The coaching staff at Bolo brings together a unique mix of traditional martial arts masters and modern MMA specialists. This blend ensures that students are not only technically sound but also possess the martial spirit and ethos that have defined Chinese combat arts for centuries. Each training session is structured to push the boundaries, be it in striking, grappling, or conditioning.

With its perfect amalgamation of the old and new, it is only a matter of time before Bolo produces fighters who will make their mark on the global stage.

#10 TianYi Kungfu Club

A beacon of traditional martial arts in the bustling city of Beijing, TianYi Kungfu Club stays true to its roots while embracing the evolving nature of combat sports. The gym’s philosophy is steeped in the principles of Kung Fu – balance, harmony, strength, and fluidity.

TianYi’s coaching staff is a blend of revered Kung Fu masters and MMA tacticians. Their combined expertise ensures that fighters receive a holistic training experience, balancing the power and grace of Kung Fu with the tactical ferocity of MMA. The coaches prioritize not just the physical aspects of the sport but also the mental and spiritual dimensions, making sure fighters are balanced individuals both inside and outside the cage.

While TianYi Kungfu Club may primarily be recognized for its contributions to traditional martial arts, it has made significant inroads into the MMA community in Beijing. As the sport grows in China, it’s likely that fighters honed in the halls of TianYi will ascend to greater heights, carrying forward a legacy that marries tradition with modernity.


Our journey through Beijing’s illustrious MMA map has been nothing short of enlightening. We’ve witnessed how the spirit of martial arts, embedded in the very DNA of this city, finds a new expression in the modern gladiatorial arenas of MMA. From the dedication evident in the Shaolin Wushu School to the innovation at the Bolo Martial Arts GYM, every corner of Beijing resonates with the echoes of punches, kicks, and grapples. 

And as we look ahead, we can’t help but be captivated by the promising beacon that is Spartacus. Equipped with unmatched features and a philosophy that celebrates both tradition and innovation, Spartacus isn’t just heralding a new era for combat sports—it’s redefining it. As the curtains fall on this exploration, one thing is certain: Beijing’s MMA saga is still being written, and with platforms like Spartacus at the forefront, the next chapters are set to be legendary.


What is the significance of MMA in Beijing’s martial arts culture?

Beijing, a city replete with a rich tapestry of history and culture, has witnessed the spirited ascendancy of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). While the city is a crucible of ancient temples and modern marvels, it now hosts a dynamic arena where the time-honored techniques of traditional martial arts harmoniously converge with the contemporary strategies of MMA. This symphonic union is not a mere sport but a contemporary reflection of Beijing’s enduring martial legacy, illuminating the city’s continual evolution while honoring its storied past.

How does Black Tiger Fight Club differentiate itself in terms of training?

Black Tiger Fight Club, more than just a hub of physical prowess, is a crucible where raw talent is meticulously molded with ambition and resilience. While its roots are embedded in traditional martial arts disciplines, it has embraced the assertive strategies of modern MMA, creating a distinctive and potent fusion. This synthesis has engendered fighters who are not merely formidable in their physical capacities but also display acute mental astuteness. Beyond mere combat techniques, the institution places profound emphasis on the quintessential values of discipline and respect, emblematic of the martial arts heritage.

What makes China Top Team an ‘academy of excellence’ in Beijing’s MMA scene?

China Top Team stands as a luminary in Beijing’s MMA tapestry. It is not merely a gym, but an illustrious academy where the ethos of martial values reverberate with the kinetic urgency of modern MMA. The establishment promotes a holistic paradigm of growth. Rooted in the belief that a solid foundational base, when married to adaptability, can propel one to the zenith of MMA success, the institution boasts a cadre of expert coaches, each infusing unique insights and experiences, further elevating its reputation by producing fighters of unparalleled caliber.

How does Shaolin Wushu School in Beijing combine traditional martial arts with modern MMA?

The Shaolin Wushu School in Beijing is a luminous beacon of China’s ancient martial ethos, adeptly weaving the tenets of traditional martial arts with the dynamism of modern MMA. Its philosophy, reminiscent of the time-honored Shaolin traditions, accentuates the triune harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Drawing sapience from the revered Shaolin monks, the school melds meditation, discipline, and rigorous physical training. This comprehensive approach not only crafts formidable fighters but also shapes individuals with an inner equilibrium.

What is the training philosophy of Longyun MMA?

At the heart of Longyun MMA lies a clear-cut philosophy: to cultivate a warrior’s spirit while underscoring the virtues of respect, discipline, and ceaseless betterment. Guided by seasoned tacticians and fighters, the gym adopts a hands-on methodology, ensuring that each trainee is adeptly equipped to navigate the multifaceted world of MMA. Their regimen, intense and reflective of real-world scenarios, primes their athletes for any eventuality they might encounter within the cage.

How does Xindu Martial Arts Club contribute to grassroots development in MMA?

Xindu Martial Arts Club epitomizes grassroots development in the sphere of combat sports. While its focus isn’t primarily on the limelight of international acclaim, its contributions to MMA in China are profoundly unparalleled. Anchored in the core essence of martial arts, the gym underscores discipline, respect, and perennial learning. By emphasizing technique, strategy, and mental fortitude, Xindu ensures every fighter—novice or veteran—thrives under its tutelage, reflecting its unwavering commitment to foundational principles.

What values does Monster MMA emphasize in its training?

Monster MMA, a name synonymous with formidable prowess, champions a guiding philosophy that talent, while an initial spark, requires the crucible of hard work, discipline, and persistence to forge champions. With a dogged determination to push boundaries and evolve, complacency finds no refuge here. Each day is a new canvas, an opportunity to surpass the previous day’s achievements, all under the aegis of seasoned coaches, ensuring fighters are as mentally fortified as they are physically.

How does Tiger King MMA focus on a fighter’s mental strength alongside physical prowess?

Tiger King MMA, true to its regal namesake, prioritizes honing a fighter’s primal instincts and transmuting them into strategic and efficient combatants. The seasoned coaches at Tiger King MMA not only impart technical expertise but infuse motivation and inspiration, understanding the duality of MMA as both a cerebral and physical endeavor. The emphasis thus remains on cultivating mental resilience, tactical sagacity, and an unwavering spirit alongside formidable physical skills.

What unique blend of martial arts does Bolo Martial Arts GYM offer?

Bolo Martial Arts GYM, a tribute to the legendary Bolo Yeung, presents a harmonious blend of China’s revered martial traditions with the cutting-edge techniques of modern MMA. At its core, the philosophy emphasizes respect, discipline, and perpetual growth. The coaching staff, a melange of traditional martial maestros and contemporary MMA specialists, ensures that trainees are technically adept, while also imbibing the timeless spirit that has characterized Chinese martial arts for ages.

How does TianYi Kungfu Club balance traditional Kung Fu principles with modern MMA techniques?

TianYi Kungfu Club, while a bastion of traditional martial arts, has adeptly integrated the evolving techniques of modern MMA. The gym’s philosophy, redolent of the Kung Fu principles of balance, harmony, and fluidity, is brought to life in their training regimen. In every session, ancient techniques coalesce seamlessly with contemporary methods, ensuring fighters are as grounded in the timeless wisdom of Kung Fu as they are in the agile strategies of modern-day MMA.

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